Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 14

April 14, 2016

Casey LaBow is topless during a sex scene on tomorrow’s Banshee.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 7

April 7, 2016

Tomorrow’s Banshee starts with a nude scene featuring an unnamed blonde. She is most likely Sarah O’Sullivan who is credited as Skinny Girl.

Juno Temple might be getting naked again on Sunday’s Vinyl.

Also on Sunday, all episodes of The Girlfriend Experience will be available on Starz. We reviewed the premiere episode a while back and noted that Riley Keough has one topless scene. We have since seen more episodes and below is a short summary of the nudity:

Episode 2:
Some topless pictures of Kate Lyn Sheil are shown on a laptop.
Pics of Riley Keough’s T&A are shown on a laptop.
Riley shows her ass during a sex scene.
Kate Lyn Sheil is topless having sex with Riley.

Episode 3:
Riley Keough shows her breasts during sex.
More T&A from Riley during a dark sex scene.
Riley is topless in bed and we later see her ass as she gets up and walks away.
Riley checks out a topless photo of herself.

Episode 4:
Riley Keough is naked lying down on a bed.
Riley shows her breasts during sex.
Riley shows her breasts during sex again.
Riley shows her breasts while getting dressed.
Riley shows her breasts while showering.

Episodes 5-13:
Hmm… we’re gonna go out on a limb and guess there’s more nudity from Riley Keough.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors March 27

March 27, 2016

There are a bunch of unknowns naked on tonight’s Vinyl.

On Friday’s final season premiere of Banshee, Casey LaBow has her first ever nude scene. And Lili Simmons “might” also be naked in another scene.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors March 13, 2016

March 13, 2016

Rumor is Juno Temple is naked on tonight’s Vinyl. Emily Tremaine and Olivia Wilde might be getting naked next week.

Zhu Zhu Nude in Secret Sharer

February 10, 2016

As requested in the comments, here is a compilation of all of Zhu Zhu‘s nude scenes in Secret Sharer. Zhu Zhu is best known to Western audiences for playing Kokachin in Netflix’s Marco Polo TV series.

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Celebrity Nudity Rumors January 22

January 21, 2016

The entire The Girlfriend Experience TV series will be available in April on Starz. We got a sneak peak at the first episode ahead of it’s premiere Saturday at Sundance and there is only one nude scene. About 5 minutes in, Riley Keough says “I want you to watch me,” lowers her bra, puts her hand down her pants and starts masturbating as the scene fades out.


Anything on Vinyl?

We wrote a while back before the title change that Juno Temple has a naked sex scene in the first episode.

The Deuce got picked up to series. Surely a show about porn will have nudity?

Yes, but it probably won’t air until next year.

Will I ever see Katy Perry’s tits?

Probably not but Rita Ora is rumored to be topless in an upcoming issue of Lui.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors December 3

December 3, 2015

Been a while so here’s a quick Q&A:

About Ellen Page in Into the Forest. MK says there is 2 topless scene and other site says it’s a brief nipple who is right?

MK’s Into the Forest review is pretty much spot on. Ellen Page is topless while having sex with her boyfriend about 41 minutes in. Ellen then shows her right boob from the side briefly about 74 mins in. Evan Rachel Wood barely shows her right nip as she is getting into the bath at 25 mins. Evan shows her right breast again but from the side in the bath at 64 mins. Lastly, Evan is topless briefly at around 88 minutes.

So you said Quarry has Banshee season 1 level nudity but what about the upcoming season of Banshee? Is it as lame as the last season?

The new season of Banshee is a return to the form of season 1. However, one of the actresses who got naked a lot in the first season supposedly stays clothed the entire season.

When is Virtuoso coming out?


Sarah Hay in Flesh and Bone

November 2, 2015

The first episode of Flesh and Bone is now available for free on Starz.com and there is a lot of nudity from most of the cast. Here is a preview of star Sarah Hay naked for those of you not in the US. The entire series will be available on Starzplay next Sunday.

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Dianna Agron Nude in Bare

October 29, 2015

Been a while since a video was posted so here’s Dianna Agron‘s first ever nude scene in Bare. This is actually the 2nd nude scene in the film, but it is the best scene and includes some lesbian sex with Paz de la Huerta. If you want to see the other nude scenes, Bare is available on demand and in select theaters tomorrow.

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Celebrity Nudity Rumors October 8

October 8, 2015

The first season of Red Oaks is available on Amazon Prime tomorrow but it disappoints nudity-wise after a promising pilot episode.

Episode 1 – Alexandra Turshen and Adriana DeGirolami are topless. Lots of extras naked.
Episode 4 – Alexandra Socha shows some sideboob. Jennifer Grey also shows some sideboob and a bit of her ass.
Episode 6 – Gage Golightly is in her underwear and shows some sideboob kinda.
Episode 7 – Jennifer Grey shows sideboob again.
Episode 8 – Maria Aparo is naked as a sex show performer.
Episode 9 – Photos of Gage Golightly in her underwear and one implied nude photo are shown.

Lastly, episode 10 wasn’t available but there might be something from Alexandra Socha. Our guess? Sideboob.