Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams in Take This Waltz

The wait is finally over for Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz. The first video below has Sarah Silverman, Michelle Williams, the other girl (Jennifer Podemski) and a lot of old women (you’ve been warned) full frontal nude in the shower. The other two videos also feature Michelle Williams stark naked while in the bathroom and while having sex. Now let the wait for the blu-ray begin. Hopefully it will have some deleted scenes and making-of featurettes.

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62 thoughts on “Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams in Take This Waltz”

      1. you keep using the word “homophobic” but i don’t think you know what it means since it doens’t make sense the way you use it. I can’t imagine any scenario in which homophobia and a woman’s pubes have anything to do with each other.

      2. Not every hairy pussy is a merkin, you silly conspiracy theorist. Sarah said that she had to partially shave for the role, so she wasn’t wearing a merkin in this scene.

  1. Finally!!! Some ladies who look real without a ton of caked on makeup. I always though Sarah was very sexy, but now I think she is even more so. The natural female body is so beautiful. Who cares if something is slightly asymmetrical or these is a little bit of cellulite. Real men do not care. I like my ladies to be healthy weights also.

  2. Natural, check. No Photoshop, check. Sexy, check. But the bush has got to go just like the armpit. There was a time when the armpits were hairy and everybody seemed to be OK with that, but it isn’t today. So goes the bush now.

    1. You don’t speak for all of us Dan. I like a little bush when it’s nicely trimmed. It’s sexy. I hate the 70’s bush that just grew everywhere but a nice trimmed bush is nice and making a comeback 🙂

      1. Amen Andy. Fully shaved is way to prepubescent. I don’t want to be with a little girl, that’s sick. Women have hair and they should. But like Andy said, no 70’s bush, I’m talkin neatly trimmed, I love the landing strip some women have, but what Sarah or Michelle had is just fine too.

        1. Taste differs for every person. For me personally, I prefer my women shaved. If I do it for them, they should do it for me as well.

          Although, I don’t mind a little landing strip on their mounds. As long as their lips are clean, so I don’t get hairs in my mouth. 😉

        2. Saying a shaved bush makes the girs seem too young is silly. I guess girls who shave their legs look like little girls too right ? A shaved bush is just more clean to me.

    2. Yeah, it’s been making a comeback in hollywood forever, it never went away, everywhere else that is not homophobic pussies are shaved because no one is offended, keep telling yourself this propaganda though.

  3. In most film they have to have pubic hair (either natural or a mirken/wig) to cover the vagina. To show a detailed vagina increases the rating. Obviously this doesn’t apply to porn.

  4. Wow you guys are argumenting about some hair on women, these women are all pretty much normal and why do you always need to focus on that, it won’t stop you from having sex with them right?

  5. finally,i have been dying to this shit for a damn! year! mainly for Sarah Silverman cuz i have seen michelle b4 can’t memba where and i have to say…..i’d hit it!

  6. Sarah Silverman is beautiful from the hair on her head down to her toes! Nice bush too! 🙂 Well, It looks like she did overgroom her bush though. 🙁 I was hoping for a more NATURAL, FULLER and WIDER patch BUSH of her PUBIC HAIR and not a not soo over-groomed one. 🙁 Will she do another movie involving a full frontal nude again but with a better bush. If ya know what I mean? lol. hehe. Hopefully and perhaps someone can approach and convince her. But seriously though, this is still a nice scene and she’s naked and at least she’s not completely shaven down there! I take my hat off to Sarah Silverman for her reasons for this scene and more power to her. She’s absolutely amazing and cool because of this. Forget the critics. I’m glad to have seen some bush for a change! Real women have hair down there especially if it’s a bush;). Sarah you go girl!

  7. yes sara nude , dig the bushes, not gw bush, i love sarah
    nude, why not an ass shot , oh well , i love this, michelle
    is hot too, plus the bbws , good weird movie.

  8. Damn! That blonde getting Fxcked in the last video is hot. Sarah looks out of shape and dumpy. I could care less about her political affiliations, she’s dropped drastically on the fxckable scale.

  9. merkin or no I ‘ll wager all of you assclowns would do any one of these females, including the older ones. I would! My experience is that some pooty pooh is better than others, but the worst I ever had was wonderful. Now contrary to this I will say, if stumps had pu$$y there’d be a bounty on women, we could get two dollars a tongue…just kiddin ladiez..

  10. Finally I can die now that I’ve seen Sarah nude.

    At least she doesn’t have a shaved, pissed off, nasty clam face, and a bleached balloon knot.

    Hair grows down there for a reason hairophobs.

    Long live hairy pie.

  11. Seriously, what separates a women from a little girl, in part, is pubic hair….I don’t want to see bald pussy, since it reminds me of when I was 10 and saw my girlfriend’s the first time. Ladies out there….”REAL WOMEN HAVE HAIR.” Plus, we love going through the bushes to get to the picnic!!

  12. The whole pubic bush thing only matters in the business areas, too much hair can make for a mess.. And I wouldn’t go down on a girl with a hairy beaver and hairy dirty bumwhole. Just to divolge some stuff that doesn’t need to be said, I like my asshole eaten so I shave it. Bottom line lol

  13. I mean I could give a course on which areas to shave, cuz don’t get me wrong my bush loving friends, a little bush “AROUND” the playing area never got stuck in my teeth or collected a sticky jizz lol real talk son

  14. According to an interview by Silverman on the Howard Stern Show she, Williams and Podemski did not use Merkins. All natural, Silverman even joked that she did a little home improvement before the shoot and may have trimmed a little more then she wanted.

  15. A married woman loves her husband but that’s not enough for her. So the thing to do is cheat on her husband with the neighbor, fuck her she’s a whore. The sad thing this happens all the time.

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