Adeline Rebeillard in Sexual Chronicles of a French Family

Chroniques sexuelles d’une famille d’aujourd’hui aka Sexual Chronicles of a French Family was just released and is one of those European art films with lots of nudity and sex. There is nothing really explicit in the 80 minute version we saw but there are rumors of a longer cut available. In the videos below, Adeline Rebeillard records herself (or her vag double) masturbating, takes the narrator’s v-card and, finally, films herself having sex. Valérie Maës, Leïla Denio, Laëtitia Favart, Faustine Dubois and Mailys Amrous also have nude sex scenes and we may post them later if there is demand.

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25 thoughts on “Adeline Rebeillard in Sexual Chronicles of a French Family”

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  1. Great job! Please, post the other videos! I wanna see Valerie and Laetitia in action. By the way, Leila Denio is a former french pornstar aka Penelope Tiger.

  2. What I don’t understand is how a straight guy can do a hot scene like that with a sexy chick, even with a room full of people, and not want to really fuck her on the spot. Crazy!

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