Siberia Review

Ana Ularu has several nude scenes in Siberia. Around 44 minutes in, Ana is wearing only a bra as she is getting eaten out but of course you can’t really see anything. Ana is then shown on top cowgirl-style and we see her butt. Just over an hour in, Ana’s breasts can be seen during another sex scene. About half an hour later, there is yet another sex scene but it’s pretty dark and brief so not much can be seen. There’s another glimpse of this scene near the end of the movie.

Siberia is available in theaters and on demand on Friday.

The Affair 405 Review

Phoebe Tonkin has her first ever nude scene on next Sunday’s The Affair. As teased in the preview for this episode, Phoebe lowers her dress straps and shows her breasts around 42 minutes in. The scene is very brief but you get a pretty good view of Phoebe’s boobs. Around 10 minutes later, Phoebe is topless again during a sex scene. However, you don’t really get another good look at Phoebe’s breasts since the scene is dark and her breasts are usually at the bottom of the frame or partially blocked.

Phoebe is actually in the 2nd part of the episode. In part 1, Emily Browning is topless during a sex scene around 26 minutes in.

July 2, 2018 Rumors

Kelly Reilly is rumored to be naked on next week’s episode of Yellowstone. Kelly supposedly strips naked and bathes in a water trough. Then Kelly gets out and walks naked to the house in front of a bunch of people. Wendy Moniz might also have a nude scene of some sort in this episode.

In casting news, hearing Taylor Russell from Netflix’s Lost in Space has been cast in Waves. There’s supposed to be several nude scenes in the movie. There’s another female role that might have some sex scenes and that’s rumored to goto Alexa Demie from HBO’s Euphoria.

June 27, 2018 Rumors

The second season of GLOW is available on Netflix on Friday. MK confirms that Betty Gilpin shows breasts and butt near the beginning of episode 7.

Also, unconfirmed but believe there is a locker room scene in one of the last two episodes and there might be some brief nudity in the background from one of the minor wrestlers. Alison Brie maybe shows pokies as she’s talking to Betty during this scene.

June 25, 2018 Rumors

A while back we mentioned the upcoming FX series Shogun. Rumor is Shioli Kutsuna, who you may remember from Deadpool 2, has been cast as the lead.

On Thursday’s Strange Angel, Amara Zaragoza fka Tamara Feldman should be topless again. The scene is similar to the one in the first episode but there should be better views.

June 21, 2018 Rumors

Yellowstone premiered last night on Paramount Network. Rumor is Kelsey Asbille has a shower scene of some sort on next Wednesday’s episode but there probably isn’t any nudity.

Also hearing that Kaitlyn Dever just landed the lead in the upcoming Netflix series Unbelievable. There’s supposed to be some nudity in this role. If you want to know more about the true story this is based on, search for the article An Unbelievable Story of Rape.

June 18, 2018 Rumors

A while back we mentioned there might be some surprise nudity coming up on Westworld. Spoiler alert, that’s coming up on Sunday’s season finale of Westworld. As shown in the episode preview, Tessa Thompson is naked from behind. The scene is very dark and no face is shown but it is probably not a body double. Rumor is they might show Tessa from the front briefly but her whole body is covered in shadow. However, there might be a very brief shot from the side and although Tessa’s body is covered in shadow again, you can make out her butt and right breast.