20th Century Women Nudity Review

20th Century Women has its world premiere at the NYFF on Saturday.

About 40 minutes into the film, Elle Fanning is shown in her bra briefly. Then at 97 minutes, there is a longer scene of Elle sitting in bed in her underwear. The top part of Elle’s bra is lacy but it didn’t seem very see through.

At 74 minutes, two women are topless briefly during a montage. It’s possible the two women are Nathalie Love and Tanya Young.

Westworld 101 Nudity Review

Westworld premieres on Sunday and it starts with a naked Evan Rachel Wood in a chair. The scene is quite dark but you still get a good view of Evan’s breasts. Later on, we see Evan in the chair again with better lighting but Evan’s hair covers her breasts for most of the scene. We do see the top half of Evan’s ass as she is sitting down however.

Angela Sarafyan is also topless in a well lit scene.

And there are tons of nude extras throughout the episode and series which we won’t mention in further reviews.

The Exception Nudity Review

Lily James has two nude scenes in The Exception.

12 mins – Jai Courtney’s character orders Lily to take off her clothes. James removes her dress over her head giving us a brief but good look at her breasts straight on and then a spectacular look at her butt in the next shot. Courtney’s character then bends her over the table and attempts to have sex with her, but a war injury prevents him from doing so. We get a few more fleeting glimpses of James’ breasts as she’s bent over the table.

22 mins – In a reversal of the previous scene, James’ character surprises Courtney in his barracks and orders him to remove his clothes. He strips completely naked (you see everything) as she caresses his scars. The pair then make their way to the bed where she hikes up her skirt and gets on top of him before the scene fades out. No nudity from James here.

57 mins – After spending the night together, James gets out of bed completely naked and crosses the room to get dressed. You briefly see her butt and right breast as she puts on her nightgown.

71 mins – The Kaiser’s wife walks in on Himmler and his mistress (played by Verona Verbakel). Verbakel’s character appears completely nude in the background of the scene wearing only garters. As Himmler and the Kaiser’s wife converse, Verbakel’s breasts are visible as she walks across the room and gets into bed.