Westworld 101 Nudity Review

Westworld premieres on Sunday and it starts with a naked Evan Rachel Wood in a chair. The scene is quite dark but you still get a good view of Evan’s breasts. Later on, we see Evan in the chair again with better lighting but Evan’s hair covers her breasts for most of the scene. We do see the top half of Evan’s ass as she is sitting down however.

Angela Sarafyan is also topless in a well lit scene.

And there are tons of nude extras throughout the episode and series which we won’t mention in further reviews.

The Exception Nudity Review

Lily James has two nude scenes in The Exception.

12 mins – Jai Courtney’s character orders Lily to take off her clothes. James removes her dress over her head giving us a brief but good look at her breasts straight on and then a spectacular look at her butt in the next shot. Courtney’s character then bends her over the table and attempts to have sex with her, but a war injury prevents him from doing so. We get a few more fleeting glimpses of James’ breasts as she’s bent over the table.

22 mins – In a reversal of the previous scene, James’ character surprises Courtney in his barracks and orders him to remove his clothes. He strips completely naked (you see everything) as she caresses his scars. The pair then make their way to the bed where she hikes up her skirt and gets on top of him before the scene fades out. No nudity from James here.

57 mins – After spending the night together, James gets out of bed completely naked and crosses the room to get dressed. You briefly see her butt and right breast as she puts on her nightgown.

71 mins – The Kaiser’s wife walks in on Himmler and his mistress (played by Verona Verbakel). Verbakel’s character appears completely nude in the background of the scene wearing only garters. As Himmler and the Kaiser’s wife converse, Verbakel’s breasts are visible as she walks across the room and gets into bed.

Personal Shopper Nudity Review

Kristen Stewart has two nude scenes in Personal Shopper.

The first scene is approximately 20 minutes in: Kristen is laying topless on her side facing the camera as a doctor performs an ultrasound on her heart. She remains topless as she sits up, getting dressed only after the doctor gives her the prognosis. Fairly long scene, extremely well lit – think doctor’s office lighting.

Then approximately 80 minutes in comes the best nudity of Stewart’s career to date and likely one of the best nude scenes of 2016. This is the scene featured in that leaked still from the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

Alone in her boss’s apartment, Kristen’s character is goaded via text message to start trying on her rich client’s fancy clothes. She pours herself a drink, downs it, and then strips down to only thong underwear. She slowly walks around the walk-in closet topless with some great shots of her butt reflected in the mirror. She then tries on a cupless black bra that resembles a piece of bondage gear and examines herself in the mirror, before removing it, putting on a sheer dress meant to accompany it, and putting the bra back on again. It’s at this point that she makes her way to the bedroom and begins masturbating. You don’t see anything, but it’s a very hot end to the scene, which is very well lit and done in one long take.

Lady Macbeth Nudity Review

Florence Pugh has lots of sex scenes in Lady Macbeth but the nudity shown is rather disappointing.

03 mins – Florence removes her nightgown and we get a long shot of her ass and some sideboob.

10 mins – More ass from Florence.

16 minsNaomi Ackie shows her ass and maybe more.

20 mins – Brief right breast in the bath from Florence.

22 mins – Now Florence’s left breast is shown during a sex scene.

25 mins – Florence is topless but we only see a bit of sideboob during a sex scene.

28 mins – Naomi glimpses Florence having sex through a keyhole. There may be some brief nudity from Florence.

29 mins – Florence shows her ass briefly while getting out of bed.

45 mins – More ass from Florence getting out of bed and some right sideboob too.

58 mins – Florence is nude in bed while embraced with her lover but no actual nudity is shown.

Katie Says Goodbye Nudity Review

Olivia Cooke has three nude scenes in Katie Says Goodbye.

28 mins – Olivia and her new boyfriend sit nude on the bed after having sex for the first time. She’s completely naked, but due to the angle only her breasts are visible. Long scene, decent lighting.

40 mins – Olivia’s left breast is visible as she lies naked in bed with her boyfriend. Dark and shot from a distance, brief scene.

55 mins – Olivia’s butt and right breast are briefly visible as her boyfriend has rough sex with her from behind. Her left breast is visible for the remainder of the scene as they lie in bed, though it’s mostly out of focus.

Una Nudity Review

Rooney Mara is topless three times in Una.

The first scene comes about five minutes in as she’s showering after a wild night out. Great view of her breasts (complete with piercing), straight on, well lit. The second scene comes about an hour in, both breasts as she’s lying on her back on the floor trying to have sex with another character. Then about ten minutes later you briefly see her left breast as she’s on top of another guy having sex.