Katie McGrath and Jessica Brown Findlay in Labyrinth Part 1

Katie McGrath (Morgana from Merlin) and Jessica Brown Findlay (Lady Sybil from Downton Abbey) are both nude in part 1 of Labyrinth. Videos from part 2 should be up next Saturday before Due Date starring Robert Downey Jr. airs.

UPDATE (12/8): Skimmed through part 2 and unfortunately the only interesting scenes were Katie McGrath’s clothed boobs getting manhandled and Claudia Gerini in a bra.

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Download HD Video Katie McGrath 1 | 2 | Jessica Brown Findlay 1 | 2

Celebrity Nudity Rumors August 27: Nymphomaniac, Sweetwater & Labyrinth

Stacy MartinWelcome to our first Celebrity Nudity Rumors post. A quick disclaimer that all of these are rumors until the film is actually released. In this inaugural edition, we focus on movies with a single word title.

Little known British model Stacy Martin will play the younger version of Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Joe in Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac. The picture to the left is of Stacy and one can see the similarities between her and Charlotte. This is Stacy’s first feature film and will feature lots of explicit nudity but all the penetration scenes will be performed by doubles. Skimming the script, Joe seems to be the only female character that has nude scenes.

In the upcoming western revenge film Sweetwater, a couple of guys spot a singing January Jones nude from behind in the river. Our sources say that January will indeed show her breasts when she turns around and gives the guys a surprise. Hopefully this does not change despite the rumors that January is now dating one of the film’s directors.

Lastly, the British television movie Labyrinth will unlikely have any nudity. The only nude scene is near the end of part 1. Katie McGrath unclasps her cloak and is shown naked underneath but the script has in brackets, “we can see as much or as little of her nudity as required.”

UPDATE (12/2): We were wrong about Labyrinth. Turns out our script was missing the 1st act. http://www.recapped.com/katie-mcgrath-and-jessica-brown-findlay-in-labyrinth-part-1