Alexandra Daddario Nude in True Detective

Finally, here is Alexandra Daddario nude in episode 2 of True Detective. Enjoy possibly the best celebrity nudity of the year.

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61 thoughts on “Alexandra Daddario Nude in True Detective”

  1. wow! Thank you! If Jennifer Lawrence doesnt show anything in Serena this might well be the nude scene of the year agreed!

    Doesnt work Anonymous, i get server problem… obviously i tried that too…

    Just download the videos directly with firefox’s downloadhelper!

  2. Forget about this Nude Scene of the Year business!

    Alexandra Daddario has become the frontrunner for Greatest Nude Scene of the Decade!! What a body! I was expecting the amazing breasts but that ass!! Wow! What a woman and what a scene!!

  3. She has great breasts!! The best since Jennifer Connelly. If Jen Lawrence doesn’t get nude and the ScarJo scene isn’t that good, then this is the scene of the year. I wish her ass was a little better, but her breasts make up for it.

  4. No sex scene? Very Underwhelming. Nice breasts but U expected more. Also, she’ll probably get a ton of roles. Wonder what her rich parents think… “Hey mommy, U showed my tits. I made it!”

    1. I think this is her only nude bit on the show as her character wraps up her arc in the next episode or the one after. So the question should be if she will be open to doing nude scenes in future roles.

  5. what makes the entire scene for me is the very beginning with the pokie nips through the clingy top knowing that at any minute they are about to be unleashed and then POW, Holy Shit what a body!!!!

    1. I checked the scene again and I don’t see what your talking about. Maybe you should post a screen capture point it out, but I think it might just be the way the light is hitting the side of her breast.

  6. She has the best breasts ever found in celebs,
    her ass fulfils the desire of fucking it so badly.
    I am so sure that who so ever watches her nude want to enter his penis deep inside her bushy pussy…
    Please tell how many of you have masturbated after seeing her nude breasts,… ???
    Tell the truth guys…

  7. These videos make up for the Percy Jackson movies, so wanted to bang her since the lightning thief came out. Holy moly what a goddess she is…………

  8. Goddamn, had to google her after seeing her incredible rack in San Andreas.

    She is built like a goddess. And those eyes of her’s are absolutely stunning!!

    These clips have to be one of the hottest reveals ever. She is just amazing.

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