Fall Film Festivals 2019 Roundup

Here are some of the notable fall festival films we saw that did not have nudity and some of the actresses in them:

Bad EducationGeraldine Viswanathan
Guns AkimboSamara Weaving, Natasha Liu Bordizzo
JunglelandJessica Barden
RafGrace Glowicki, Jesse Stanley
Sweetness in the BellyDakota Fanning
The AssistantJulia Garner, Kristine Froseth, Makenzie Leigh
The Obituary of Tunde Johnson – Only saw half of this film but it didn’t seem like there would be anything from Nicola Peltz

Mei Kayama is briefly full frontal nude and Misuzu Kanno is topless while bathing near the beginning of 37 Seconds.

Also hearing that Alexandra Daddario‘s Lost Girls and Love Hotels will not be playing at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Should be official when they announce the lineup on Thursday.

Saint Maud Review

TheManFromCannes mentioned in the comments a couple of days ago that Morfydd Clark shows her butt twice in Saint Maud. Here are some more details. The first scene, where Morfydd is having sex cowgirl style, is around 45 minutes in. Morfydd’s really riding the guy hard but her ass is partially obscured by the guy’s leg. A few minutes later, Morfydd is shown in the shower briefly. Part of Morfydd’s face can be seen in both scenes.

The Last Porno Show Review

About 35 minutes into The Last Porno Show, Victoria Dunsmore strips off all of her clothes during an audition and we see her fully nude from the front and back. Then Victoria and the lead actor run an exercise for the casting director.

A few minutes later we see Catt Filippov nude during a flashback. Catt shows her breasts and butt as she enters the bathroom and talks to a kid.

Near the end of the movie, Victoria is topless as they’re filming a sex scene. There is also a real penis in this scene which Victoria pretends to touch.

Human Capital Review

Around 70 minutes into Human Capital, Maya Hawke starts stripping off her clothes. We see Maya’s right sideboob from behind but it’s pretty blurry. Then we see a closeup shot of Maya lying down on the bed but someone on top of her is covering most of her breasts. However, Maya’s left breast is just visible at the bottom of the frame as they talk. We then see a very brief shot of both of Maya’s breasts from a more zoomed out shot.