Alison Brie Nude in GLOW

Here are some quick videos of Alison Brie nude in GLOW for the handful of you guys who don’t have access to Netflix.

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GLOW 104 Nudity Review

In the 4th episode of GLOW, Kate Nash is topless briefly while changing in her motel room. Sydelle Noel is also topless briefly during a sex scene.

This is the last episode with nudity unless we missed something. Kate also shows some brief sideboob in episode 8 and Alison Brie is on the toilet in a few episodes but you can’t really see anything.

GLOW 101 Nudity Review

By now you’ve probably heard that Alison Brie does her first nude scene ever in GLOW so here are the long awaited details. Early on in the series premiere, Alison shows her breasts and ass from the side as she changes out of her leotard while talking to Betty Gilpin in a locker room.

A little later, Alison is naked while riding someone cowgirl style. Again, we see Alison’s breasts and part of her ass but from the opposite side this time. Also, this scene is somewhat dark while the first nude scene was well lit. The camera then switches to the front and we see Alison’s breasts briefly as she bends down and tells her lover to hush.