TIFF 2012: Disconnect

Andrea Riseborough shows her breasts while having sex 24 minutes into Disconnect. Andrea then takes a shower about 49 minutes later but she doesn’t really show anything.

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  1. He’s telling you the nudity at the Toronto film festival. The movies aren’t out yet in theaters. He’s telling you which ones have nudity and who’s nude in it in case you want to see it when it does come out.

  2. (a) These aren’t rumors, these are actual reports from real moves that recapped has seen. These are scenes that will, one day, be actually available to watch. I appreciate the first hand reporting.

    (b) Posting rumors in no way fundamentally reduces the number of videos that recapped will or won’t post, so why are you complaining? This is basically added value on top of all his other posts. If you guys don’t like or care about these posts, it’s pretty straightforward to not read them.

  3. These people are not dumb, they just know what they want. The webmaster shouldn’t waste his valuable time writing blog posts about stories of nudity that’s to come in the future, when there is so much nudity out there that needs capturing and uploading to the web. So many TV shows right now that can use your expertise to capture and upload in high definition.

    Stop trolling and calling other people idiots and just listen to the demand. You only have so much time on your hands, use it right.

  4. He was IN TORONTO for the film festival. I doubt his capping setup went with him. Which means his options were either (a) post reports from the films he was seeing or (b) do nothing. I’m thankful for (b) because most people don’t bother posting those kind of reviews.

    The interesting part is that if he had just been radio silent for the past month, no one would be arguing. Recapped hasn’t posted since these people started complaining that they were unhappy (…with the service they get for free), so hopefully it hasn’t dissuaded him from contributing. I used to post things pretty regularly in other places and it’s always a punch to the stomach when you spend time on something – that you give away for free – and people use it to attack you.

  5. Incidentally, one more thing — recapped uses his time better than almost any capper that I know. He almost always posts original content, whereas cable TV show nudity is regularly re-posted by tons of people.

    He honestly shouldn’t waste his time posting the latest nudity from Boss or Strike Back or whatever the cable show du jour is, because DeepAtSea and a billion other cappers have that covered.

  6. How does he make a killing without ads? This is a TREMENDOUS site, I do hope it continues, but I have to be grateful for the work the man has done–not criticize him.

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