TIFF 2011: A Dangerous Method

September 13, 2011 by recapped

At 10 minutes into A Dangerous Method, we see Keira Knightley in a wet white gown that is somewhat see-through. Then at 56 minutes, Keira is getting spanked while wearing an unfastened top. We can see Keira’s left breast mostly as her right breast is somewhat obscured by her hair. In the next scene, Keira shows one of her breasts as she is lying on her side in bed, then in the mirror reflection and then back to the side again. Around 75 minutes in, we see the top half of Keira’s breasts (including nipples) as she is getting whipped by a belt. Keira’s dress is fastened up in the very next scene but we can see part of her left areola.

About 44 minutes in, Sarah Marecek shows the top half of her breasts briefly as she is having sex.

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