TIFF 2007: The Babysitters

September 11, 2007 by recapped

The Babysitters opens with Katherine Waterston walking around a cabin in a white top. Katherine is sweaty, making the top very sery see through and we can make out her breasts pretty clearly. Katherine then straddles one of her client’s and removes her top. Only the bottom of Katherine’s breasts are shown in extreme closeup before the movie flashes back to how they got to this moment.

During the flashback, there is a scene in Katherine’s bedroom where she is again wearing a seethrough top. The shirt is dry so it is not as transparent as before. Later, we see Katherine wearing a seethrough top again when she first gets to the cabin.

Finally, the flashbacks catch up to the scene in the beginning of the movie. This time Katherine is shown fully topless as she removes her top. The scene is pretty lengthy and is the only real nudity in this film about high school babysitters turned call girls.

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