Celebrity Nudity Rumors July 25

Magic City has a lot of nudity this week but again it is all from extras. Also, Shane Lynch (Kelly’s daughter) might have a bit of an areola slip during a scene.

On Sunday’s True Blood, Anna Paquin comes somewhat close to showing full frontal nudity as we see the aftermath of her sex scene from the last episode. Deborah Ann Woll shows the side of her ass briefly during a sex scene. Jurnee Smollett-Bell has a sex scene in the shower but doesn’t really show much. And an extra (possibly Ellen Soderberg) shows one breast during a flashback sequence.

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Celebrity Nudity Rumors June 18: Two Night Stand

On the next Magic City, there are a couple of topless extras around the pool. Kelly Lynch shows her butt and possibly her left breast as she is swimming. Finally, there is a six girl naked orgy near the end. One of the girls somewhat looks like Jessica Marais but it isn’t her. We already wrote about the nudity on next week’s True Blood here.

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