Kirsten Dunst Nude in Melancholia HD 720p

Here is Kirsten Dunst fully nude from Melancholia. Available in HD here first so you can see Kirsten’s bush a little better. As usual, you can stream the low quality version or download the HD 720p video below.

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Danneel Harris Ackles Topless In Mardi Gras: Spring Break

Mardi Gras: Spring Break just opened in theaters a little over a week ago and Danneel Harris (aka Danneel Ackles) flashes her boobs in the movie. But is it really Danneel, a body double or more cheesy CG nudity? From seeing Danneel nude in Ten Inch Hero, we know her breasts are fake. So the part where Danneel’s face is covered and her breasts are jiggling is definitely not her. The part with Danneel’s boobs and face are in the same shot however could be her though. They do look like two different people and the breasts do not bounce as much in the cell phone video. Watch the streaming video below or download the 720p HD version and judge for yourself.

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TIFF 2011: Un amour de jeunesse

In Un amour de jeunesse (aka Goodbye First Love), we follow Lola Créton from the age of 15 to 23+. Lola herself doesn’t turn 18 until later this year. At the three minute mark, we see Lola fully nude in bed briefly as her blanket is removed. The scene is in the trailer embedded below starting at 0:13. We then see more of Lola’s breasts in the mirror as shown in the trailer. Then at the 86 minute mark, we see the scene that starts at 0:26 of the trailer. Lola has her top removed and then her bottoms before they make out. Lola’s legs are kinda crossed this time so you can’t really see anything below.

TIFF 2011: Killer Joe

Killer Joe was originally an off-Broadway play starring Michelle Williams. Michelle played Dottie in the original production and did a full nude scene every night. Dottie is now played by Juno Temple in the movie and she too does full nudity.

Juno wears lots white tops with no bra throughout the film so lots of see-through action. About 12 minutes in, Juno appears in a vision fully nude and then does some kung fu moves before disappearing. Half an hour into the film, there is an overhead shot of Juno’s breasts as she changes in a dressing room. And at 41 minutes, Juno very slowly removes all of her clothes and stands nude for a bit before putting on a dress. Juno then bends over toward the screen and hikes up her dress so we see her bush as she is having sex.

Speaking of bush, the very first time we see Gina Gershon, all we see is a closeup of her bush. Only two minutes into the movie, Gina answers the door bottomless and then walks around a bit before finally putting something else on. Then at 51 minutes, I think we get another brief peek of Gina bush as it looked like she was bottomless again.

TIFF 2011: Café de flore

Three minutes into Café de flore, Evelyne Brochu shows her breasts while having sex. We also see Evelyne’s breasts as she is lying in bed at the 40, 61 and 97 minute marks. Around 67 minutes in, we may be able to catch a glimpse of Evelyne’s bush as she jumps into a pool. We then see Evelyne swimming nude underwater.

At about 22 minutes, Vanessa Paradis is breastfeeding her child.

Hélène Florent shows her breasts as she is in a water massage bed 73 minutes into the film.

There is also a very brief scene around 42 minutes in, where we see a woman’s breasts as a guy is going down on her in the shower. I assume this is either Hélène or Evelyne.

TIFF 2011: A Dangerous Method

At 10 minutes into A Dangerous Method, we see Keira Knightley in a wet white gown that is somewhat see-through. Then at 56 minutes, Keira is getting spanked while wearing an unfastened top. We can see Keira’s left breast mostly as her right breast is somewhat obscured by her hair. In the next scene, Keira shows one of her breasts as she is lying on her side in bed, then in the mirror reflection and then back to the side again. Around 75 minutes in, we see the top half of Keira’s breasts (including nipples) as she is getting whipped by a belt. Keira’s dress is fastened up in the very next scene but we can see part of her left areola.

About 44 minutes in, Sarah Marecek shows the top half of her breasts briefly as she is having sex.