TIFF 2010: La Belle Endormie (The Sleeping Beauty)

September 15, 2010 by recapped

La Belle Endormie (The Sleeping Beauty) is the latest film from Catherine Breillat, director of nude classics like Fat Girl, Anatomy of Hell and Romance.

And it doesn’t take long for the nudity to begin. The second scene in the film shows three fairies playing by the water as pictured below. Two of them, Dounia Sichov and Leslie Lipkins, are topless. The very next scene we see the fairies dressed but Leslie’s dress is semi-transparent and we can make out her breasts.

Around 70 minutes into the film, we see the aftermath of Julia Artamonov and Rhizlaine El Cohen having sex. Julia is lying on her back topless and we get a great view of her breasts. Rhizlaine is also topless but her breasts are just out of frame.

At 74 minutes, Julia is having sex with a man. We don’t really see much except maybe just a little bit of Julia’s left nipple near the end. The next scene, Julia gives us a long ass shot as she is lying face down nude in bed.

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