Celebrity Nudity Rumors September 3

We hate to do another blind item but expect the first real nudes of a MAJOR celebrity to be released shortly. This isn’t a hack or leak. This is something that will be available publicly with said celebrity’s support (unless her reps get cold feet). How nude exactly? Full tits and partial ass. Feel free to ask questions but its unlikely we give out many hints. We will neither confirm or deny any guesses.

UPDATE (9/18): Sorry guys, hearing the director’s cut they’ve been teasing is actually more of a G-rated edit than R-rated. Not that it’s any consolation, but Taylor Momsen is partially naked in the upcoming The Pretty Reckless music video.

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        1. I think he may actually have meant to say only that nudes of Scarlett (from her hacked phone) are all already available on the Internet but not caps of her nude scene in “Under the Skin.” But that wasn’t clear at all. I know of no evidence that Scarlett’s nude scene in on-line yet.

          1. There’s no caps of Scarlett in Under The Skin yet. But there is plenty of confirmation about nudity in the film, recapped wouldn’t be trying to keep that secret.

    1. From that set Jennifer Lawrence is most likely. She’s been doing more risque photoshoots recently (see-through, pokies), that could be in preperation for nude scene.

  1. My guess is its something premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival (that is if the rumour is for footage that has already been shot) Therefore my guesses are Sofia Vergara in ‘Fading Gigolo” or Dakota Fanning in ‘The Last of Robin Hood.’ Though I’m not quite certain that either lady is “MAJOR” enough.

      1. Dakota has done nudity in Very Good Girls which isnt out yet. The beach scene is a body double however there is a sex scene that is actually her. That makes absolutely no sense, i know

  2. If it’s OK to stray off-topic from the blind item, here are a few questions involving less-than-major celebs that I’ve been wondering about:

    — Any rumors on Ali Cobrin possibly following up her American Reunion breakthrough with some additional nudity? Several of her upcoming projects (especially “Girlhouse” and “Lap Dance”) look promising in that regard.

    — Have you heard anything about the upcoming films “Premature” and/or “Are We Officially Dating?” According to their MPAA ratings, both have “sexual content throughout,” but it would be nice to know if that means nudity (and, if so, which actresses). I’d love to believe it’s Katie Findlay in Premature.

    — How about the nudity prospects for “Hello Ladies” (the new HBO series that starts up in a few weeks)? It’s got some attractive guest stars listed on IMDB, particularly Rosa Salazar and Carly Craig.

  3. Gotta be miley….gotta be the confirmation of that topless pic from that photoshoot that leaked censored and probably more similar things…..particularly since this is tied hand in hand with publicity.

  4. My gut tells me that it is Miley too. That leaked topless censored foley mentioned is from a Maxim shoot earlier this year, and there was already a partial ass pic in the shoot (through a hole in her jeans.) It fits in with her desperate for any kind of publicity.

    Hoping it is someone else, like Jennifer Lawrence.

  5. Its Dakota Johnson! She’s a household name now. All kidding aside, other names that kinda fit the criteria not mentioned yet: Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Kate Upton, Jessica Alba, Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey, Adele, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Megan Fox.

  6. Can’t believe no one has mentioned Emma Watson yet. She’s a household name between 18-50, has a movie in post-production right now, and has a bunch of slips and see throughs out there but no real nudity.

  7. as the said celebrity is going release it herself it’s most likely a music video

    so the possibilities are

    Miley Cyrus (most likely)
    Katy Perry
    Taylor swift (lol)
    selena Gomez (don’t think so)
    Jennifer Lopez

  8. It’s Selena Gomez’s music video for her new single Birthday – there’s already a simple PG video to show on the networks etc., this will be the R-rated alternative.

  9. If its a music video, its probably Miley or Katy. None of the other current household names have been kinda naked before since this is their first ‘real’ nudity. Miley has all that Maxim stuff and Katy showed her ass at that waterpark. Both have new albums coming out.

  10. Nvm just saw the mention that the preview is a couple of minutes long. I don’t know of any music videos that have long previews since the video itself is a couple of minutes long. So its probably a film or short. Some of you ruled out a film cause of the rep statement but its not impossible for the actress to veto nudity. Natalie Portman got the director of Closer to cut out all the nude scenes she filmed cause she decided she didn’t want them out there.

  11. Does “first real nudes” imply she’s had leaked or hacked nudes released in the past? Like this is the first “officially” released nude video?

    And if the “preview” is a couple minutes long, how long is the real/full video? Is it a few minutes of her nude or is she just briefly nude in it like Jessica Pare in the trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine?

    Is it a deleted scene from a show or a movie?

    Is it a music video? If so, is it a featured spot in the song or is she the main artist?

    I guess without giving it away, try to give more context

  12. Im just glad the names been mentioned, there is some real hotties in those lists. If its Jennifer aniston though, its a obvious publicity stunt knowing her history, im hoping, jennifer lawrence, emma stone, jennifer love hewitt *fingers crossed*

  13. Its NOT Miley…. its too obvious of an answer and a blind item just doesnt make sense. I have a feeling its Katy Perry since her video is magically debuting tomorrow and might be the Pg13 version. So hopefully that means we get the R version later on!

  14. Agree it might just be Katy Perry just because of the fact recapped mention “if they dont release with nudes intact.” Plus- I heard its a jungle theme music video for Katy which in case we might have a naked Perry born and naked in the jungle or something.

      1. You never know, the success of Blurred Lines could have sparked some ideas. The explicit/uncut/topless version was the #1 video on iTunes for a long time (and still #2 right now), which means it made a ton of money and probably more just because of the topless girls.

  15. So here’s what we know so far, I believe.

    It is one of the following:
    Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Sandra Bullock, Renee Zellweger, Sofia Vergara, Dakota Fanning, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Kate Upton, Jessica Alba, Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Megan Fox, Demi Lovato, Emma Watson, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez

    Between 18-50
    A household name
    First real nudes of the celebrity- full tits and partial ass
    Not a hack or leak
    It’s a video
    Not behind the scenes of a photo shoot
    The preview is a couple minutes long
    Something new
    Real boobs

      1. Umh trickster please share these Kate Upton topless pics you are talking about cause i share havent seen them…
        Yeah she has had some seethrough, bodypaint and censored topless but not proper topless pics.

        I agree it’s likely Katy Perry.

    1. Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts did brief nudity too. At least enough that I wouldn’t count this as “first real nudes”.

      Which of the mentioned names are really ‘household names’?

    2. You have to remember, none of these people is going to get naked for no reason. They have to have something to gain career-wise or at least financially. So that said, I think the only one that really makes sense is Miley.

      She has an album coming out and is desperate to keep her career going, so it would make sense she’d be seeking that kind of publicity. Her people are probably looking at the traction that Thicke guy got from his video with the topless girls and thinking this could be even bigger. The only thing that throws me is that the preview is a couple minutes long. Maybe it’s some kind of video for the entire album? Or one of those stupid music videos with a crappy skit at the beginning.

      The only other thing I can think of is maybe a short film made by an actress with ambitions of writing/directing/producing, using a nude scene to get people to pay attention. Sort of like Emma Caulfield, but famous-er.

    1. The way its worded though seems to imply that it will be released on tv/the internet though, so the whole world will see it. If there is a big nude scene in a film at Toronto, it could still take a year to be released on DVD etc.

      I think this leaves us with an extended clip from an upcoming film, or a music video as mentioned before.

      Only Miley or Katy Perry would fit the bill in the music scene, if its a film then could be any of the actresses.

      Its a mystery!

  16. I can’t think of any precedent where a major singer like Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus showed nudity in a music video. That almost never happens, even with singers that like to flaunt their sexuality- showing nudity in a video just isn’t done. Not to say that it’s impossible, but unlikely.

    I think it’s more likely a trailer for a film, a clip from a film, or a short film. A clip of Scarlett from her new movie is possible, since that’s one way to quickly increase buzz on a film that very few people have heard of.

  17. I dunno listening to Katy Perrys song, it doesnt sound like she would have her tits out in it…..just seems like a complete wild call. Nether the less, be nice if its true. Mila Kunis please!!!!

  18. Okay – the official ROAR video is out in a few hours. If there is a waterfall shot with her naked from behind/obscured etc., then that would lend credibility to the theory there is an x-rated version.

    If not I’ll go with Jennifer L…

  19. While I don’t see Katy Perry going nude/topless simply due to her fanbase, a PG-rated video could act as a “preview” for the later released R-rated video. Same could be said for Miley or any of the singers. Or maybe it’s an actress in a music video, like how Blurred Lines had unknown topless models. Maybe some musician wants to one-up Blurred Lines by showing a topless famous person.

    Point being, “preview” could still be a music video if it’s not the uncut version. The fact that they said “preview” in quotes makes me think it’s not a movie preview/trailer, but obviously it could be.

    recapped, how long has she been a household name?

  20. I think its convenient enough that we get this news/rumors a couple of days before Katy Perry’s video debut. Might be a nude shot in the jungle or something and I agree: she has the best breasts! ; p

  21. Wasnt Katy Perry nude in Esquire? Wasnt she covering her tits with her hands?? So shes done some nude photos before……. maybe she’ll have some “real nude” stuff this time around…..

  22. This is just some dumb promo bullshit. Fuck them for making everybody wait for some “preview” which will probably just be miley Cyrus dancing around naked like a twit. Just tell us who it is.

  23. Ugh. Sounds like it is Britney Spears. Disappointing.

    “Taking a quick break to say hi to all my tweeps 🙂 Rehearsing for something top secret happening next week…” ~ from her twitter, August 28

    1. This is too big and way too publicized to even remotely be related to her just “going nude”. A countdown on her website and tweets to millions of her music fans(mostly girls) to surprise them with tits? No way.

  24. Britney’s not relevant anymore and the only way to one-up Miley’s recent attention grabbing slutty behaviour is to up the ante. Once she does a topless video, all barriers will come down and we will then see lady gaga inserting vegetables into her vagina in the name of “art” to one up britney and porn and music videos will finally become one and create a whole new subspecies of slut for the next generation of girls to imitate and instagram.

  25. It would be at least a decade late if it is Britney 🙁

    Would be interesting if a naked Katy Perry music video replaced the Blurred Lines one as the number 1 – a whole late summer of tits dominating pop culture.

  26. Amidst all this, can some one tell me what happened to the Paula Patton scene in 2 guns. The movie came out a month ago and not even one site came out with the scene. Come on.. Somebody guide me regarding this..

  27. I think it’s Scarlett Johansson. I’m from spain and the critics of my country that watched the film in Venice and did the reviews said the MAJOR celebrity combine a lot of nude scenes and bra scenes. Probably is a leaked clip 🙂

  28. can some one tell me what happened to the Shailene Woodley scene in the spectacular now. The movie came out a month ago and not even one site came out with the scene. Come on.. Somebody guide me regarding this..

    1. It is not available for download anywhere yet… Otherwise there would have been clips all over the place…

      I have heard its just a couple frames of left nip but its better than nothing.

      Also her costar said (regarding her nudity in that one) ‘wait till you see her other movies’ so who knows more might be coming up.

  29. Please don’t let it be Britney, that would be the ultimate let down and about 10 years too late. Then again, Rec said the person has real boobs so that rules her out, right?

  30. I still believe that it is from a movie that is coming out on VOD during the next weeks.
    Are you actually thinking that a MAJOR music star would appear naked in her video? Not in my book… And is has to be something big. I mean, we saw Katys ass and Britney, you remember her sitting in a car???

    Jennifer Lawrence would be the moment of the year, what am i saying, of the century. Who the fuck is Riki Lindhome? But i don’t see it happening. One day, maybe, but not now, she just won an Oscar,…*

    * But again, a household name that appeard in the very first posts…

  31. Jennifer Lawrence would be fantastic, but I cant imagine why they would release a short clip of her upcoming movie just to show her boobs? wouldn’t it be a selling point to release those kind of heaven like captures when the film is released?
    Jennifer Aniston….maybe??? she regularly has her team releases ‘news’ that she will be nude, and pulls out last minute regularly, its quite fitting to the story.
    Katy Perry seems like wishful thinking, and would surely lose some her her younger fan base.
    Miley Cyrus is the most likely candidate, she has been bordering on making nude videos and every week they release a new pic or video of her showing less and less.

    1. There won’t be nudity in X-Men it will be body paint and clever camera angles, like in the other X-Men films.

      Serena looks promising though, book has sex scenes and her photoshoots are getting more risque.

  32. Probably not Britney Spears, since she’s doing an appearance on family-friendly Good Morning America to coincide with whatever the hell her big stupid countdown is for.

    Here’s hoping it”s not Britney or MIley. Go Katy.

      1. Nvm just looked it up. Mark Kudsi has an empty filmography and Grady Hall worked on Spartacus so maybe ‘effective at getting women naked in his work’ applies to him. Kind of a stretch though.

    1. Wtf are you talking about? I freeze framed it several times…there is no nipple in there, at all. It’s all hidden by the leaf. And yes, even when the elephant sprays her

      1. The nipple is very hard to get freeze framed but I promise you it’s there.

        Just keep trying to pause/unpause every instant as the elephant is just about to unload…the nipple is milliseconds before the water.

  33. Easy.

    The director is ‘effective at getting women naked in his work’. Rules out J-Law in Serena (directed by a woman) or American Hustle (director isn’t known for nudity).

    Either Katy Perry’s new video (directed by guy from Spartacus) or Miley Cyrus’ (directed by Terry Richardson).

  34. You guys have to look at the bigger picture. A huge celebrity (over 13 mil Twitter followers) getting naked in a music video paves the way for others to do so. Who’s next? Taylor Momsen? Rihanna?

  35. Some of you are acting incredibly silly, nine months ago you would have thrilled that Miley Cyrus was going to get her boobs out, and she pretty much has the same body now. If Katy Perry were shave her head completely bald, would you still get pissed if she went topless at the same time.

    I don’t care for her new look, and sure I would prefer it was Katy Perry, but realistically that was not going to happen.

    She does look pretty nice here



  36. Here is your answer:
    Detailed Review of Scarlett Johansson’s Nude Scenes in Under The Skin. Thu, 05 September 2013 19:54

    Tonight, I just received a very detailed review from a trustworthy source, detailing all of Scarlett Johansson’s nude scenes in Under The Skin. This is the same source who gave me information about Sarah Gadon’s nude scene in Enemy (which like Under the Skin, is also showing at the Toronto International Film Festival).

    Basically, Scarlett shows full nudity front and rear, but some of it is from a distance, and most of it is dimly lit.

    Here, in verbatim, is the review he sent me.


    “Scarlett has four nude scenes in the movie and countless others where she’s in her underwear or showing off major cleavage.

    First scene is just a few minutes in. Johansson is completely nude and stripping an unconcious woman of her clothing. Butt, boobs, and brief full frontal. Pretty lengthy scene. You see her head to toe all in one shot, but it’s back lit at distance. It’s not as clear as it could be, but it’s all still there.

    Second scene: All black void as her character seduces a severely deformed man. Starts off in her underwear and takes it off as she’s backing away from the guy. Full frontal from the side at a distance. Best lit of all the scenes.

    Third scene (and by far the best): Her character is examining her body in front of a mirror for a good few minutes. Numerous angles, front and back. Boobs, butt, and bush. Dimly lit.

    Fourth scene: You see her butt when she gets up out of bed after having sex with a guy. Dimly lit but a good view.”

  37. Miley cyrus…what a letdown…..Not too much attractive tbh, something is better then nothing i guess. But not worth the hype. Would take even britney over her i think.

    1. Are YOU paying attention? Recapped said, and numerous people have repeated that its not Scarlett. We know she has some good scenes coming out as well, but that’s not what this article is referring to.

  38. wrecking ball is directed by terry richardson

    recapped said that its by a director that has gotten people to be nude

    wreckingball fits the timeline, possibly uncensored version in a week after released

    its miley. im pretty excited

  39. So let it be Miley!

    I mean, to defend the recapped guys, they were right. Miley is a big name and we all knew that the day of her boobs would be a big thing (remembert the hype about that lady gaga-abramovic thing last month?)

    i mean, jen lawrence would actually be a game changer but at least there will be some see trough in American Hustle.

    Miley was Hannah Montana and most importantly the daughter of Billy Ray!!! oink, oink

    but with all the talk, right now i’m mire excited about the scarlett johansson movie than any other miley twerking…

  40. Also confirmed: Scarjo goes full frontal, boobs and ass in her new film. She is getting naked, peeps. Source: Tim @ NBD.

    Miley has shown nudity in Terry Richardson’s new pics for her photoshoot. No surprise.

  41. I really hope it’s not Miley Cyrus. No one wants or needs to see her little titties and flat ass. She has zero sex appeal. She exudes the definition of a dirty desperate chick.

  42. recapped wrote that there’s going to be a preview and maybe a longer unrated version. So to my understanding yesterday we got the preview and an extended version still might come.

    My guess is that, IF they release it, it’s going to be near the release of her new album (October 4) to create new and most likely even more buzz than this time.

  43. It took around a month for her to release the “Director’s Cut” video for “We Can’t Stop”, I don’t see why she wouldn’t do the same for “Wrecking Ball”. Especially since she cares about Youtube views so much, releasing the DC right away would cannibalize views from the original video, which I’m guessing she wants to top the original “We Can’t Stop” video that’s around 190 million views.

    1. I think you’re right. The tame “Blurred Lines” video still says explicit, so we might not have seen the last of this video. I wonder how much this rumor of an unedited one added to the first day record views. Someone knows what they’re doing.

      1. Indeed, if she comes out of this even more popular than she was before then her publicists and handlers are fucking geniuses. It’s like the next generation of whoring your way to superstardom is upon us.

  44. Miley posted on Twitter that the Director’s Cut gets released when the current video hits 150 million on YouTube. Right now it’s close to 42 million.

    So it’s definately coming. AWESOME! 😀

  45. OK, recapped you are officially the most reliable nudity source there is. Really!

    NOW, let’s have a clicking party to make sure we see the nipples ASAP! click click click!

  46. she keeps linking it to her Vevo video, so I wonder if that means it has to be 150 million solely on vevo? I just checked now and its up over 60 million on vevo… click there everyone

  47. Miley Ray Cyrus ?@MileyCyrus 2m
    Wrecking Ball broke the record! #100million #certified GO CELEBRATE TONIGHT #SMILERZ ????????????????I love you more than anything in the world ??????????

  48. its kind of ridiculous… one day she tweets that she needs 150 million view on youtube… then a few days later she tweets she needs 150 million on vevo… which is it already? Either way between the two of them shes way over 200 million views..

  49. It doesn’t matter he updated and it isn’t showing shit. G-Rated !!!! Far from full tits and partial ass. Shouldn’t have posted anything until it was a sure thing. Thanks for wasting my time watching her video over and over recapped!!!!

  50. wow man, what a dissapointment. next time take the time to get your sources right instead of trying to break the news. Greatly disapointed in recapped on this one. Telling us it will be MAJOR nudity and than saying it wont.

  51. Wow! We got duped. The video/song hits number one all over the place, mostly because of this “leaked news.”

    Youtube magically marks the video as inappropriate as it nears the magical number.

    Now her reps get “cold feet.”

    This news was leaked just to drive hits. I can never trust anything you say now, sock puppet.

  52. Because of the title ‘alternative version’ and their reaction in the end i have 5% hope that they are just messing with us and the real director’s cut is still to come. 😐

  53. So this post started life as a rumour. Sometimes rumours pan out, sometimes they don’t. A Terry Richardson director’s cut containing nudity from an increasingly risque performer is perfectly credible. I’m sure recapped posted this in good faith, so can we maybe not slag off a site which we all visit and revisit with good reason?

    This whole thing hasn’t changed my opinion of recapped. Keep up the good work.

  54. Everyone keep an eye out for UK model Aisling Knight’s nude debut in ultra low-budget Brit flick, “World of Hurt” – best boob shot of the year, hands down! (And the movie’s awesome too!)

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