X and Conversations with Friends Rumors

Rumor has it that Mia Goth has been cast as Maxine Minx in the film X. The film is set in the 70s and is about a group of people shooting a porn film when something goes wrong.

We mentioned the upcoming series Conversations With Friends a while back. Hearing that newcomer Alison Oliver has been cast as Frances. Apparently an American actress was cast as the other lead role but a scheduling conflict with her TV series forced her to drop out.

Warrior 204 Review

Next Friday’s Warrior features the first ever nude scenes from Celine Buckens.

We see Celine’s butt and brief left breast as she is sitting on top during a sex scene. Then more of Celine’s breasts as she ends up on the bottom. The scene is very, very dark. Combined with the lower video quality it was hard to tell if Celine was wearing pasties or not.

The day after, we get a brief, well lit shot of Celine’s butt and left side boob as she gets out of bed.

Industry 101, 102, and 104 Reviews

Industry is available on HBO starting November 9. Good news: the two main female leads both get naked within the first two episodes. Bad news for some: Freya Mavor doesn’t have a lot of screen time.

In episode 101, Myha’la Herrold is topless while video conferencing with someone. Later, Ali Tate Cutler is topless during a sex scene in a bathroom.

In episode 102, Marisa Abela removes her robe and shows off her lingerie to try and seduce someone. Marisa then takes her bra off and we see her topless for a bit as they start kissing.

Myha’la shows her right breast while in the shower in episode 104. For some odd reason, episode 103 wasn’t available to screen.

The World to Come Review

Near the end of The World to Come, there is a short montage with Katherine Waterston and Vanessa Kirby having sex a bunch of times in flashback. The montage is in reverse chronological order and just over half a minute long. There are only very brief shots for each date that Katherine and Vanessa had sex. Here’s a quick breakdown of only the dates that have nudity:

June 4 – Vanessa gropes and kisses Katherine’s left breast.
May 28 – Vanessa shows her left breast.
May 16 – Katherine shows her right breast.
May 8 – Both Katherine and Vanessa are topless but only Katherine shows her right breast fully.