Amanda Seyfried in Lovelace

Another Mean Girls star naked this week. This time it’s Amanda Seyfried in Lovelace. Enjoy.

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A lot of people hate on Amanda Seyfried but I think she is beautiful, Bravo!


Thx 4 sharing!!


I've never seen anyone hate on Amanda Seyfried. She is one of the most beautiful, talented actresses there is and it's awesome to see her be fearless in this role. (OK, not fearless enough to show bush)


We need a crossover of mainstreams actresses into porn. It should be a two-way street. I could film such carnality as to make the god Bacchus slack-jawed. Shame Salma Hayek's married, her beauty was barely captured by film. A nude dance by that elegant creature would leave an audience breathless.


How can one download this?


she got nice boobs and nipples


Thank you, thank you, wank you!


well this is kinda dissapointing...


on the bottom it says download HD video and theres 7 links, If you have a video downloader application on your browser you could download it.


The person who runs this site makes it seem like this is the first time Seyfried has done nudity. She did it in"Chloe"!


Well, considering they reviewed "Chloe" back in 2009 before its release, I think they knew. Still think "Alpha Dog" should count as her first time though.


Disappointing that this one,like that movie Cherry,doesn't show frontal nudity,despite both being about the porn industry.


thanks, great clips. Was waiting a long time for this as a fan of Amanda!


I am a big fan of Amanda... Thank you Amanda for taking up this bold role with coolness..


Who is the other Mean Girls star who has gone naked?


let me guess, lindsay lohan?


August 2 post.


Amanda's drooping breasts were a bi disappointment. She need plastic surgery to give form and shape to those sagging melons. And her nipples were too small for the size of her breasts.


If you like fake breasts, go buy yourself a bag of silicone to look at and you can fap all day long. People who like real beauty, on the other hand, will appreciate all that Amanda has to offer.


You moron Nomdefaitour ^^

Those breast look real, guess why..!!!