Bad Girl Nudity Review

Bad Girl is another Australian movie that is making its way around the festival circuit. Unlike Hounds of Love though, there is a lot less nudity.

23 minsSara West is shown topless from behind with a bit of side boob in the shower. Sara then turns around but her arm is covering her breasts

28 minsSamara Weaving is swimming nude in the pool. The scene is shot from above so we see Samara’s ass but it is really dark so it is hard to tell if it is really Samara.

40 mins – Samara (in her bra) and Sara make out with some heavy petting.

47 mins – Samara is shown topless from behind briefly with a hint of sideboob as she drops her towel and changes her top.

20th Century Women Nudity Review

20th Century Women has its world premiere at the NYFF on Saturday.

About 40 minutes into the film, Elle Fanning is shown in her bra briefly. Then at 97 minutes, there is a longer scene of Elle sitting in bed in her underwear. The top part of Elle’s bra is lacy but it didn’t seem very see through.

At 74 minutes, two women are topless briefly during a montage. It’s possible the two women are Nathalie Love and Tanya Young.