TIFF 2011: Take This Waltz

UPDATE (5/25): Free HD videos here http://www.recapped.com/sarah-silverman-and-michelle-williams-in-take-this-waltz

As you may have heard, Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman are fully nude in the shower in Take This Waltz. The scene happens at about 42 minutes into the film. Here’s a shot-by-shot breakdown (estimated times):

  1. We see Michelle on the left facing screen right, Jennifer Podemski in the center facing the screen and Sarah on the right facing screen left. All three of them are fully nude and we can see all six breasts but we can only see Jennifer and Sarah’s bush in this shot. We might be able to get a glimpse of Michelle’s bush from the side. Michelle then turns to her left a bit and we get a pretty good shot of her ass. (4 seconds)
  2. It switches to across the room where three older, overweight women are showering. Also fully nude if you’re into that kind of thing. (2 seconds)
  3. We see headshots of Sarah, then Michelle and then Jennifer. (11 seconds)
  4. Similar to the first shot but now Michelle is washing her hair and we get a great view of her entire nude body including full bush. Sarah has her right leg up on a stool as she is applying some cream to her right calf. Its possible we can see more because of that but that will have to wait for HD. Jennifer’s left leg is also slightly elevated as she is applying shaving cream to her calf and is hunched over. (4 seconds)
  5. More of the older women across the room. (5 seconds)
  6. Continuation of the last time we saw Michelle, Sarah and Jennifer. Sarah and Jennifer still have their legs up. Michelle is still washing but then turns a bit to her left and shows her ass again. (5 seconds)
  7. More closeups from the shoulders up of Michelle, Sarah and Jennifer. (40 seconds)
  8. A zoomed in shot of the three older women. (2 seconds)
  9. Again more closeups of Michelle, Sarah and Jennifer. (10 seconds)
  10. A shot of Michelle, Sarah and Jennifer again. Michelle is still turned so we see her ass. Sarah now has her leg down. Two different older nude woman walk by. Sarah turns to her left and faces the screen more as she washes her hair so we get a great look at her body right after the 2nd woman moves out of the way. Michelle also turns toward the screen a bit and we see her bush from the side. (4 seconds)
  11. Now we see the two older women that walked by join the other three from earlier. (5 seconds)
  12. Michelle, Sarah and Jennifer again. Michelle is turned more toward her left so we can see her ass and right breast. She then turns to her right so that almost her whole body is facing the screen directly. Jennifer then turns around and we see her ass. (6 seconds)
  13. And the scene ends with a shot of the older women again. (3 seconds)

Around 52 minutes into the film, Michelle removes her panties and sits on the toilet which is on the left side of the screen. Michelle does her business and then stands up showing her full bush again. Michelle then removes her top and jumps in the shower which is on the right.

At about 98 minutes, there is a montage. We see two quick scenes of Michelle having sex. In the first, Michelle is again fully nude with her legs in the air as she is getting pounded. Secondly, we see Michelle’s breasts as she is having sex on a chair. We also Michelle have a threesome with Samantha Farrow but Michelle is not nude and we can only see Samantha topless from the back.

Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy Nudity Review

Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy isn’t a part of TIFF but there was a cast & crew screening earlier today.

No surprise that Kristin Kreuk is nowhere near nude even though she has a sex scene and a scene in the bath.

However, newcomer Olivia Andrup has a pretty lengthy sex scene about 20 minutes into the film. Olivia shows her breasts, part of her ass and maybe more in various sexual positions.

TIFF 2011: 360

In the very first scene in 360, we see Lucia Siposova strip topless as she poses for a photographer. About 93 minutes into the film, we see Lucia’s breasts and part of her ass during a sex scene and as she lies in bed after. A few minutes later, we again see Lucia’s breasts and a bit more of her ass as she gets dressed.

Rachel Weisz has a scene where she is only wearing a bed sheet after sex. You might be able to catch a glimpse of something as she moves around but probably not.

The very last scene in the movie, shows a woman remove her top as she poses for a photo. They never mentioned her name and she’s not listed last in the credits (which is in order of appearance) but it may have been Tereza Srbova.

Stana Katic Nude in For Lovers Only

Here is another first — the beautiful Stana Katic (from Castle) topless in For Lovers Only. This is the only nude scene in the movie although there are a few sexy scenes. Stana also wears a somewhat see-through top once or twice. Oh and do not bother adjusting your media players, this film is entirely in black & white except for one scene.

As usual, you can either stream the lower quality video or download the 720p HD video using the link below.

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Jena Malone Nude in S Magazine

Here is another first I believe, Jena Malone nude in S Magazine 12, photographed by Aliya Naumoff. In The Messenger, Jena Malone has a brief nude scene which was so dark and brief you could barely see anything. That’s not the case here as you can see Jena’s breasts clearly and even a bit of muff. In the accompanying article, Jena says, “Nudity is something that’s exciting, empowering, but maybe that’s just because I didn’t grow up with it. It’s more mythical, like a unicorn of an idea.” Let’s hope Jena’s attitude rubs off on other actresses.

Jena Malone Nude in S Magazine
Jena Malone Nude in S Magazine Jena Malone Nude in S Magazine Jena Malone Nude in S Magazine Jena Malone Nude in S Magazine Jena Malone Nude in S Magazine Jena Malone Nude in S Magazine Jena Malone Nude in S Magazine Jena Malone Nude in S Magazine Jena Malone Nude in S Magazine

Liv Tyler Nude in The Ledge

Have yet to see this anywhere else so here is Liv Tyler nude in The Ledge. For a film described as an ‘erotic thriller’, its pretty disappointing that Liv is only topless for about 30 seconds. We have the full scene below anyway for streaming or download. Skip ahead to 1:20 if you only care about the nudity. The Ledge opens in select US theaters July 8.

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Autumn Reeser in The Big Bang Extended Nude Scene

Here is a longer version of Autumn Reeser nude in The Big Bang. This is over a minute longer than the the sex scene in the film which you may have seen before. Hopefully more blu-rays will include extended sex scenes as a special feature.

You can either stream the lower quality video or download the 1080p HD with 5.1 audio version using the link below. There is also a link to the lower quality video for those that are having trouble with the HD version.

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Adriana Lima Uncensored Nude V Magazine Cover

Here are some low quality scans of V Magazine #66 by Mario Sorrenti featuring models Adriana Lima, Eniko Mihalik, Isabeli Fontana, Lily Donaldson and Natasha Poly. The limited editions of this issue from the V website featured scratch off covers with nudity underneath. Adriana’s cover however was not available as a scratch off so this was a pleasant surprise. Thanks to factorygirlphotography for the pictures and hopefully they’ll be available in better quality soon.

Adriana Lima Nude
Eniko Mihalik Nude
Isabeli Fontana Nude
Lily Donaldson Nude
Natasha Poly Nude