Lily James Nude in The Exception

Here are the eagerly anticipated first nude scenes from Lily James in The Exception. This is an early contender for one of the best nude scenes of the year despite being a bit brief. As an added bonus, it seems Lily shows brief blurry bush or merkin in the second clip which we missed when we first saw this last year. Enjoy!

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The Lovers Nudity Review

Around 10 minutes into The Lovers, Debra Winger is naked in bed but doesn’t show anything. Maybe with super slow motion you may see a brief flash of Debra’s left breast.

Then at around 48 minutes, Debra is naked on top of a guy on the couch. The scene is shot from the side and is short and shadowy so not much can be seen.

Right after, Debra is naked in bed again but there’s a hand on her right breast and her left breast is blocked by some sheets. The camera then pans around and we see Debra’s left breast briefly.

The Lovers is currently playing at the Tribeca Film Festival.

One Percent More Humid Nudity Review

Near the beginning of One Percent More Humid, Juno Temple shows her ass and some sideboob as she is skinny dipping. Around an hour in, Juno shows her ass and breasts very briefly while having sex. Afterwards, Juno shows a bit of her right areola as she is lying down. A few minutes after that, Juno is in the shower and we can see either a hint of a pastie or some areola. At the end of the movie, Juno Temple and Julia Garner show their butts from a distance as they go skinny dipping.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 20, 2017

First, the bad news. We mentioned there was no nudity in The White Princess premiere. There is actually no nudity in the first 4 episodes. Jodie Comer shows a bit of right sideboob as she is getting ready for a bath in 103. Jodie then shows a bit more left sideboob as she is getting in the bath.

On the Hulu front, there is no nudity in the next 2 episodes (105 and 106) of Harlots. There is also no nudity in the first 3 episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale which is premiering on April 26.

Also, we finally saw the When the Street Lights Go On pilot, and the only nudity is a bunch of random male and female skinnydippers at the beginning.

Onto the possible good news. Netflix has renewed the anthology series Easy. Apparently half of the stories in season 2 will be a continuation from the first season. The Kate Micucci and Malin Akerman story is rumored to be one of them.

And we’re hearing that Epix’s upcoming Get Shorty TV series will have nudity. Likely from Megan Stevenson who got naked on Californication a while back.