The Nest Review

Carrie Coon has two nude scenes early on in The Nest. The first is a very hot sex scene where Carrie’s naked and riding Jude Law with bouncing breasts and moaning. The scene is shot from the side and you mostly see Carrie from the waist up. You can catch a few glimpses of the top of Carrie’s butt and some good views of her breasts from both sides when she’s on top and underneath Jude. There’s another brief scene a little later where Carrie’s left breast comes out of her open shirt when she lies back on a bed.

Pieces of a Woman Review

There isn’t actually any nudity from Vanessa Kirby in Pieces of a Woman. The good news however is that Vanessa is topless in The World to Come which we’ll post a review of soon.

Early in Pieces of a Woman, Vanessa is in labor and bottomless for most of the scene. You can maybe catch a glimpse of bush in one shot while she’s in the bath below her prosthetic stomach.

Much later in the film, Vanessa shows some left side boob while in the bath.

Ammonite Review

TIFF starts today. We’ve already posted some reviews some but this film is probably the most requested. As we’ve mentioned before, Saoirse Ronan has her first ever nude scene in Ammonite.

About three quarters of the way into Ammonite, Kate Winslet enters a well-lit bedroom where Saoirse Ronan is lying in bed. Kate joins Saoirse in bed and the two start making out. Saoirse then starts kissing Kate’s left breast and soon has her hand down between Kate’s legs but nothing is shown. Kate then lifts up Saoirse’s nightgown a bit so we can maybe see some bush. It’s pretty dark and shadowy so possibly a merkin. We do see Kate put her hand between Saoirse’s legs briefly. Kate then removes her own nightgown while Saoirse puts her head between Kate’s legs and performs oral sex. We see Kate’s breasts and just the top of her very hairy bush when Saoirse moves her head away for a brief second. Saoirse then climbs on top of Kate’s face and we see part of her butt. Saoirse then proceeds to remove her own nightgown and we get a couple of views of her butt and Kate’s breasts as Kate is going to town. Kate then reaches down and touches herself between her legs and we see more of her bush. This is interspersed with cloesups of Saoirse’s face as she is in ecstasy. Finally, we see Saoirse’s right breast briefly as she climbs off of Kate. We can also get a tiny peek at Saoirse’s left breast as well as maybe a hint of bush or merkin. There are a couple of quick views of Kate’s breasts as they embrace while the scene ends.

That is the only nude scene in the film. Earlier, there’s a scene where Kate goes down on Saoirse but Saoirse keeps her dress on so nothing can be seen. There is also a scene where Saoirse goes into the sea with Kate. Saoirse is wearing a white dress so there might be something there but it didn’t seem like it. The scene right after this has Kate naked in bed beside a clothed Saoirse but nothing can really be seen.

Stay tuned for more reviews from TIFF, Venice, and other fall festivals over the next little while.

TGE and AoaS Rumors

A quick update to a couple of our previously posted rumors.

Regarding the new season of The Girlfriend Experience, a casting notice for a minor character was put up recently and the description was somewhat interesting:

This role requires nudity from the waist up (the character wears underwear only) but no simulated sex (IRIS shows him her breasts only).

So more hints that Julia Goldani Telles will be nude in this but nothing definitive.

And last month, we wrote about a casting notice for Anatomy of a Scandal. Rumor is Naomi Scott has been offered the role we mentioned. An offer usually means they are in negotiations and does not mean someone has actually been cast however.

Shiva Baby Review and The Laureate Rumors

Near the beginning of Shiva Baby, Rachel Sennott shows some left side boob while changing. Later, Rachel is taking some topless selfies in the bathroom and we see some more left side boob. While Rachel is taking the selfie, we see part of her phone screen but it is pretty blurry. Rachel then checks out the camera roll on her phone and we can see 7 topless photos but they are pretty out of focus. About half way through the film, we finally see the selfie Rachel sent when the recipient views his phone. In the photo, Rachel’s face is partially covered by her phone while her left hand is covering part of her left breast and her right forearm is covering part of the other. Rachel also makes out with Molly Gordon for a bit later on.

Nothing interesting from Dianna Agron in this film. We did see a promo for The Laureate a while back and it is heavily hinted that there will be nudity from Dianna in that. One scene showed a topless Dianna teasing Laura Haddock by using a window curtain to cover up her front. Another scene showed Dianna with Laura lying on the floor possibly topless with a blanket covering them. Laura then starts kissing Dianna. The Laureate is still in post-production.