Tang Wei in Lust, Caution

Here is a video of Tang Wei in Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution. This is the brighter but less explicit of the two major sex scenes Wei has with Tony Leung. Enjoy, and check back soon to see where this movie rates on our top nude movies of 2007 list.

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103 thoughts on “Tang Wei in Lust, Caution”

  1. Tang wei is very sexy. nice bush! What’s her next role and will we get to see her nude again especially full frontal pubic “hair nudes” …She’ s still young and beautiful but really though I wish her the best of luck throughout her career whether it’s nude or not.

  2. Tang Wei performed/acted better than Tony Leung who seemed to have a lot on his mind & was NOT into it. Look, this is a sex episode, surely there should be more concentration & COMMITTMENT.

    Could someone tell Lee Ang that I can give a demo so that Tony can copy?

  3. too bad it doesnt show tony’s dick and tang wei’s pussy…..thats just sad….but thats all u can expect in these types of films…..and my…the hair is disturbing…but thats wuts like in that time period rite????hmms…anyways it was hott

  4. This is not about sex. This is about seduction from a young woman to a secret agent on a mission. That’s why the guy was not too keen as 007 had always shown under the circumstancesr.

  5. bravo to ang lee ..being successful to capture tang wei’s armpit hair..1st time in chinese art film but sadly to the end to tony leung’s expression.. too forcing himself in shooting this film Xspecially naked… i wonder he’s happy with this result.ah hmmm…

  6. Gosh Sherry! If Ang Lee did not direct the actors to act in a seduction scene to portrait in the way it was he won’t become a good director. You have to read the story or to view the movie in its entitrty to be able to judge what you see.

  7. Good grief, all the obsession about “hairy pit”?
    This was how things were in the 30s in the last century. It’s only the North Americans in the 21st century who are obsessed with hairless pits and elsewhere.
    This is a great movie. Period. Hope they win a few Oscars. So Tony didn’t show his balls for nothing.
    The question for scenes like this is always, “Did they or was it just acting?”
    Trois couleurs: Bleu (1993)
    they got the sex out of the way in the first 5 minutes so the director can deal with the development of the movie proper.

  8. From the Hollywood point of view, the scene of sexual intercouse wasn’t impressed. Showing a bit of pubic hair and part of his little ball doesn’t mean sexy at all. We should have know what sexy about.

    From the porn of view, it is totally diasater. Better off to rent a Japanese porn and you will find a better answer.

    If this movie directed by our late Mr. Li Hon Cheung instead of Lee Ang, We got the Oscar.

  9. Before you get off tangent, here is the context leading to the clip: “In the midst of the Japanese occupation of China and Hong Kong, two lives become intertwined: Wong Chia Chi, a young student active in the resistance, and Mr. Yee, a powerful political figure who works for the Japanese occupational government. As these two move deftly between Shanghai’s tea parties and secret interrogations, they become embroiled in the complicated politics of wartime β€” and in a mutual attraction that may be more than what they expected. Written in lush, lavish prose, and with the tension of a political thriller, Lust, Caution brings 1940s Shanghai artfully to life even as it limns the erotic pulse of a doomed love affair.”

  10. Great scene for a movie during the Jap occupation. For a scene like that to portray that era/period , I think Ang Lee has captured the mood.

    Don’t get too uptight about the armpit hair. For God sake , it’s that era. Not now !!!!! But then again , isn’t some hair a bit sexy ??? hahahh ….some have fetsishes.

  11. I agree with stoneangel..
    You have to see the movie and judge the entirety sexual scene here.

    If some people here is just to get horny then this is not for you, go rent those porn stuffs. This movie is supposedly to portray the 1930s & during those time, it’s not like modern time NOW, gals (now even guys) go to salon and get their hair wax! .. for goodness sake…

    Tony is acting as Mr Yee, a tyrant, psychomania, but powerful and hence , his expression thus. It’s remarkable..

    And i must say Tang Wei is a good actress.. She may seemed to be faking it.. but honestly, I think she must have enjoyed the almost “dry-hump”, it should be natural for her (how can she not get into the mood humping on 1 of Asia’s top actor, with a beautiful Carina Lau) and easier for her to “act” the scene. But kudos to her, for her bravery to be “having sex” in front of the crew members, and it must be a difficult for her to do so, and yet she shined through.

    Applause .. for both of them!

  12. I never thought to see something like this in Asia
    Only the americans do this kind of movies, but i admitted that i like this movie a lot.
    I miss my girlfriend now. πŸ™

  13. well, Based on a few of us who worked in production hse, one of those scenes, they are actually doing it. It cant be faked. I dun wan to say which one….it is pretty obivious when u put it to images and extra slow motion.

  14. tang wei is only in her mid-20’s, yet her nipples look really weird..as if her nipples are 40 years old. this goes to show that tang wei must be fucking around frequently with different guys. advise for tang wei – pl take care of yr nipples.. ask all yr lovers not to bite too hard, ok???

  15. mmm how about more sex explicit? more brighter and clear…like Tarzan X..hahaha i’m sure that scene is not too expose…but im very sure that viewers want it more than that…is it true my fellows?

  16. i want to fuck tang wei so bad, that i will cum ber all around and ask her to suck my cock for 5 straight hours, and i am gonna hump he till she screams, dang, she is dammed sexy

  17. omg..very brave of tang wei to do such scene like this, i didn’t expect she will do sex scenes. But as for my opinion a movie and actors/actress can be recognize with their talents and good story but not to the extent by doing this things. Tang wei should think 100times before she did this, she maybe applauded in this movie but she can never erase the fact that somehow, and in some ways it was humiliating in her part.

  18. This is a damn good movie. Lee Ang is an excellent director. Arm pits are in that era. Without that the movie becomes fake. Those do not understand this have no history and culture knowledge. The fucking scenes are very sexy and look real though this is just acting. Erected nipples should happen with such activities. No question and even make it more like real intercourse. But, remember they are just actors and this is not porn. Even porn you will rarely find any real orgasm. Most if not all porns are fake in orgasm depending on whether the porn girl enjoys the sex or getting paid. Enjoy…

  19. She has a nice bush. Very dark and full and natural looking. I appreciate that. There should be more asian prospect actresses like her that keep it that way and willing to show it and do full frontal hair nude scenes like Tang Wei in future films. I like her too. She was a very good choice and semmed very down to earth.

  20. It may have put her as a blacklisted person in China but gotta admit it sort of propelled her and made her a little more well known thanks to this. She’s brave and I applaud her. She’s tall, nice complexion and beautiful body. And damn she got a fine lookin full and lucious pubic triangle bush. It’s very nice! hehe Hopefully she can do a nude again. And she seemed very professional about it and very down to earth. More power to you Tang Wei. Thanks =)

  21. In a sample video shown in various sites, I am impressed with what the picture of the site of this place is pictured in most beautifully.

  22. Tang Wei is an excellent actress. I love her on the streetcar and in front of the restaurant. Without talking she conveys feelings and emotions. She has a bright future if she plays her cards right.

  23. Seems strange that people would complain about her giant nipples.
    I expected people would complain about her armpit hair. It seems like those guys are comparing her pit hair with their own sweaty mess. Such a hot girl would make sure she was clean and not smelly like a guy. A hot girl is hot in any way. The armpit hair just adds another dimension to her. To me, it seems good as a change of pace.

  24. Why so many men has problem with her armpits hair. That way nature create women. That is very beautiful and sexy. Enjoy the smell of a women sweaty hairy armpits, That is delicious.

  25. its one of the best erotic drama i have seen.. tang wei is beautiful and her body draws my attention very much .. her hard nipple!! slim body .. fuck yea!! i like her ..she is among my wanted list..

  26. This is definitely real sex scene. I have watched this in slow motion, and zoomed in, taken screenshots, edited to enhance brightness and contrast, and I saw Tony’s cock moving in and out of her in the missionary and cowgirl sex position scenes.

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