TIFF Day 2: Obaba

September 10, 2005 by recapped

ObabaBárbara Lennie aka Bárbara Lenni has a pretty long nude scene about 45 minutes into Obaba. You see her walk around for a little bit topless, eventually ending up in bed with her lover. Then there’s a love scene between the two and you can see Bárbara from the waist up. A part of the scene is shown in the trailer which is available on the official web site (Flash required). Pilar López de Ayala also has a pretty hot scene in this movie but does not show anything.

Other movies screening today featuring nudity which I missed include Batalla en el Cielo (Battle In Heaven) and Douches Froides (Cold Showers).

Batalla en el CieloBatalla en el Cielo features lots of graphic nudity. It opens and closes with Anapola Mushkadiz performing oral sex on Marcos Hernández. Unfortunately, there are also some pretty graphic scenes with Marcos’ obese wife played by Bertha Ruiz. Marcos himself is also pretty obese.

Douches Froides actually had its first screening last night. Salomé Stévenin has several nude scenes in this film. You can see a bit of it in the trailer which is available on the official web site. Click on ‘Bande Annonce’ at the bottom and then choose your speed to view it (Flash required).

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