Casual 305 Nudity Review

The next episode of Casual might have the first ever nude scene from Jamie Chung. Around 24 minutes into the episode, Jamie is topless while riding a guy. The scene is pretty dark and Jamie’s breasts are mostly covered by either her arm or the guy’s hand. We say it might be Jamie’s first nude scene because the version we saw was super low quality. Hence, we can’t say for sure whether Jamie actually shows her nipples in the few frames where it appears nothing is blocking her breasts.

Easy Living Nudity Review

Caroline Dhavernas has lots of sexy scenes in her underwear in Easy Living including a scene with her hand down her panties and masturbating around 14 minutes in. Right after the masturbation scene, Caroline shows her left nipple briefly as it slips out of her top when waking up. Then at 32 minutes in, Caroline shows a bit of sideboob as she gets out of bed to reach for the smoke alarm. Caroline falls to the floor and we get an overhead view of Caroline’s breasts briefly as she rolls around. There might be another peak at Caroline’s left breast as she gets back in bed.

American Gods 105 Nudity Review

Emily Browning has several nude scenes on Sunday’s upcoming American Gods. In the first scene, Emily shows her breasts underwater as she’s in the bath. Emily then gets out and we get a better view of her breasts. A little later, Emily is in the bath again and she shows her ass and breasts briefly as she steps out. And near the end of the episode, Emily shows her breasts again. Keep in mind that Emily has the Y-shaped baseball stitching makeup across her chest in all of these scenes.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer Nudity Review

Around 10 minutes into The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Nicole Kidman is in lingerie lying down with her head at the foot of the bed. There is a distant shot of Nicole’s panties being pulled down and we see some bush briefly. Then at 100 minutes, there is a similar shot of the bed but not as distant. This time, Nicole is fully nude with her head at the side of the bed but the bed post blocks us from seeing any bush. The lights are then turned off and Nicole shows some brief bush and butt as she sits up.

Raffey Cassidy can also be seen in her underwear briefly. The scene is similar to the first Nicole scene except Raffey stays clothed.

Mobile Homes Nudity Review

Imogen Poots shows breasts and part of her ass as she is having sex in Mobile Homes. The scene is pretty similar to the Frank & Lola scene in that it takes place early in the movie (2nd scene) and is set in a motel room. Unlike that scene, this one is well lit and you actually see Imogen have sex for a bit but the scene is a lot shorter.

A few minutes later, Imogen has sex in a pool and she shows part of her ass from the side underwater.

Mobile Homes is currently playing in Cannes.