Celebrity Nudity Rumors August 16, 2017

On tonight’s The Sinner, there is a brief faceless shot of a man and woman’s ass from the side during a flashback sequence. Assuming one of them is Jessica Biel‘s character and we’ll see the full scene in a future episode. Kathryn Erbe also has a sex scene but doesn’t really show anything.

Also, Sunday’s Ray Donovan is rumored to have a Lili Simmons shower scene.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 17, 2017

The Cannes Film Festival starts today and we’ll be there so keep checking back for some reviews. In the meantime, we saw some footage from Redoubtable (Le redoutable) and Stacy Martin is naked a lot in case you haven’t seen enough of her nude.

On the bad news front, the first few episodes of the new season of Hulu’s Casual have no nudity. Jamie Chung shows some pokies in 301 and that’s about it.

And finally, we’ve seen the first episode of the upcoming TV series Liar and Joanne Froggatt shows a bit of skin. We see some sideboob from Joanne in the shower and later we can also see Joanne’s nipples briefly as she wears a hospital gown that is somewhat see-through. If Joanne does get naked later in the series, that would be the third former Downton Abbey castmember to get naked this year after Lily James in The Exception and Michelle Dockery in the upcoming Godless.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 20, 2017

First, the bad news. We mentioned there was no nudity in The White Princess premiere. There is actually no nudity in the first 4 episodes. Jodie Comer shows a bit of right sideboob as she is getting ready for a bath in 103. Jodie then shows a bit more left sideboob as she is getting in the bath.

On the Hulu front, there is no nudity in the next 2 episodes (105 and 106) of Harlots. There is also no nudity in the first 3 episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale which is premiering on April 26.

Also, we finally saw the When the Street Lights Go On pilot, and the only nudity is a bunch of random male and female skinnydippers at the beginning.

Onto the possible good news. Netflix has renewed the anthology series Easy. Apparently half of the stories in season 2 will be a continuation from the first season. The Kate Micucci and Malin Akerman story is rumored to be one of them.

And we’re hearing that Epix’s upcoming Get Shorty TV series will have nudity. Likely from Megan Stevenson who got naked on Californication a while back.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors November 24, 2016

Welcome to a special Thanksgiving edition of our rumors post.

Sunday’s Graves has Conor Leslie doing her first topless nude scene.

Apparently Sunday’s Westworld doesn’t have any notable nudity. There may be a quick flashback to Thandie Newton again.

And you may have noticed the site looks a little different. We changed the theme so there may be some bugs. To make up for it, we’ve added a nude scene release calendar with some special previews.

TIFF 2016 Preview

With TIFF releasing their full lineup last week, here’s a preview of some films we’ve seen some footage from. Some of these films will also play in Venice, Telluride, and New York.

Films we’ve seen footage of:

All I See Is You – Footage shows parts of several sex scenes with Blake Lively but no nudity. There is a random topless masked woman shown when Blake, Ahna O’Reilly, and their significant others visit a sex show club. Despite getting top billing, Yvonne Strahovski is not in any footage.

The Exception – fka The Kaiser’s Last Kiss, footage suggests several sex scenes with Lily James. Lily (or her body double) also shows her ass and some side boob as she removes her dress in one scene.

(re)ASSIGNMENT – fka Tomboy, A Revenger’s Tale, footage shows Michelle Rodriguez nude while checking herself out after her (his?) reassignment surgery.

Films we’ve seen with no nudity:
Free Fire (Brie Larson)
The Girl with All the Gifts (Rachel Weisz)
Maudie (Sally Hawkins)

And there are some films we’ve seen which we’ll be posting reviews on soon. Stay tuned.

Frank & Lola Nudity Review

Frank & Lola starts with a naked Imogen Poots in a dark room. The entire 2+ minute scene is shot from the side mostly and Imogen spends most of it on her back. There are many closeups of Imogen’s breasts while the farther shots show close to full frontal nudity but her legs are up blocking the view.

Frank & Lola premiered at Sundance and is currently making its way around the festival circuit.