Strange Angel 207 Review

The season 2 finale of Strange Angel does not disappoint when it comes to nudity.

Earlier in the episode there are brief flashbacks to earlier Bella Heathcote and Laine Neil sex scenes while Jack Reynor is being interviewed. Probably nothing new here.

Later in the episode, Laine straddles Jack while wearing a flimsy silk robe. We can see her right side boob. Possibly more if the scene is brightened.

Near the end of the episode, there is an orgy that is lit entirely in red light and blinks to black often like a strobe. The scene is somewhat difficult to watch, especially if you’re epileptic. There are a lot of naked extras, some full frontal. Laine and Jack are having sex in the middle of the orgy and we see Jack’s point-of-view of Laine riding him. As such, we mostly only see glimpses of Laine’s breasts as they’re sometimes below the frame. Eventually we get better views however as the view shifts to the side and overhead.

And finally, Laine’s butt is shown briefly in normal daylight the next day as she is sleeping.

July 13, 2019 Rumors

The first two episodes of the new season of Sweetbitter will be available tomorrow.

The first episode has Ella Purnell and Caitlin FitzGerald visiting a turkish bath where they see a bunch of random naked women. At the end of the episode Ella is supposed to drop her towel but we don’t think anything is shown. Right before this scene, Katerina Tannenbaum is supposed to be shown in the bath and then later getting out of the bathtub.

The second episode is supposed to open with Sadie Scott naked in bed but covered in sheets.