TIFF 2009: Ondine

Around half an hour into Ondine, Alicja Bachleda (Alicja Bachleda-Curus) is putting on a bra and and she shows part of her left breast. The very next scene, Alicja is swimming wearing only a nightgown or slip. You can see Alicja’s nipples through the gown as she steps out of the water and has a lengthy conversation with Colin Farrell’s daughter. At 53 minutes, Alicja again gets out of the water and you can see her ass somewhat as her panties are see-through. About an hour into the film, we finally get an unobstructed view of Alicja’s breasts as she has sex with Colin.

4 thoughts on “TIFF 2009: Ondine”

  1. The sex scene is pretty dark but you get several views of Alicja’s breasts from the side and when she is lying down. It was probably less than a minute long.

    You’re welcome,. Thanks for the tip about Life During Wartime but the next screening is sold out and conflicts with another film.

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