TIFF 2007: Wolfsbergen

September 13, 2007 by recapped

Wolfsbergen (Prison of Silence) is about an old widower who informs his family of his upcoming suicide. All of his female family members except for his oldest great granddaughter are shown nude in the film.

The daughter, Catherine ten Bruggencate, shows her breasts while she is bathing.

The older granddaughter, Tamar van den Dop, shows her breasts and part of her ass from the side as she is sitting in her lover’s bed. Tamar then gets up and shows full frontal nudity.

The younger granddaughter, Karina Smulders, shows her breasts briefly as she is changing her clothes. We then see Karina’s breasts again during a sex scene.


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by arif on November 26, 2007 at 3:33 pm. #

i found a naked pic of Tamar van den Dop from that scene , nice shot of her feet soles , wish i can watch the film soon

by arasoles on November 28, 2007 at 5:43 am. #

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