TIFF 2007: Weisse Lilien

September 13, 2007 by recapped

Brigitte Hobmeier has lots of nude scenes in Weisse Lilien (Silent Resident). We first see Brigitte topless in the shower. We see her topless again lying on the floor after having sex. Then there is a weird non-contact sex scene where Brigitte is wearing some weird apparatus covered in lights with her lover. We see Brigitte’s breasts but there are suction cups on her nipples. She then removes the apparatus and we see her nipples. Brigitte is then topless again in the shower. We then see Brigitte’s breasts and ass during a normal sex scene with her lover. Lastly, we see a quick flashback to the earlier scene of Brigitte topless lying on the floor.

An uncredited actress is also shown running fully nude during a riot.



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good one

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