May 19, 2019 Rumors

Season 2 of Sweetbitter is rumored to premiere on July 14. The first episode is supposed to have Ella Purnell and Caitlin FitzGerald visiting a turkish bath.

Also hearing that another commenter favorite British actress, Freya Mavor, may have been cast in HBO’s Industry as Daria Sibiryakova.

May 16, 2019 Rumors


All Creatures Here Below, starring Karen Gillan, in select theaters and digital this Friday. For those in the know, any chance of nudity?

No nudity.

Anything in the upcoming Netflix series Cursed starring Katherine Langford?

Doubtful but the script for one of the later episodes has a skinny dipping scene with Katherine Langford.

And has anyone read Jupiter’s Legacy? Wondering if there’s any chance of Elena Kampouris nudity in that.

Think this show is aiming for a TV-14 rating so no nudity from anyone.

Now that Hightown has begun filming is there any more info of nudity for Monica Raymund or any more casting info?

No word on Monica Raymund but they are casting for an actress to recur as her former lover and that role requires nudity.

Only You Review

Laia Costa has several nude scenes in Only You.

Laia is first nude about half an hour into the movie during a sex scene. Several minutes later Laia shows her breasts during another sex scene. Laia is topless during yet another sex scene about half an hour later. Lastly, there are some brief peeks at Laia’s breasts as she wakes up the next day.

Only You is available on demand and in theaters in the UK on July 12.