Undertow Review

Early on in Undertow, Laura Gordon strips down in front of a mirror and we see her full frontal nude as she checks herself out.

Several minutes later, Olivia DeJonge is having sex but all the nudity is implied. We then see more brief implied nudity from Olivia as she takes selfies the next day in bed.

About half way through the film, Laura shows her left breast and butt as she disrobes and enters the bath. More breasts from Laura as she starts touching herself in the bath. Laura then envisions a naked Olivia sitting on the edge of the tub. Olivia’s right arm is blocking most of her breasts but we can see some underboob. Olivia then moves her other hand down and starts touching herself. Both continue touching themselves for a bit until Laura eventually wakes up naked on the floor in a dark room.

A little later, Olivia crashes a party topless with black tape covering her nipples in an X pattern. Olivia struggles with security and is eventually escorted away.

Later, Laura has sex on the beach at night and we see her breasts briefly. We also see more of Laura’s breasts as she showers a few minutes later.

August 15, 2019 Rumors

The last two episodes of Sweetbitter season two are airing on Sunday. There is some implied nudity from Ella Purnell during a sex scene in episode 207 and nothing in episode 208.


You mentioned Olivia DeJonge came close to being nude in Undertow a while back, any more details?

Forgot about this. We’ll post our Undertow review next week.

Is there likely any nudity from Zoey Deutch or Lucy Boynton in Ryan Murphy’s The Politician?

The Politician is rated TV-14 so there probably isn’t any nudity. We skimmed the first couple of episodes just in case and there was nothing interesting.

August 8, 2019 Rumors

Starz is casting several new roles for the second and final season of The Spanish Princess. Two female roles require nudity and both should be caucasian and about 18-25 years old. The first is Princess Mary and the other is Catherine’s new Lady in Waiting.

They are also looking for someone to play an experienced prostitute in episode 510 of Outlander and that role requires topless nudity.

GLOW Season 3 Review

Season 3 of GLOW will be available on Netflix on Friday. Here’s our recap of all the nudity this season:

302 – Shakira Barrera is topless briefly while in bed with Sunita Mani. Kate Nash shows her breasts and butt during a sex scene.

303 – Alison Brie dons a huge headdress, removes her top, and dances around topless for a while. Jackie Tohn is topless during a sex scene.

304 – Betty Gilpin is topless briefly during a sex scene.

309 – Geena Davis is topless in a club except for some pasties covering her nipples.