Here Are the Young Men and Lost Girls and Love Hotels Rumors

Alexandra Daddario fans can rejoice as the wait is almost over. Hearing that Lost Girls and Love Hotels will be available to stream on September 4. This year, in case your were skeptical.

Saw someone mention Anya Taylor-Joy in Here Are the Young Men. We saw this a while back and there is no nudity unfortunately.

More reviews coming soon including Noée Abita in Slalom and some other indie films.

König Der Raben Review

About half way through König Der Raben aka King of Ravens, Antje Traue takes off her clothes and we see her in her underwear. The lead actor then removes Antje’s panties and starts performing oral sex on her. Of course, you can’t really see anything as Antje is wearing a very visible flesh-colored covering down there. Eventually Antje removes her bra as they’re having sex and we see her right breast very briefly before the actor covers both of her breasts with his grabby hands.

Later, Antje shows her butt as she walks toward a bed naked. We also see Antje’s left breast as she turns to sit on the bed but we’re unsure if we can see nipple or not. Antje then has a long conversation while still naked but nothing is shown. We then see more of Antje’s butt as she is shown sleeping naked face down. Finally, Antje gets up and puts a robe on and we see brief right side boob and butt.

The Sex Lives of College Girls Rumors

The Sex Lives of College Girls has been ordered directly to series by HBO Max and is currently looking for four girls to play the main roles. There is no mention of nudity in the casting notice or pilot script. Series is produced by Mindy Kaling so it will probably be more of a comedy.

Also, we posted about Mothering Sunday about a month ago. Seems like the lead role is going to Odessa Young. Not sure what that means for Tokyo Vice now. We also forgot to mention that the script is by Alice Birch who also adapted Normal People.

And for all those requesting, we have watched König der Raben aka King of Ravens and will post a review in the next week or so.

Lost Girls and Love Hotels Review

At long last, here is a quick nudity review of Lost Girls and Love Hotels starring Alexandra Daddario.

Early on in the film, Alexandra is in a bra during an aborted sex scene where she is choked with a belt.

A little later, Alexandra is wearing bra and panties as her hands are bound with a zip tie.

About half an hour in, we can see part of Alexandra’s right breast but no nipple during an overhead shot as she’s having sex missionary style. Then brief left breast and butt from Alexandra as she gets out of bed.

A couple of minutes later, there’s a very brief peek or two at Alexandra’s breasts during a sex scene. There’s another brief peek at her breasts as she’s lying naked in bed afterwards.

Just over an hour in, there’s a montage of Alexandra having sex with several different guys at different times. The first scene of the montage shows Alexandra from the side and lying down as an older Japanese man is on top of her. The man’s arm is in the way but we get several looks at her right breast as her breasts are bouncing. The Japanese man then slides off of Alexandra and we finally get a clear view of her breasts although it is brief. The rest of the montage doesn’t have nudity but shows her getting tied up with rope, bouncing up and down, getting choked, etc.

Near the end of the film, we see Alexandra from behind as she starts stripping in front of a seated Japanese man. Alexandra shows right side boob and butt as the man looks on. Alexandra then reaches back and lies on the bed and we can see more of her butt and a bit of her right nipple. Alexandra is then shown lying face down on the bed and we see more of her butt. We then get several more different views of her butt as the man ties her down to the bed before she is rescued.

Stay tuned for news about when Lost Girls and Love Hotels will finally be available to watch.

A Nice Girl Like You and False Positive Rumors

Is there nudity from Lucy Hale in A Nice Girl Like You?

No. Lucy Hale wears a bra during a sex scene in A Nice Girl Like You.

Ilana Glazer is supposed to go nude in False Positive. Any updates?

False Positive is rumored to premiere on SVOD later this year.

Lost Girls and Love Hotels will screen during the Cannes online market on June 23 and 24.

We will post a review before this screening. Might have some reviews of other market screenings.