Lauren Lee Smith in Lie with Me

Here is the other exclusive I promised this week. This is the opening sequence of Lie with Me. I wanted to upload a more explicit clip with both Lauren Lee Smith and Eric Balfour but the filesizes of those clips turned out too large. There are 13 clips from Lie with Me in the member’s area of

I’ve been pimping this movie for a while and the DVD will finally available in two weeks. Sadly, there are no deleted scenes or featurettes. It does however include a commentary track with Lauren and the director where they don’t really answer if any of the action was real.

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11 thoughts on “Lauren Lee Smith in Lie with Me”

  1. Lauren is sensational. I got the movie and watched it last weekend. It is the most erotic and arousing piece of film art that I have ever seen. A great actress and an erotic, sexy and stunning portrayal of a beautiful young woman. I will watch it again and again.

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