Conversations with Friends Rumors

Conversations with Friends is an upcoming TV series based on a book by the same author as Normal People and is being made by mostly the same creative team. They are currently casting the two younger female leads Frances and Bobbi. As with the Normal People casting call, they mention that full nudity is required. They must also be able to do an Irish accent. No word on the casting of the older female lead of Melissa. This is currently scheduled to shoot in November so we should have a casting announcement in the next month or two.

Also, the Warrior season 2 teaser came out earlier today and only mentions October as the release date. We’re hearing the exact date will be October 2nd so mark your calendars.

Slalom Review

About half way through Slalom, Maïra Schmitt is topless in a locker room for a bit.

A couple of minutes later, Noée Abita has a sex scene but doesn’t really show anything.

Lastly, at around 70 minutes, Noée lifts her sports bra and we see her left breast from the side. We then see both of Noée’s breasts from the front briefly.

Altar Rock Review

Early on in Altar Rock, India Eisley strips down and goes skinny dipping. India is shown naked from behind as she enters the water. India then turns around briefly and we can maybe see her breasts. The shot is pretty far and dark however. We then get another look at India’s butt as she exits the water. India is briefly shown from the front as she gathers her clothes. Again, the shot is pretty dark so we’re not quite sure if India is full frontal nude or if she’s wearing flesh-colored underwear and pasties during this part. Finally, another further away shot of India’s butt before she finally covers up.

Devyn Inez Fusaro also shows her butt much later in the movie.