Novitiate Nudity Review

Near the end of Novitiate, we see a cross on the ground. Margaret Qualley then bends down to pick up the cross and we see her breasts briefly as the camera pans up. The camera stays on Margaret’s face for a while and then we get another quick peek at her breasts as she stands up. There may also be a brief full frontal peek as Margaret puts the cross down and walks away but that is likely some special effects of some sort. Margaret’s face and breasts aren’t ever really in the same frame since it is shot so close up but that is one single take so no worries about whether that is really her. Margaret also has three other changing scenes and the self-flagellation scene where she is partially topless but doesn’t really show anything.

Around 42 minutes in, Dianna Agron is sitting on a bed in her nun habit except for the headpiece when she starts masturbating. Dianna is fully clothed and starts crying at the end so not really a hot scene.

And around half way through the movie, we get two very brief and distant looks at Marshall Chapman full frontal nude as she starts ranting to all the other nuns.

Newness Nudity Review

Laia Costa meets her new boyfriend through a Tinder-style app in Newness and proceeds to get naked a lot.

00 mins – Very quick flash of an uncredited topless woman.
17 mins – Laia shows her tits & ass during sex.
19 mins – Laia shows her right breast briefly in the shower.
21 mins – Laia is naked again while having sex.
25 mins – Laia’s boyfriend has his hand down her panties and is rubbing.
59 mins – Laia watches an uncredited topless stripper give her boyfriend a lap dance.
60 mins – Laia’s nipples can be seen above her bra as she is having oral sex performed on her.
61 mins – Laia makes out with an uncredited actress during a threesome.
70 mins – Laia is topless while changing.
83 mins – Laia shows her ass during a sex scene.

Shut Eye 101 Nudity Review

KaDee Strickland and Emmanuelle Chriqui have some rather tame lesbian sex near the end of the Shut Eye series premiere. While KaDee shows her breasts clearly, Emmanuelle doesn’t really show much. There are a couple of frames however where you can maybe see a dark, blurry nipple from Emmanuelle. We have included a screencap so you can make your own judgement call.

The entire season of Shut Eye will be available on Hulu on December 7.

Sticky Notes Nudity Review

Game of Thrones alum Rose Leslie is nude again in Sticky Notes.

Around five minutes into Sticky Notes, we see two blurry figures going at it doggy-style. It then fast forwards a bit and we see Rose Leslie topless in bed having a conversation while smoking and drinking. Rose also has several scenes in her bra in the film which currently has no scheduled release date.