Warrior 210 Review

Gaosi Raditholo is topless in the season (series?) finale of Warrior on Friday. Much like the earlier nude scene from Celine Buckens, the scene is somewhat shadowy and edited in a way where there isn’t a really clear shot of Gaosi’s breasts. So Gaosi may be wearing pasties in the scene but probably not.

The Stand and False Postive Rumors


Can we hope any nudity from The Stand? It would be incredible if Katherine McNamara would make her nude debut, but I’m not sure about that.

There might be some side boob from Odessa Young. Not sure about anyone else.

What ever happened to False Positive? Any chance it still comes out this year?

Coming to Hulu in 2021 apparently.

When is The Nightingale gonna release?

Filming won’t start until the second half of 2021. Also believe they need to find a new director. So maybe some time in 2022.