Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 11, 2018

Last week in our TV preview we left off the show that is likely to have the most nudity. Pussy Valley from Starz takes place in a strip club and stars four women in their early 20s. However this show only has a pilot order so we may never actually see it.

Fernanda Andrade should have a sex scene in the Here and Now finale on Sunday. There’s probably no nudity though since there isn’t a warning on HBO’s site.


Could you please give us at least a hint about Ingrid Bolsø Berdal in Westworld, if you know anything?

Rumors suggest no nudity from Ingrid Bolsø Berdal on the second season of Westworld. Likely also nothing from Shannon Woodward, Tessa Thompson, and Thandie Newton too.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 4, 2018

Here are some interesting TV shows that are currently casting that you should keep an eye on:

On HBO, there’s Euphoria which is about a bunch of teens and early twenty-somethings where almost all the roles require nudity. Lovecraft Country is another fantasy show which should have some nudity. Then of course there’s Watchmen. One of the leads is someone who is sexual and into both men and women.

On sister network Cinemax there’s the currently untitled Sebastian Gutierrez show starring his significant other Carla Gugino. Not sure about Carla but the younger sidekick role is supposed to have several nude scenes.

On Starz, there’s The Spanish Princess. The lead role of Catherine of Aragon should have nudity but The White Princess was such a dud, so who knows. There is also Now Apocalypse from Gregg Araki and Karley Sciortino. The lead is a guy who is gay mostly so this will probably have lots of male and female nudity like other Araki films. Since this show is low budget, there will probably be a bunch of newcomers.

Amazon has Wenceslas Square which has a female spy who seduces her way around the job.

Netflix has Sex Education which might have nudity from the younger cast including the female lead. The older mother role probably won’t have any nudity though.

Lastly, FX has Shogun which is based on the book and was previously adapted. Being FX, there probably won’t be a lot of nudity. It seems like most of the cast will be actual Japanese actors.

As these shows are currently in the casting stage, things will likely change by the time we finally see them a year or two from now. The good thing is that almost all of these shows have straight-to-series orders so we will definitely see them.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors March 26, 2018

Holly Hunter might be naked on next week’s Here and Now.

And here’s a list of the other SXSW films we saw with no significant nudity and the actresses in them:

Fast Color – Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Most Likely to Murder – major pokies from Julia Goldani Telles wearing a blue tank top near the beginning
A Vigilante – Olivia Wilde
Wild Nights With Emily – Dana Melanie, Sasha Frolova
You Can Choose Your Family – Danielle Campbell bikini, and slight pokies from Isabelle Phillips near the end

Celebrity Nudity Rumors March 21, 2018

Been a while since we’ve had a Q&A so without further ado:

Any skin from Summer Bishil in Under the Silver Lake?

No, Summer Bishil is barely in the movie.

Leven Rambin is in the new Motley Crue biopic which seems like the typical sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll flick. She’s playing the wife of the lead singer. Any nudity in the script from her if you’ve read it?

No nudity from Leven Rambin or Rebekah Graf‘s characters in the script for The Dirt.

Any word on Alexandra Daddario’s other upcoming movies We Have Always Lived in the Castle or Nomis?

Unfortunately, Alexandra Daddario is fully clothed throughout We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Sorry, no clue about Nomis.

Shotgun Nudity Review

Around 18 minutes into Shotgun, Maika Monroe is in some lingerie talking dirty as part of someone’s fantasy. The top part of Maika’s bodysuit is somewhat sheer and you can make out her areola. Or it could be pasties. There are also lots of scenes with Maika in her bra, and a scene around 48 minutes in where you see a tiny bit of Maika’s ass from the side as she is having sex.

Near the beginning of the movie, an unnamed actress shows her breasts briefly during a sex scene. Looking at IMDb, that actress is likely Jordan Monaghan. There are also some random naked strippers about an hour in.

Shotgun is currently playing at SXSW.

Revenge Nudity Review

Around 17 minutes into Revenge, Matilda Lutz drops her towel and we see her naked from behind. Then we see a bit of Matilda’s right breast as she bends down to put on some panties and turns her head to check out her ass. Matilda then turns around and faces the camera and we see both breasts briefly before she covers them up with her hands. We then get another brief peek at her right breast as she sits on a bed and puts on a shirt. A bit later we get some faceless closeups of Matilda from the side. First we see someone putting their hand down the front of Matilda’s panties. Then we see a closeup with Matilda now turned around and her panties half off. We mostly just see the top of Matilda’s thigh and maybe a bit of stubble from the front. And for those of you care, Kevin Janssens is naked quite a bit.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors February 21, 2018

On Sunday’s Here and Now, Jerrika Hinton is naked during a sex scene but we’re not sure if you can actually see anything. Necar Zadegan also has a sex scene but a scarf prevents us from seeing anything. There might also be a sex scene from Holly Hunter.

Counterpart continues to disappoint with only an unknown naked prostitute.

In casting news, hearing that Josephine Langford has been cast in the role originally played by Jami Gertz in the upcoming Less Than Zero for Hulu. Josephine is apparently the sister of Katherine Langford from 13 Reasons Why. No clue if there is any nudity but this television show may never even make it to air anyway since it only has a pilot order.