Godless Nudity Review

Michelle Dockery makes her nude debut in Godless which is up on Netflix on Wednesday.

According to MK, Michelle is topless in episode 4. The scene is well lit but is a bit unpleasant. In episode 6, Michelle is briefly topless in a dark barn but there is some makeup involved.

Also believe Christiane Seidel is naked in a couple of episodes.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors November 12, 2017

Not much news lately so here’s a quick update. Joanna Vanderham has a bath scene in The Boy with the Topknot which is airing on BBC Two tomorrow. No real nudity from Joanna of course but still lots of boobage. As we wrote earlier, Joanna should be getting naked in the upcoming Cinemax series Warrior.

Also, confirming what a commenter wrote earlier about both Kristen Stewart and ChloĆ« Sevigny being topless in the upcoming Lizzie. However the nudity isn’t during a sex scene and ChloĆ« actually shows a bit more skin. More details closer to release.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors November 3, 2017

So we wrote a while back that Michelle Dockery would likely be nude in Godless and MK has now confirmed it. We will have a more detailed review closer to the November 22 release date.

The series premiere of Damnation next Tuesday on USA Network has some partial ass and left sideboob from Chasten Harmon. Sarah Jones also shows some nipple pokies in her nightgown.

No nudity on Sunday’s Outlander except for some brief partial side butt from Caitriona Balfe. Unfortunately, no info on this weekend’s other Starz and Showtime shows. But hearing nudity star Emily Browning is joining The Affair for this upcoming season in a recurring role.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors October 24, 2017

On Sunday’s The Deuce season finale, Margarita Levieva, Dominique Fishback, Natalie Paul, and Kim Wong might have nude scenes. Danielle Burgess also has a sex scene but there probably isn’t any nudity.

We wrote about the upcoming Starz show Sweetbitter a while back. Apparently Caitlin Fitzgerald is going to be one of the leads that doesn’t require nudity. The other two regular female roles that require nudity are going to two relative newcomers.

And speaking of actresses from recently canceled premium cable shows, Allison Williams looks like she’s going to star in the upcoming lesbian film The Perfection. They are now looking to cast the other lead who is younger and, based on Allison’s previous work, will probably be the only one getting naked.

Where Is Kyra? Nudity Review

About 50 minutes into Where Is Kyra?, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kiefer Sutherland begin making out in a dark hallway. Kiefer pulls Michelle’s pants down and we see her bottomless from the side as they continue making out against the wall. They then spin around to the other side and we see Michelle’s butt briefly. The scene continues for a bit longer but Michelle’s ass is now covered by her top.

Three Christs Nudity Review

Three Christs stars a couple of Game of Thrones alumni so it should be no surprise that there is nudity in it. Around 43 minutes into the film, Charlotte Hope talks about having impure thoughts and is shown spinning around the room wearing only a blanket. The scene is dark but we get a brief view of Charlotte’s ass. We then get a better view of Charlotte’s butt as she drops the blanket. The camera then switches to the front and we see Charlotte’s breasts briefly although her hair is covering part of her right breast.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors October 6, 2017

Sunday’s Ray Donovan should have a bunch of random hookers naked. Lili Simmons may also show her ass and perhaps more at the end of the episode.

There is no nudity in Alias Grace with Sarah Gadon and Anna Paquin which is currently airing in Canada and premieres on Netflix on November 3. Don’t worry, you’ll see Sarah naked next year in an upcoming movie.

Starz recently ordered Sweetbitter, a show about a young american woman who moves to New York, to series. The main role of Tess requires nudity and they’re apparently down to 6 actresses — 2 Brits, 2 Australians, 1 Norwegian, and 1 American. Only the one American actress has done nudity before. We’ll find out soon who they cast but rumor is they’re leaning toward the British actress that just turned 21. A lot of the other roles on the show will also require nudity so this may be a show to keep an eye on.