Scarlett Johansson Nude in Under the Skin

Here is quite possibly the nude scene of the year — Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin. In 1080p HD and unedited.

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162 thoughts on “Scarlett Johansson Nude in Under the Skin”

    1. Well, now that we see Scarlett nude, safe to say most of us men are very disappointed with her lack of boobs. Nice push up bras and FALSE advertising she has been doing all these years.

          1. @ASFan
            Seeing as she doesn’t pick up her breasts with her hands and move them around, those scars could very well be beneath her breasts, we just wouldn’t see them. Also, /anecdote: I once fell over a ledge and split my head open. I got a huge number of stitches, and was thankfully healed, albeit with a big ass scar. When I came out from under the operation, the doctor said to me, and I (roughly) quote: “If you’re willing to spend a couple hundred or so dollars, you can have some simple plastic surgery to cover that up.” A few hundred dollars and a hour and a half later, no scar. Obviously, these are not the same type of operation, but I’d imagine the scar treatment procedures are similar. And believe me, if I can afford it, Scarlett Johansson certainly can. Not to say that anybody’s wrong or that she did or didn’t have an operation, just to say that it’s possible to hide the evidence.

        1. What do you think celebs are? They’re not people, they’re brands. They’re products which bring money to the box office for producers and studios. What naivete.

      1. My god man! I cannot believe youre complaining. A woman as beautiful as her, doesn’t need huge ‘boobs’.

        PS. She had a breast reduction recently! And she looks even more beautiful hence!

      2. I love how 2 inch dicked 5 foot 5 240 pound losers like yourself even think you are even in the same league to make a comment about a woman like her…

      3. You guys that need boobs bigger than that are great as far as I’m concerned. Go ahead and leave the amazingly beautiful women like Scarlett for guys like me. I think she’s perfect and wouldn’t change a damn thing

      4. Believe it or not, some of us guys prefer the “medium sized” natural looking boobs over the giant inflated air bags that turn you on so much. I think her breasts are perfect, myself!

  1. Wow! Thank you! Cant believe you get all these gems early! Extremely hot!

    Personally i still prefer Alex DD but this is definitely firmly (hehe) number 2!

      1. Gerald, you’re not allowed to be on the computer past 8 pm! You’re grounded, young man. Wash your penis, you know how it stinks after a month of you not washing it.

      2. LOL……Alexandra Daddario is way hotter. Scarlett has small lopsided breasts, lots of cellulite on her butt and a belly. I don’t think she’s worked out in a long time. On the other hand, Alexandra Daddario has much bigger breasts and a toned, tight, athletic body. Nothing beats a skinny athletic girl with big big breasts like Alexandra.

        1. Yes, something does beat a “skinny athletic girl with big big breasts”: a real, normal girl, a.k.a Scarlett. Also, low-fat chicks with mega-boobs are on a constant diet (not fun) and usually, said mega-boobs are fake. I’ll pass, thank you.

          And about Daddario specifically, she is KINDA pretty but she has a very weird, borderline crazy gaze, like she’s trying to hypnotize you or something, and a downright freaky smile. Case in point:
          Creepy! She sure could play the Joker’s daughter.

          1. So I looked up Alexandra Daddario, and I don’t get the fake boob accusation. I expected a sinewy stick figure with bolt-ons. As a size 12 woman with large breasts myself, I can say Daddario’s look remarkably real. Yes it’s unusual for breasts that large to be on a slim, smaller frame, but not unheard of at all. I have friends built like that (size 4, DD breasts).

            Scarlett is likewise beautiful. Stellar bum. 😀

          2. PS @ bfg666: I know you didn’t say that Daddario’s breasts were fake, just made a statement in general about a certain body type.

            PPS: Agree with the Scarlett defenders. She’s perfect the way she is.

        2. You don’t know what you’re talking about. One hand/foot/leg/arm is always larger or longer than the other. Same for women’s breasts. As for cellulite, that’s just immature bs. No woman with abs like that is soft. Put Alexandra under those same lights and her skin wouldn’t look entirely smooth either.

    1. Let’s not OCD this thing.

      This quality and quantity is sufficient.

      Asking for another video could cause the interweb gods to remove all of them.

      Let’s not get greedy. The movie and accompanying dvd will be out soon enough.

      1. Oh, and you came here because…? This page is called “Scarlett Johansson nude in Under the Skin,” so if you’re not here to bask in Scarlett’s glorious curves, it means you purposely came to troll us and you gotta ask yourself who’s the real perv around here…

        Sorry sweetheart but we’re only men and we won’t apologize for it. We’re all the same, we enjoy some eye candy, especially if the girl in question has ScarJo’s sex appeal. That doesn’t mean we’re pervs. If you knew anything at all about men, you’d know that our sex drive is mainly dictated by our senses, primarily sight. That’s just how men are built, deal with it.

  2. After watching these wonderful ScarJo shorts, it took me an hour to get here ’cause it’s hard to pick up a liquidated mouth off the floor! Thank You so much for saving me some 8 more months before this hits DVD’s–I’m hoping it goes public when she has her baby…You know, a Christmas gift for us. So much worth the wait!!

  3. You have these scenes but not the rest of the film? I mean, these scenes are terrific and I love the sound design of the first clip — especially the sound of the rustling clothing and the shoes — but there are such amazing harvesting scenes, and the opening sequence is stunning.

      1. Gerald, you’re the biggest tool I’ve ever known. I may be your mother but I won’t lie. Scarlet Johanesburg is a little whore, and I TOLD you to stay away from whores. Bring your tiny peepee to mommy for our special time now, or I’ll beat you.

      1. Pornography:

        Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement.

        Did you see the log going up the chimney? Did you even glimpse the log or the chimney? ON AMERICAN TV?! Yeah, I thought so. The word you’re looking for is eroticism. You’re welcome.

    1. Are you kidding me? The best nude scene in this year is Alexandra Daddario’s, who is more beautiful that Scarlett and Lili Simmons (above all this last, who in my opinion is a little bit ugly).

      1. No, I’m not kidding You. Alex DD is beautiful girl and (i think) for sure be in my top 10 best nude scene of the year, but I find ScarJo and above all Lili far more attractive and hot and sexy for me. So in my top there will be some others girls/scenes before Alex DD.

    2. My “best of year” criteria depends largely on the lighting, angle, and clarity of the shot. This won’t crack my top 10. Still praying we get a well lit, straight on shot of Anna Paquin before True Blood ends. In all these years, there’s never been a great shot of her, it’s always fuzzy “fairy world” lighting, or a dark scene, or a side view.

        1. What do you know, Christians have a tendency to be oblivious to other theories and believe that theirs is The Truth. Just like those other two little monotheist sects, what are they called again? Oh yeah, Jews and Muslims. How surprising.

  4. Sweet horny Jesus in a thong! How long have we been waiting for this again? 13 years? She doesn’t disappoint but she should have started sooner. Somehow I was expecting her boobs to be a little bigger but they’re great as they are, and that butt is putting all the J-Los in the world to shame. Now I can only hope this is the first of a long series and not just a once-in-a-lifetime thing!

    1. I think she’s having a baby, so probably the latter.

      She also doesn’t need to do it again.

      Might have also been a response to the leaked cell pics and the high demand for her nudity.

      1. In english, you don’t put a space between the last word in a sentence and punctuation. Also, english typographic conventions usually only double exclamation marks to emphasize them, not triple. If you’re going to correct people, at least do it properly. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Only if you like cottage cheese. She’s really let herself go and has had either a breast reduction or breast implants removed. I haven’t been this underwhelmed by nudity since Amanda Seyfried in Lovelace.

  5. Not disappointing per se, but kinda underwhelming given it’s hype. If it wasn’t Scarlett Johansson, I doubt it would be a top contender for nude scene of the year.

  6. My final verdict:

    Scarlett has a better ass and posesses more of a sexual vibe about her.

    Daddario has a slightly prettier face and slightly better tits.

        1. Daddarios are bigger but not sure if they’re real. They sag on her chest but when she bends over to take her panties off they don’t droop or sway at all

          1. You need to pay closer attention or rewatch the scene in slo-mo. They definitely do droop and sway. They drooped as she bent over to take off her shorts and they swayed briefly as she got back on top of Woody.

  7. Nude scenes of the year? More like nude scenes of the decade. I love that some pretentious art house director got Scarlett to go full frontal in not one but three scenes. And not just full frontal, but shaved full frontal. Scarlett showing her tits would have been enough, but the fact her pussy lips are visible is mind blowing. And you KNOW that director has every second of footage from that mirror scene, including close-ups we didn’t see. That clever bastard. Just write some mind-fuck of a movie and make is all somber and hot actresses will think it’s genius and show every inch of their bodies in the name of art. This fucking dude needs to cast Emma Watson in something as soon as possible.

  8. How do you begin to compare this fat pig to daddario? AD is beautiful, and fit, and has amazing breasts. Scar job is the most overrated girl in Hollywood. This is what I would imagine Hillary Clinton looks like naked.

    1. Why on Earth would anyone in their right mind imagine Hillary Clinton naked?! Also, I’ll take “this fat pig” (wow, does it get classier than that?) over any zero-percent-fat model any day, thank you. Especially one as creepy as Daddario.

    1. If you’ve seen it scud (or anybody who has seen it/knows about it) then is Kelen Coleman nude? (Man I’m hoping she is ever since the office and newsroom!). Thanks in advance!

      1. VisitorQ you know him right?
        I sure hope his blog isnt gone for good. (and that he has trouble with authorities)… Looks like his blog got too ‘big’ and he had one too many take down notices.
        Let’s hope he restarts it elsewhere.

  9. I don’t know how else to say this.. but this is very underwhelming and she is just simply the most overrated as both a sex object and if you can even call her an actress that’s itself is an overstatement.

  10. I’m glad those photos of her turned up, or she may never have done a full frontal nude scene. After that she was old news, so let’s hope for a career turning-point. Here’s to hoping she becomes one of Hollywood’s great “sells her body on screen in every film she’s in because it’s all anyone wants to see” actresses like she always had the talent to be.

  11. honestly people! Daddario looks like any other college cheerleader plus her tits are looking downward that a huge deal to most men. Tits should point upward not look at the floor. AND she has no ass its flat as hell. ScarJo has nice everything – perky tits, bubble butt, great legs. plus she has a unique beauty.

    1. She’s just like real women should be, instead of the boobs on sticks that the media and fashion designers made them believe they should strive to be.

  12. It’s a sad state of affairs, and definitely points out the downright idiocy of so many people these days, when obvious children (whether by age or by mentality) see a beautiful, natural looking woman like this and call her chubby, or talk about her cellulite (which is not present on the body we see in this film, by the way).

    If you want fake women who have been made of implants, rather than nature, go play a video game.

    1. Agreed.

      More of those types of comments may have come because she’s nude as a brunette, when we all know her as a blonde.

      Then again, changing her hair color in order to do this level of nudity probably made her feel more comfortable in it being an artistic statement, kind of like those long-ago “finally” playboy celeb sessions that disappoint a bit b/c they’re in artistic black and white instead of color.

      In other words, Scarlett nude as a brunette makes it harder for these virgins to fap to, because she looks too different from the Scarlett they’ve been pining to see naked 😉

  13. Horseface FINALLY showing us those zeppelin mammi in no way excuses the fact she still may be one of the worst actresses to ever foul the screen (but Ellen Page & Jodie Foster’d do her).

  14. She’s old and saggy anyway.
    The girl in the opening scene who was also full frontal is way hotter.
    The whiny most opinionated feminazi actresses always go nude when they hit 40+ because they want to pretend they’re attractive like they were in their 20s when people actually were interested in seeing them naked, but hollywood has gone to shit…
    It’s funny how people cry ‘full frontal is never necessary’ but how that doesn’t apply to the growing number of penis shots appearing in everything from comedy to action to horror to sexualized and this crappy film was no exception. So much dick, for less than 30 seconds of pussy…
    I couldn’t finish the movie without wanting to puke; not at the content but the realization that this is accepted by more than rejected….
    And they STILL cry ‘its not necessary to show a woman’s vagina’ while showing more and more penis….
    Equality huh? Right… that word doesn’t exist in human minds and it never will, especially with feminism running this ‘civilization’

  15. She was kind of saggy here, but I think it was because she was out of shape. She wasn’t necessarily old. It was filmed in 2012, so she was about 27.

    The movie sucked but these scenes were decent. You really only get nudity in art house/independent and foreign movies nowadays.

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