TIFF 2007: L’Âge des Ténèbres

Diane Kruger plays a famous actress in L’Âge des Ténèbres (Days of Darkness) that Jean-Marc fantasizes about. In the first fantasy, we see Diane in bed covered by a sheet. We see the top half of Diane’s ass as she sits up. In the second fantasy, Diane joins Jean-Marc in the shower. We see Diane’s ass and most of her left breast. Diane even says so to Jean-Marc, “The shower’s a classic. You can see my bum, and a little of my breast – perfect for the American censors.”

Macha Grenon also shows her right breast as she lets Jean-Marc suck on it as a reward.

TIFF 2007: This Beautiful City

Kristin Booth has two nude scenes in This Beautiful City after not showing anything in Young People Fucking. In the first, we get several good looks at Kristin’s breasts while she and her boyfriend are getting high and having sex. Near the end of the film, we see most of Kristin’s ass as she has sex from behind with a john.

Caroline Cave also has a few nude scenes in this movie. Early on, there may have been a nipslip from Caroline as she moves around in bed. Later, we see Caroline having sex but no nudity is shown. Caroline’s lover then asks her to stand up and we see her right breast briefly as she does so. Caroline’s lover then asks her to drop her sheet and we see her fully nude from the side. Then the camera zooms in on various parts of Caroline’s body including a surgical scar near her stomach. As such, we see almost her entire bush in the shot. Later on, Caroline is wearing a robe in her apartment while arguing with her husband. Caroline then removes her panties revealing her bush as the fight escalates. Caroline’s husband then grabs Caroline and takes her out to the balcony and we get several brief views of her breasts as her robe opens up. Then the fight becomes sexual and we see more views of Caroline’s breasts and part of her ass.

TIFF 2007: Stuck

After a long nudity hiatus, Mena Suvari finally shows the goods again in Stuck. The scene is somewhat dark like her nude scene American Beauty, and there is some annoying music playing in the background. We see Mena’s breasts and part of her ass from the side as she is riding her boyfriend. Mena then ends up on the bottom and we see more of her breasts. We then get a few more brief glimpses of her breasts as Mena is lying in bed talking to her boyfriend afterwards.

Sharlene Rover is also shown fully nude as Mena beats her up for sleeping with her boyfriend.

TIFF 2007: El Pasado

In El Pasado (The Past), the three women in Rimini’s life all have nude scenes.

Moro Anghileri shows part of her ass during a a sex scene with Rimini. Later, we see Moro topless while she does some stretching exercises.

Ana Celentano is shown entering the bedroom fully nude. Ana then has sex with Rimini.

Lastly, Analía Couceyro is also shown fully nude during a sex scene with Rimini.

TIFF 2007: The Babysitters

The Babysitters opens with Katherine Waterston walking around a cabin in a white top. Katherine is sweaty, making the top very sery see through and we can make out her breasts pretty clearly. Katherine then straddles one of her client’s and removes her top. Only the bottom of Katherine’s breasts are shown in extreme closeup before the movie flashes back to how they got to this moment.

During the flashback, there is a scene in Katherine’s bedroom where she is again wearing a seethrough top. The shirt is dry so it is not as transparent as before. Later, we see Katherine wearing a seethrough top again when she first gets to the cabin.

Finally, the flashbacks catch up to the scene in the beginning of the movie. This time Katherine is shown fully topless as she removes her top. The scene is pretty lengthy and is the only real nudity in this film about high school babysitters turned call girls.

TIFF 2007: Help Me Eros

Yin Shin (aka Ivy Yi) plays a betel nut girl in Help Me Eros. We see Shin’s breasts and part of her ass during a sex scene with the Lee Kang-Sheng. The scene is in a very bright room and involves some interesting positions. Afterwards, we see Shin lying down on the bed nude. Shin goes to town on Kang-Sheng’s ass and gives him an implied bj from behind. As Shin moves around we see a pretty explicit beaver shot.

Kang-Sheng then has a threesome with two other betel nut girls. Lots of tits and ass from both girls but I don’t think any nipples were shown.

TIFF 2007: Nightwatching

Nightwatching is a film about Rembrandt and the creation of his painting “The Night Watch”.

Eva Birthistle plays Rembrandt’s wife Saskia. Eva has two scenes where she is topless.

One of Rembrandt’s servants is shown nude while some people change her clothes. She is in the background and I could not make out who it was.

Jodhi May plays Geertje, Rembrandt’s nurse. Jodhi is shown fully nude during various sex scenes. There may have also been a quick explicit beaver shot.

I didn’t catch her name, but the orphan with a scarred face is shown fully nude while some women wash her.

Lastly, Emily Holmes plays Hendrickje, Rembrandt’s servant. Emily is also shown fully nude during a sex scene.