August 14, 2018 Rumors

Thursday’s Strange Angel season finale is the best and perhaps last chance for Bella Heathcote nudity on this show. Near the beginning of the episode, Bella may have a dark sex scene. Unlike the sex scenes in earlier episodes, Bella is now on top and more aggressive. Later, Bella might be shown in the bath. A little later, Bella supposedly gets undressed and puts on a ceremonial gown. The gown may be slightly see through, and Bella wears it for the rest of the episode culminating in her orgasming during a cult ritual.

August 12, 2018 Rumors


Any idea about Josephine Langford in After? They just finished filming it. The book has a lot of sex scenes, like multiple 50 Shades of Grey level sex scenes.

We read After a while back when Julia Goldani Telles was attached. There’s lots of foreplay and some sex but doesn’t seem like there will be any nudity. This seems to be targeting the YA crowd.

August 9, 2018 Rumors


Odds on nudity from Eiza Gonzalez or Talulah Riley in Bloodshot?

Talulah Riley‘s character is supposed to have a sex scene in a hotel room early on in Bloodshot. They flash back to that scene later in the movie. Doesn’t seem like there’s anything with Eiza Gonzalez.

Is the brief nudity in Never Goin’ Back man butt? And does Mid90s have any nudity?

Don’t remember any nudity in Never Goin’ Back unless there was some in the penis in a hot dog bun gag. Doubt there is any nudity in Mid90s. Think there is a scene with Alexa Demie in her underwear though.

August 8, 2018 Rumors


Anything from Debby Ryan in Insatiable? Or, any of the other cast for that matter?

The first episode script has Debby’s character lose her virginity to a homeless guy in a hotel room. Debby is then supposed to check out her ‘naked’ body in a mirror after. Doubt there’s nudity but we’ll find out in less than two days.

Kevin Williamson has a new series, “Tell Me A Story”, premiering on CBS All Access at Halloween. Might be worth keeping an eye on – cast includes Danielle Campbell.

Again, the script has Danielle Campbell’s character having a hookup in a hotel room in the first episode.