Mothering Sunday Rumors

Hearing that Eva Husson is set to direct the film Mothering Sunday. You may remember Eva as the director of the french film Bang Gang. Mothering Sunday will be in english and is based on the book of the same name. They’re currently looking for an actress in their 20s to play the lead female. The role will likely have nudity.

Freaky and Your Honor Rumors


What’s the news on Your Honor with Sofia Black-D’Elia?

It seems like Sofia’s role is really small this season so there probably won’t be any nudity from her.

Do you have any info about possible nudity in that upcoming body swap horror movie from Blumhouse? The working title was Freaky Friday the 13th and the director has filmed a few female nude scenes before.

Not sure if there is any nudity in this film although there was a test screening a few months ago. Kelly Lamor Wilson is supposed to have a sex scene during the typical teen horror movie opening. The script also has a scene where Kathryn Newton is in the bath the night she’s stabbed and a later scene where she emerges from the girls showers at school.

Port Authority and I Will Make You Mine Reviews

About an hour into Port Authority, Leyna Bloom shows her right breast briefly during a sex scene. FYI Leyna is transgender.

About half an hour into I Will Make You Mine, Yea-Ming Chen shows her right breast briefly while changing. Then another brief look when Yea-Ming lifts her shirt to apply deodorant. FYI this film is in black and white.

Gunpowder Milkshake and Ginny & Georgia Rumors


Any rumors on Gunpowder Milkshake with Carla Gugino and Karen Gillan?

We saw a bit of this a while back and it seemed like a typical action comedy. Doubtful there will be anything interesting in it.

Any info on Ginny & Georgia from Netflix? Hoping for some Sara Waisglass or Katie Douglass

Since this is targeted to a YA audience, it doesn’t seem like there will be any nudity. Lots of characters in bras. Apparently, Sara Waisglass‘ character is into girls and hooks up with Humberly Gonzalez.