Celebrity Nudity Rumors July 14

July 14, 2016 by recapped

The nudity on Sunday’s season premiere of Ballers is from some random dancers. Nothing from Arielle Kebbel.

Believe the only nudity on Sunday’s Roadies is from guys or random strippers. Outside chance Jacqueline Byers is naked again.

And not sure if he’s seen all the episodes of The Night Of but according to mk:

Episode 4 – Racquel Bailey shows her breasts during a sex scene with John Turturro’s character and then is full frontal walking to the bathroom. Very dim lighting in both shots. She appears to be wearing a modesty patch in the latter.

Other episodes listed with nudity are mostly prison shower scenes with male extras showing their butts or dicks.

Angelica Nudity Review

July 11, 2016 by recapped

As promised, here are some quick nudity reviews of films that aren’t readily available yet. First up is Angelica by the director of Teeth.

Near the end of Angelica, Jena Malone is checking herself out in the bath and we see her breasts briefly. Shortly after, Jena is wearing a seethru-ish top and bottomless with a very hairy bush (merkin?) during a weird sex scene.

There is no current release date for Angelica.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors July 2

July 2, 2016 by recapped

This week’s Roadies has no female nudity. If Showtime makes the next episode available for early viewing again, Taylor Marie Frey is supposed to be naked in episode 3.

Marco Polo Season 2 Nudity Review

July 1, 2016 by recapped

We’re going to start posting more reviews in the next little while. First up is the 2nd season of Marco Polo which is available today on Netflix. We skimmed through the entire season and below is a summary of the nudity.

Ep 201 – Zhu Zhu is topless during a sex scene but her hair is blocking the goods.
Ep 203 – Olivia Cheng shows her left breast.
Ep 205 – Olivia Cheng is topless and has some bondage rope on. Esther Low is topless in the bath. Karishma Ahluwalia shows t&a during and after sex.
Ep 206 – Zhu Zhu comes close to showing nip while moving around in a milk bath. Laura Prats is topless during a sex scene. And there’s lots of naked randoms in a harem.

So while not as good as the first season, the second season of Marco Polo isn’t bad. If you want to see more of Zhu Zhu (Kokachin), check out her nude scenes from Secret Sharer if you missed it before.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors June 22

June 22, 2016 by recapped

As expected, the nudity on the Game of Thrones finale is supposedly from a random prostitute.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors June 16

June 16, 2016 by recapped

With the summer TV season officially under way, here’s some quick tidbits on upcoming summer and fall TV.

First up, cable TV. Showtime released the Roadies pilot early on Youtube and other sites Monday. As we mentioned last week, no nudity from Imogen Poots or Carla Gugino. Jacqueline Byers and Cissy Ly do have nude scenes though. We’ve also seen the I’m Dying Up Here pilot and there is no nudity. On HBO, we’ve been told that Westworld has tons of female and male nudity. Apparently, all of the AI are naked when we see them in the real world. And there may be a new player for cable nudity. Keep an eye out for Graves coming to Epix this fall.

Network TV rarely has nudity so we only skimmed through some of the upcoming fall network pilots. Cruel Intentions does have full on male ass though so perhaps they’ll release an uncensored version of the show to other markets if the show gets picked up.

On international TV, Miriam Leone is topless in the first episode of Medici: Masters of Florence. The scene is very dark though so it may be a body double.

Lastly on SVOD, Netflix is releasing season 4 of Orange is the New Black tomorrow. They may also decide to release it a day early like they did last year. And Amazon will have their new pilots of The Last Tycoon and The Interestings up tomorrow too.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors June 1

June 1, 2016 by recapped

The next Game of Thrones has lots of uncredited topless women at a tavern.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 19, 2016

May 19, 2016 by recapped

On the next Game of Thrones, Eline Powell portrays Sansa Stark in a play. Eline has a brief topless scene on stage and then is topless again backstage.

Jodi Balfour Nude in Eadweard

May 16, 2016 by recapped

You will soon see Jodi Balfour naked quite a bit in the upcoming Cinemax series Quarry. You probably won’t see her full frontal nude like you can in Eadweard though. Unfortunately, there is no real nudity from Sara Canning in this movie but there is lots of female and male nudity from others.

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Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 12

May 12, 2016 by recapped

Emilia Clarke has a hot nude scene on Sunday’s Game of Thrones. Yes, for realsies apparently, unlike last week.

And as an added bonus, Ana Ayora is topless on tomorrow’s Banshee.

There are also some naked randoms on both shows.