TIFF 2010: Never Let Me Go

Around 50 minutes into Never Let Me Go, we see Keira Knightley riding a guy from the front. Keira is topless and her hair is in the way but I believe you can see her nipples. We then get a view from Keira’s back right side and we can see her right breast. Again, I’m unsure if you can actually see nipple though since there isn’t much to see anyway.

TIFF 2010: Tamara Drewe

Early on in Tamara Drewe, Gemma Arterton is shown nude in the bath but her arms cover her breasts. At around 70 minutes, Gemma is shown lying on her side nude in bed. A sheet covers Gemma’s bottom half while her arms again cover her nipples. About 4 minutes later, we again seeing see Gemma lying nude in bed. This time however, we see Gemma’s ass as she is lying on her front and facing the camera.

TIFF 2010: Passion Play

As expected, Megan Fox is not nude in Passion Play.

Around 46 minutes into the film, Megan has sex but you don’t really see much. Then at around 80 minutes, we see Megan topless in a glass cage. Megan uses her right arm to cover her breasts so we only see part of her left breast. There are some pictures that are leaked from the filming of this scene if you search on the net but in the film, there is no guy with her in the cage.

Early on in the film, Kelly Lynch is dancing on stage wearing only pasties. And an unidentified brunette also has a long nude scene at 73 minutes. She is wearing only panties and is tattooed all over including her breasts. She never had any lines so I’m not sure what her name is but taking a look at IMDb, it may have been Liezl Carstens.

TIFF 2010: Daydream Nation

Kat Dennings has several sex scenes in Daydream Nation but doesn’t show anything. However around the 85 minute mark, Katie Boland is topless and we see her on top of a guy from the side. It is really dark though so we can’t see much. The movie cuts to another scene for a bit and then cuts back to Katie. We get a slightly better view of Katie’s breasts but it is still very dark.

TADFF 2010: I Spit On Your Grave

I Spit On Your GraveOur first and only review from the Toronto After Dark Film Festival is the upcoming remake I Spit On Your Grave. The films stars Sarah Butler in the role made famous by Camille Keaton in the original.

Around 40 minutes into the film, we see a bit of Sarah’s left nipple as someone uses a shotgun to play around with her top. A few minutes later, we see Sarah’s ass as her panties are removed. Sarah is then raped but we can’t really see anything clearly. Afterwards, Sarah gets up and we see her ass as she walks outside bottomless. Sarah’s shirt is then ripped open and we see her breasts briefly before she falls on the ground. Sarah is then raped again until she loses consciousness but again we don’t really see much. Maybe a few glimpses at Sarah’s breasts and ass. Sarah then stands up and we see a clear view of her left breast. Her right breast is somewhat obstructed by her long hair. Sarah again walks away nude and we again see lots of her ass and bits of her breasts. As Sarah goes around a tree, the camera does a very quick pan up her body and we see clear full frontal nudity. We then see more of Sarah’s ass and a bit of her hair obstructed boobs as she walks toward a bridge. And finally, we see Sarah or a stunt double’s ass as she jumps off the bridge.

This film is somewhat disappointing nudity-wise compared to the original — especially since the remake is unrated. We see lots of Sarah’s ass but only brief views of her other parts. The parts where Sarah is walking around bottomless/nude are pretty long but the rape scenes don’t really show much. There may have been some glimpses of Sarah’s bush during the first rape scene and as she is walking outside but it was too difficult to discern without a pause button.

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TIFF 2009: Enter the Void

As 2010 approaches, here’s a review of Enter the Void, a film that will be hard to top for best nude film of next year. This review is late as I only saw the first half of the film due to technical problems during the screening and other commitments. The entire film is shown from Oscar’s point of view. Shortly into the film, Oscar is watching his sister (played by Paz de la Huerta) dancing topless in the strip club along with other dancers. A little later Oscar spies on Paz in her dressing room. She is with her manager and they begin to make out. Paz is soon naked and she unzips her manager’s pants and pulls out his penis. Paz then guides his penis toward her vagina and they continue to have sex. I’m not sure if there’s any actual penetration though.

The next act shows Oscar’s flashbacks from childhood until the present. We see Oscar’s very hot mother Janice Beliveau-Sicotte topless as she bathes with her children. Later, we see Janice nude on all fours as Oscar spies on her getting drilled from behind by his father. Again, I don’t think anything explicit was shown. We also see Oscar’s friend’s mother (played by Sara Stockbridge I believe) topless briefly as she seduces Oscar. Finally, we see Paz topless in bed. Paz is also shown wearing a tiny bikini top in several scenes and her nipples pop out sometimes.

And that’s all the nudity I remember from the first 80 minutes or so. There is supposed to be a lot more nudity in the second half of the film so hopefully it gets released soon.