The Great and Tokyo Vice Rumors

Hearing The Great with Elle Fanning will be premiering at Tribeca in April. The show will likely be available on Hulu before June to be eligible for this year’s Emmys.

There is also a rumor that Odessa Young has been cast as the female lead in HBO Max’s Tokyo Vice. Not sure if there will be any nudity but Odessa is supposed to be nude in Shirley. We’ll have a review of that shortly after it premieres at Sundance.

2020 Rumors Follow-Up

Hearing that Ammonite will be playing at Telluride this Labor Day weekend. That may also be why it’s not playing at Sundance this year. There will likely be a awards-style theatrical release shortly after. So it will definitely be available to watch this year unlike some other anticipated films.

Which brings us to Lost Girls and Love Hotels. To clarify, we were told that Alexandra Daddario shows her breasts in a couple of scenes very, very briefly. The best view is probably around four seconds long. On the other hand, Alexandra’s butt has a lot more screen time.

2020 Rumors

Welcome to our 2020 annual preview. This year, we’ll try and not repeat any rumors we wrote about before unless we have new info to add. We’re also going to stick to the things that are more or less confirmed so this will be a shorter post than usual.

It seems likely Lost Girls and Love Hotels will finally be released this year. We’re now hearing that this film only has several brief nude scenes from Alexandra Daddario.

Hearing that Zola only has brief nudity from Taylour Paige and Riley Keough. We’ll know more closer to Sundance later this month.

Laura Haddock is rumored to only have implied nude scenes in White Lines. Johanna Wallmeier is topless during an orgy scene. Kassius Nelson shows her butt and maybe some side boob too during a flashback. There’s lots of nudity from extras during various party scenes.

Paris Jackson shows her right breast while changing in The Space Between. The scene is somewhat dark though so maybe she’s wearing a pastie since there are two other implied nude scenes with her in the film.

Tiny Pretty Things should have some nudity. There’s a co-ed sauna that seems to get a lot of use. There are also several sex scenes but some might be implied nudity only.

Ilana Glazer has several nude scenes in False Positive. She might have a prosthetic stomach in one or two of the scenes however.

Anna Brewster is topless in The Last Days of American Crime.

The Great is still filming but hearing that Elle Fanning shows her butt in the first episode. There are also apparently several scenes where she is wearing a white nightgown that is slightly see through.

Saving the best for last, Saoirse Ronan has her first ever nude scene during a lesbian sex scene with Kate Winslet in Ammonite. And Kate is nude too in case you haven’t seen enough of her.

Happy New Year! Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year.

Spinning Out Season 1 Review

Season one of Spinning Out is available on January 1 and apparently there is no nudity.

The closest we get is the scene with Kaya Scodelario topless from behind in the bath we see in the trailer. The longer version of that scene happens in episode eight. There may have also also been some implied nudity from Kaya in the second episode.

Willow Shields is also topless from behind in episode nine. Nothing else really interesting from any of the other cast.

So nothing on New Year’s Day unlike 2019 but there are still some interesting things look out for throughout 2020. Stay tuned for our annual preview post.

The Witcher 105 Review

Still a little more than a day until The Witcher is available at midnight PST on Friday. Here is the rumored nudity in episode 105:

There are a bunch of naked randoms at a party.

Anya Chalotra shows her breasts and butt as she disrobes and gets in a bath.

A lot more topless Anya scattered throughout most of the rest of the episode.

Also hearing that Anya has some implied nudity in episode 106 and that is all for the first season.