Colette Nudity Review

Eleanor Tomlinson has her first nude scene in Colette but it is very brief.

Around 57 minutes into the film, there’s a montage that starts with Keira Knightley visiting Eleanor. We then see an over the shoulder view as Keira opens Eleanor’s top exposing her right breast briefly. It then shows a closeup of Keira’s face before going back behind Keira’s shoulder. As Keira continues to remove Eleanor’s top we now see both of Eleanor’s breasts very briefly. We then see a closeup of them kissing. The montage continues with Eleanor now having sex with a man and we see some slight underboob from the side. Then we see Eleanor and Keira in bed together but it is shot above the shoulders so there is no nudity. The montage ends with Eleanor having sex with a man again but now she’s sitting up and we see a bit of sideboob.

Lastly, at around 92 minutes, Keira’s left breast is shown as someone pulls her top down on stage.

Becks Nudity Review

Around 73 minutes into Becks, Lena Hall shows her breasts as she is kissing Mena Suvari in bed. Mena is wearing a bra however but we do see a tiny bit of her ass. Someone then walks in on them and we get a good view of Lena naked wearing a a strap on.

Isabella Farrell also has a nice topless scene near the beginning of the movie.

Anchor and Hope Nudity Review

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! We’re going to post a bunch of reviews we’ve been sitting on over the next couple of days. Most of these movies feature nudity from people you’ve never heard of. Or if they are somewhat famous, they don’t get naked. It may still be of interest to you anyway if only to rule out any nudity.

Anchor and Hope aka Tierra firme features some familiar names like former Game of Thrones stars Natalia Tena and Oona Chaplin playing lesbian lovers but the only nudity is from Charlotte Atkinson. About 95 minutes into the movie, Charlotte is shown sitting naked in bed. Charlotte’s right leg is blocking any bush from showing but you get a great view of her breasts.

Godless Nudity Review

Michelle Dockery makes her nude debut in Godless which is up on Netflix on Wednesday.

According to MK, Michelle is topless in episode 4. The scene is well lit but is a bit unpleasant. In episode 6, Michelle is briefly topless in a dark barn but there is some makeup involved.

Also believe Christiane Seidel is naked in a couple of episodes.

Where Is Kyra? Nudity Review

About 50 minutes into Where Is Kyra?, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kiefer Sutherland begin making out in a dark hallway. Kiefer pulls Michelle’s pants down and we see her bottomless from the side as they continue making out against the wall. They then spin around to the other side and we see Michelle’s butt briefly. The scene continues for a bit longer but Michelle’s ass is now covered by her top.