Rachael Bella in Jimmy and Judy

Rachael Bella is a former child actress who gets naked quite often in Jimmy and Judy. Here is a video of Rachael running around nude in an open field. Notice how it gets dark just as she’s about to turn around and show full frontal nudity and then clears up right after.

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To be fair, it doesn't "get dark:" while the effect is the same, the REASON it "gets dark" is because the camera operator very deliberately makes sure the sun is in the frame when she turns around. Rather than clumisly manipulating the brightness in order to sensor the image, they went to some considerable trouble to grab the right angle at just the right time for the sun's glare to sensor the image.

I have to respect that - that took a lot of work, and that is ONE CONTINUOUS SHOT. Wow. In fact, it probably took several takes of Rachael Bella running naked through the woods before they got the timing right. God knows I would have called for as many takes as possible to get it EXACTLY right...


this movie is cute


I like both of you




Of all the wonders in cyberspace, this is one of THE most beautiful of all!