November 13, 2018 Rumors

A couple of months ago we mentioned The Affair casting a lesbian in her 20s for a major storyline in the upcoming season. Last week they announced Anna Paquin had been cast in the role. In aging the role up and changing her storyline, it seems like the character may no longer be a lesbian. The character still has one night stands with random people she meets however so there’s still a possibility of a nude scene.

November 11, 2018 Rumors

We’ve been asked a couple of times about the upcoming television show P-Town on Starz. It seems like the show may have been renamed to Hightown recently and it only has a pilot order. The character Monica Raymund is playing has a shower scene in the script for the first episode. One of the other leads they’re casting is an exotic dancer that does extra stuff on the side and that role requires nudity.

Donnybrook Review

About 68 minutes into Donnybrook, Margaret Qualley is shown bobbing up and down in a river from about medium distance. Margaret then stands up fully nude and starts walking awkwardly toward the camera until her body almost fills the entire vertical frame. We then see a brief closeup of Margaret’s left breast as she is handed a blanket to cover up. Margaret has a slight bush and is not wearing a merkin. The scene is about half a minute long and is well lit. Margaret is wearing panties in an earlier sex scene and she also show some slight pokies in a white shirt about half an hour in.

November 4, 2018 Rumors

We mentioned the Starz show Pussy Valley about a strip club and four women working there a while back. It seems the show has been officially beeen ordered to a full eight episode season. Still have no idea who was cast in this but it seems like they’re recasting two of the women anyway. Also, it looks like the show will be getting renamed unfortunately.

November 1, 2018 Rumors

Earlier this week we reported that Lily Collins was rumored to be cast in Spinning Out. Well apparently Lily is no longer attached and they are recasting again. Maybe third time’s the charm.

And a couple of weeks ago we mentioned that whoever they cast as Madam Putin in The Great may have some nude scenes. Well they have now cast Charity Wakefield in the role. Phoebe Fox is the other female lead alongside Charity and Elle Fanning.