Kim Poirier and Nicole Arbour Nude in Silent But Deadly

Kim Poirier and Nicole Arbour are both nude in Silent But Deadly. Kim does a sexy striptease down to her thong as she is about to go skinny-dipping, and Nicole shoots a nude scene for the film within the film before being interrupted. Interestingly, Nicole calls herself “the world’s sexiest comedian” on her YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Stream or download the videos below and see if she lives up to the billing.

UPDATE (Nov 30): Managed to catch this in HD, so 720p videos are now available for download.

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Download HD 720p Video Kim Poirier | Nicole Arbour

25 thoughts on “Kim Poirier and Nicole Arbour Nude in Silent But Deadly”

      1. Regardless of how pretty you think her face is [we’ll just say you don’t think she is straight ugly], you’re saying that this guy has INCREDIBLY low standards for thinking a girl, who’s at least not ugly and has a near perfect body with C-cups, is “fucking hot”? You’re either a child, an idiot, or both. My money’s on both. Low standards would at least be ugly, and no one can say that about her, while being serious. Incredibly low would have to at least mean fat & ugly, but probably more like fat as fuck, ugly as hell, has no tits, talks with a lisp, AND has a touch of downs. Point is, she’s hot as fuck, stop lying to yourself, and us.

  1. The only thing Nicole Arbour has going for her is her tits. As much as I hate her as a person and her “comedy”, she’s got a pretty great set of tits. They’re not the best I’ve ever seen, but they’re easily a solid 8.5/10 in my books, and that’s pretty damn good. She’d do better at porn than at comedy. At least in porn she’d be too busy with a dick in her mouth to say any stupid shit. I think that would be the best scenario here.

  2. Ok not to be a dick but if someone is going to rant about fat people, your body better be perfect. From ribs up she looks good. But she’s got some pudge in the belly and thick legs. When she screams the stomach muscles she’s been holding in relax and boom the belly pops out over her panties rolls and all. And why is she wearing giant panties? She still looks good, I like my girls with meat but she should’ve be judging others because she’s not perfect.

    1. Nope. That is a perfect body. I don’t wanna see rock hard abs and muscles, or protruding bone on women, neither do most guys. So, the aim of a nice body is to be sexy, and she got it just right. And her video wasn’t about dudes with beer bellies or girls with curves, it was about FAT people. Like she says in the video…F A T people, people that are gross to think of sexually, ppl that you worry will smell bad if they sit next to you. Like ppl who are so Obese, they need 2 seats. She, on the other hand, looks damn good and probably works her ass off to look that way. So she has every right to tell it like it is. And if she doesn’t worry about offending everyone, and her message helps just one poor fat fuck change their ways, then it was more than worth it. The last thing fat ppl need is yet another person cradling their balls and saying they’re perfect the way they are.

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