Park Si-yeon in The Scent

Here is Korean actress Park Si-yeon in The Scent. “When I first got the script, there was no sex scene. I did not know I had to go naked in front of the camera until we started filming,” said Park. Hopefully other directors take advantage of this tactic, and this is just the first of many nude scenes from Si-yeon.

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15 thoughts on “Park Si-yeon in The Scent”

  1. nice tits and very natural erotic sex and not forgetting Park Si-yeon beautiful face to make the movie to watcfh from the beginning till the end. Made me reached orgasms just by watching her big tits groped by the fucking lucky guy.. Her expression is just very natural not like the porn fake hoarse voice orgasm.. Anyways, my dick is ready anytime for u Park Si-yeon.. Hope to make a debut in the korean film industry just to screw ur wet pussy..Yeos!

  2. my my, aren’t those amazing boobs! one of the few perfect pairs i have seen on a beautiful face. the boobs are just superb and beautiful.

    this chick is hot. what a pretty face, the lingerie makes the scene nice. can’t resists the stockings 😉

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