Matroeskja’s / Matrioshki / Russian Dolls

November 27, 2006 by recapped

Matroeskja’s (aka Matrioshki aka Russian Dolls) is a 10 part mini-series from Belgium about Eastern European girls who are tricked into becoming sex workers. What is unique about this series is the use of language since the girls are from Russia or Lithuania and their captors are from Belgium. The nudity and volence is also a big plus. There is a second mini-series in development.

In this clip, the girls are in Cyprus for stripper training. One of the guys tells the girls to ‘Take off your tops so your tits can tan’. We see Eugenia Hirivskaya (aka Evgenia Hirivskaya), Ailika Kremer (aka Lika Kremer) and Svetlana Vladimirovna (aka Svetlana Abolenkina) take off their tops. Zemyna Asmontaite, Indré Jaraité, Mila Lipner (aka Lioudmila Lipner) and Liuba Tolkalina (aka Lyubov Tolkalina) are naked later on in the series. The only girl in this clip who does not have a nude scene in this series is Zorina Tanasova (she’s just off the left side of the cap below).

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