The Killing of a Sacred Deer Nudity Review

Around 10 minutes into The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Nicole Kidman is in lingerie lying down with her head at the foot of the bed. There is a distant shot of Nicole’s panties being pulled down and we see some bush briefly. Then at 100 minutes, there is a similar shot of the bed but not as distant. This time, Nicole is fully nude with her head at the side of the bed but the bed post blocks us from seeing any bush. The lights are then turned off and Nicole shows some brief bush and butt as she sits up.

Raffey Cassidy can also be seen in her underwear briefly. The scene is similar to the first Nicole scene except Raffey stays clothed.

Mobile Homes Nudity Review

Imogen Poots shows breasts and part of her ass as she is having sex in Mobile Homes. The scene is pretty similar to the Frank & Lola scene in that it takes place early in the movie (2nd scene) and is set in a motel room. Unlike that scene, this one is well lit and you actually see Imogen have sex for a bit but the scene is a lot shorter.

A few minutes later, Imogen has sex in a pool and she shows part of her ass from the side underwater.

Mobile Homes is currently playing in Cannes.

Paint It Black Nudity Review

Near the beginning of Paint It Black, Alia Shawkat is posing nude for an art class. Alia is sitting on a stool and facing to the left so we see the top half of her ass. Unfortunately, Alia’s arm is blocking most of her left breast from view.

At 38 minutes, Alia is posing again and we see the top half of her right breast from the side briefly but no nipple.

And finally at 51 minutes, Alia is naked from behind as she walks away from the camera but you can’t really make out much since the scene is dark, shadowy, and edited weird.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 17, 2017

The Cannes Film Festival starts today and we’ll be there so keep checking back for some reviews. In the meantime, we saw some footage from Redoubtable (Le redoutable) and Stacy Martin is naked a lot in case you haven’t seen enough of her nude.

On the bad news front, the first few episodes of the new season of Hulu’s Casual have no nudity. Jamie Chung shows some pokies in 301 and that’s about it.

And finally, we’ve seen the first episode of the upcoming TV series Liar and Joanne Froggatt shows a bit of skin. We see some sideboob from Joanne in the shower and later we can also see Joanne’s nipples briefly as she wears a hospital gown that is somewhat see-through. If Joanne does get naked later in the series, that would be the third former Downton Abbey castmember to get naked this year after Lily James in The Exception and Michelle Dockery in the upcoming Godless.

The Sinner 101 Nudity Review

USA Network’s The Sinner had a special screening of its pilot episode during Tribeca and there was a surprising bit of nudity. Jessica Biel is shown naked from behind while in the shower and the top half of her ass is visible. Jessica’s face is not shown but it did not look like a body double. This was an early screening so this scene could always be cut. However, Christopher Abbott shows his ass in another scene so it seems like this show doesn’t mind partial nudity.