One Percent More Humid Nudity Review

Near the beginning of One Percent More Humid, Juno Temple shows her ass and some sideboob as she is skinny dipping. Around an hour in, Juno shows her ass and breasts very briefly while having sex. Afterwards, Juno shows a bit of her right areola as she is lying down. A few minutes after that, Juno is in the shower and we can see either a hint of a pastie or some areola. At the end of the movie, Juno Temple and Julia Garner show their butts from a distance as they go skinny dipping.

Harlots 101 Nudity Review

At the beginning of Harlots, Holli Dempsey is topless briefly while having sex. Then a few minutes later we see Holli’s ass and some sideboob as she has sex again but we do not see her face in the same shot.

That’s all the nudity from the main female cast. Eloise Smyth shows a bit of sideboob near the end of the episode and there are a few random topless extras scattered throughout.

Harlots airs on ITV Encore in the UK on March 27 and then on Hulu in the US on March 29. There may be some differences between the two versions.

Big Little Lies 104 Nudity Review

On the next Big Little Lies, Nicole Kidman briefly shows most of her butt during a sex scene. However, as with many of Nicole’s other nude scenes on the show it is likely a double.

The only new nudity from Shailene Woodley is a slightly different and ultra brief shot of her butt as she’s laying face down. A lot of the same flashbacks of Shailene from episode 3 are also shown again.

And Zoe Kravitz show some pokies after a sweaty yoga session.