Possessor Review

Possessor landed a US distribution deal today so here’s a quick nudity review.

Around half an hour in, Tuppence Middleton is topless as she is getting dressed.

A few minutes later, we see Tuppence naked from the side as she is on top and later on the bottom during a sex scene with her boyfriend. Andrea Riseborough might also show her breasts (and prosthetic penis) very briefly during this scene.

At 72 minutes, Kaniehtiio Horn is naked in the shower but you can’t really see anything. A few minutes later, Kaniehtiio is naked on the ground but again her arms are blocking her breasts.

We may have missed some other scenes since there are lots of brief flashes throughout the movie like the above mentioned Andrea scene.

Tomie and Minx Rumors

For those asking whether Quibi will have nudity on their platform, the casting call for their upcoming show Tomie mentions ‘possible nudity required’ for the title role. The show is to be directed by Alexandre Aja, and they’re looking for an asian actress to play an 18 year old for the role.

Another interesting show that is casting right now is Minx on HBO Max. That show is set in the 70s about erotic magazines. Some roles mention nudity but the show is to be directed by Paul Feig.

Dangerous Liaisons Rumors

Starz is currently casting for a Dangerous Liaisons television series. The show is a prequel to the book. The lead role of Camille is the younger version of the Glenn Close character from the 1988 film and requires nudity. Seems quite a bit of the first season takes place in a brothel so there will probably be nudity from others as well.

Also, a small update regarding Lost Girls and Love Hotels. It seems they recently contracted an international sales agent to sell the film internationally. So it’s possible the film may be available in other countries first as long as there are no foreign holdbacks.

Only and Normal People Rumors

For those asking about Freida Pinto in Only. We saw this a while back and near the end of the film, Freida walks around nude in the forest. The scene is very, very dark. We see Freida from behind for a bit but you mostly see just her silhouette as the scene is so dark. Then we see Freida from the front and from the chest up. Even if you were to brighten the scene, Freida’s hair seems to be covering most of her breasts.

Anybody know anything about the upcoming BBC/Hulu TV series Normal People featuring Daisy Edgar-Jones?

When they were first casting this, they stated that nudity was required for the two lead roles.