2019 Rumors

Welcome to our 2019 annual preview. Here are some possible nude scenes based on rumors and speculation to look forward to in the coming year.

Starting off with episodic series, we’re still unsure if Zendaya will be nude on Euphoria but her character does have several sex scenes. Alexa Demie is topless in the first episode. The naked selfie montage from Sydney Sweeney in this episode is sure to be a favorite and will have you pressing pause quite a bit. Euphoria will likely air in June after Game of Thrones finishes its run.

We’re also unsure if Ella Purnell will be nude on Sweetbitter this year. At the end of the first episode, her character drops her towel in a public bath house. That is likely a body double though so it is unlikely she will be nude even though her character has a lot more sex scenes this season.

Again, Joanna Vanderham and Olivia Cheng are both nude in Warrior. Dianne Doan will likely join them as well as lots of Asian extras.

As we mentioned before, Kelli Berglund, Roxane Mesquida, and Nicole LaLiberte are all nude on Now Apocalypse.

On The OA, there likely isn’t anything from Brit Marling although she does have a scene in the bath. The actress that plays Jason Isaacs’ love interest is nude though. We didn’t catch her name but we believe she was an older French actress.

Skinford: Chapter Two won’t have any nudity from Charlotte Best like season one did. However, Jess Bush and Georgia Scott are nude in it. Lara Schwerdt is also naked but has some body paint on. And Talia Fowler is topless with some tape on her nipples.

We mentioned before that Elizabeth Debicki had several nude scenes in The Burnt Orange Heresy. It turns out she only has one nude scene although it is pretty long and is easily her best yet.

Again, Odessa Young has her first nude scenes in Shirley. Odessa has a prosthetic stomach in some scenes though.

Valeriia Karaman plays a topless mermaid in The Lighthouse.

Audrey Tautou has several topless scenes in Going Places.

Isabelle Grill is nude in Midsommar.

Olivia DeJonge shows her butt in Stray Dolls.

Taylor Russell should be topless in Waves. We mentioned before that Alexa Demie might be nude in this too but apparently that is untrue.

No strangers to nude scenes, Alicia Vikander and Riley Keough are naked again in Earthquake Bird.

Riley Keough and Taylour Paige are likely nude in Zola too.

And here comes the part where we let you know the bad news, before ending on a high note. First, there is no nudity from Dakota Fanning in Viena and the Fantomes.

Elle Fanning is topless but doesn’t show anything during a sex scene in All the Bright Places. The Great seems promising though but likely won’t be available this year.

And Emily Ratajkowski only shows sideboob in Lying and Stealing.

Be sure to check out our past reviews of films which will hopefully see the light of day in 2019 featuring Kate Mara and Ellen Page in My Days of Mercy, Margaret Qualley in Donnybrook, Erin Moriarty in Driven, Allison Williams and Logan Browning in The Perfection, Julianne Moore in Gloria Bell, Juliette Binoche and Mia Goth in High Life, Charlotte Hope in Three Christs, Jemima Kirke in Wild Honey Pie and Untogether, and Hannah Gross and Lowell Hutcheson in The Mountain. Margaret Qualley might also be nude in IO which is coming to Netflix this month. And the same goes for Erin Moriarty in The Boys and Charlotte Hope in The Spanish Princess.

And for the second year in a row, we’ll end this preview with some brief nude scene descriptions of Alexandra Daddario from Lost Girls and Love Hotels formerly known as I Am Not a Bird. Early on, there is a montage of Alexandra having mostly rough sex with various people. Mostly Japanese men, but there are some Caucasians, and one Black man too. There is also a bit with Alexandra on her knees topless, with her hands behind her back as she is slowly bound by rope. Then there are at least three sex scenes with the main actor Takehiro Hira. The last nude scene involves Alexandra stripping down and then lying face first onto a bed while she is tied down by Yasunari Takeshima. There is no full frontal nudity or any lesbian scenes. This is apparently from an early cut so the final release will likely be different. Fingers crossed this movie comes out this year so we don’t have to write about it again next year.

Happy New Year! Stay tuned throughout the year for more updates on all of these titles and more.

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Judging by its rating on Netflix, Margaret Qualley won't be nude in IO. Hyped for Euphoria, The Great, and Lost Girls though.


Oh and Donnybrook ofc.


Anyone have Manal Issa nude clips from My favourite fabric


i got a screencap of Maria Korinthiou topless in bed but can't find the clip...can anybody help me regarding this? i love her naked beauty..she's a sex goddess born in Greece..


Thanks to Petran's tip I found it, search on youtube for S1ngles S02E04, the scene is in the first few mins. Also google "deep end 2008 dailymotion" without the quotes, there's a 2 part movie there where she's actually naked plenty of times, you need to find both parts, the second one is better. There are a few other nude scenes I can't find though, google maria korinthiou paparazzigr, the problem is the vids are behind a paywall, if you're desperate to get them it's less than 2 dollars per month but it's asking bitcoin which is ridiculous imo. Internet detective out.


Any other nude scene from her from the tv show 'S1ngles ' ??


I don't think so, then again I just quickly skimmed the episodes she was a guest star so I'm not certain.


There's no way to do that probably ever, these are low budget forgotten movies noone's gonna remaster. Just add the video downloadhelper firefox addon if you want to download from dailymotion but that's as good as it gets.


Thanks dude for the help n I need one more favour...where can I watch or download DEEP END 2008... THANKS in advance...


This is from the second season of the greek tv series "Singles" . it aired here i think back in 2006 or 2007. I a sorry but i cannot remeber the specific episode but i think it was somewhere in the first part of the season.


Question for everyone...
Would you sit through a terrible movie/tv series just for the possibility that an actress you like could be nude. Just assume the clips or pics aren't available online.
I assume it depends on how much you like the actress in question.


I was fan of Dakota Johnson ever since social network so when fifty shades of grey released I was travelling in India so went to watch it in Delhi. To my agony all nude scenes were cut in Indian theatrical release.


When I was a kid, before you could find anything on the Internet, whenever my parents would leave me home alone, I’d watch whatever R-rated movies they had and hope that I’d find something.


That takes me back. When I was a kid, in the dial-up days, I saw in the TV Week (giant-sized TV schedule that came with the Sunday paper) that Liv Tyler was in a movie called Stealing Beauty. It would be airing on HBO and it contained nudity (signaled by the 'N' listed after the R rating after the short synopsis.) I was PUMPED. I was totally into Liv, who I knew from That Thing You Do and, of course, that music video with Alicia Silverstone. So, I snuck down to the TV room, lights out, after everyone had gone to bed, a few minutes before it started and turned on the TV but kept the sound off. Within 10 minutes of the movie starting Rachel Weisz was topless by the pool. Awesome. Had never seen her in anything before. I was tempted to fap then, but no... I had to wait for Liv. A solid hour goes by. Nothing. It felt like forever, especially because I was worried someone would wake up and catch me. I was starting to give up hope. Liv wasn't going to show anything. But then Liv raised her arm in the tub and showed one boob. It was about two seconds of titty, but it was all I needed. Then I changed the channel to whatever I had found it left on before turning on HBO, then went to bed. It wasn't until years later that I found out if I had waited a few more minutes I would have seen Liv's other boob in a much lengthier topless scene. Those pre-high speed internet days were rough.


I think that my first big find was Rebecca De Mornay’s nude scene in “Risky Business.” Dad had a copy and I knew that I wasn’t supposed to watch it. I still like to watch that scene.

Another funny story: My parents were fundamentalist Christians and they subscribed to this Christian media magazine, “Plugged In,” that advised them of inappropriate content. I always read the magazine before my parents to anticipate what they would/wouldn’t allow. Anyway, from that magazine I learned that Jordana Brewster had a nude scene in “The Invisible Circus,” some romantic drama. This was around the time of “The Fast and the Furious,” and teenage me thought that she was super hot. So I hid the magazine from my parents, and the next time we went out to rent movies, I convinced mom to rent that one for her to watch. “Oh, this looks like such a beautiful romance!” That night, I waited until everyone was asleep, then and fast-forwarded through the movie on mute until I found the nude scene.


Today where everything is available on the internet, at least as info? Fuck, no.
Unless it's streaming, but then I'd fast-forward like I did on VHS when I was young 🙂


The Alienist, just for anything from Dakota Fanning.


That's what we used to do before the internet.

I went to see Restoration in the theatre, hoping I'd get some Polly Walker or Meg Ryan nudity.
Nada. Two hours of my life I'll never get back.
This was long before the days of Polly getting naked in every episode of Rome.


I watched Camping :-/


Shit, I've sat through terrible tv for hot chicks I knew damn well wouldn't be getting naked. And yet, something that isn't objectively terrible, like Cloak & Dagger, I just can't (even though I absolutely adore Olivia Holt). If she ever got naked, I'd be running through the streets naked like Will Ferrell in Old School, but the first few episodes I watched were just slightly more interesting than watching paint dry.


I bought a ticket for movie festival the day mk posted about Kate Mara in My Days of Mercy...she was on the top of my most wanted list and that was totally worth it lol. (Especially considering how long the wait has been since). The movie might not have been terrible but it wasn't good.


I booked my ticket for Killer Joe when Sophie Cookson was cast, before the nudity was confirmed and despite knowing I’d have to sit through Orlando Bloom’s attempt to portray a menacing hitman.

I also went to see Detroit at the cinema specifically for the less than 1 second of Hannah Murray boob.


Driven - Rated R for language throughout, some sexual references, drug use and brief nudity

Driven showed up on the latest MPAA ratings so hopefully will get a release soon



I think my eyes may roll out of my head over reading the explanations in this post for why "Lost Girls" and "My Days of Mercy" haven't been released yet.

Indie films take forever to get released because they have smaller budgets and less strict deadlines. Nudity is meaningless to a film's marketability. Alexandra Daddario is NOT a box office draw.


I still wonder the mystery about the video that was posted from My Days of Mercy. Why not releasing it, even for a fee ? Why the tease? Did he only record the webcam scene (I doubt it) ? why why why why why!!


Think it's frustrating having to deal with movies being postponed for months/years or sitting in limbo for what seems like an eternity?
Its WAY worse for video games. The problem is gaming studios release trailers and/or actual footage years before the game is even completed. In some cases, it can be close to a decade before the game releases if it releases at all. This happens with at least 50% of all major games. I used to work somewhere that sold games, and people would lose their shit when they found out the game they wanted wasn't even available for preorder.
So you think its bad having to wait a year or two to see MDoM or Lost Girls? Try waiting 9 years for Kingdom Hearts 3!


Duke Nukem Forever ! 😛 case closed 😀


Yes, Alex is not a "box office draw" but the same can be said about 99.9 % of all actors across the world! Even some very critically acclaimed ones are not box office draws. Alex is a jobbing actress, getting loads of work and earning a good living. I bet she's more than happy with her lot. Also, as well as being uber hot (imho) she also seems like a nice person, so i'm pleased things are going well for her .


Agreed. Too many idiots on this board and others know nothing of how it works.


Part of the problem is that nowadays we find out about movies way, wayyy before we used to, like before filming even starts. I hate it as much as anyone when movies camp out in film festivals for a year or so, but apparently this is part of the process. Plus, the idea that a movie is ready to go and could be released on VOD today makes any wait even more intolerable. We've been spoiled by that.


Headlock, a movie with Dianna Agron will be released finally on January 11th, the movie was filmed in 2014, before Bare was filmed, that's how long some movies takes to end up being released.


Ophelia Lovibond's "Gozo" - filmed 2011, nude scene leak 2017, VOD release 2018.
Sometimes they take a really long time.


Yeah, sometimes I wonder if it'd be better that I don't know know about these in advance and just be pleasantly surprised when they pop up at the nearest image board. On the the other hand, it's something to look forward to. It helps get me out of bed in the morning.


Most of the people complaining about these movies taking time to try to find ways to be profitable are the same people who just want the clips put online and have no intention of giving the filmmakers any money.


Tis exactly why I still prefer to buy a DVD/bluray of the stuff that I really like.
So want a bluray of Alba's Dark Angel. A reboot would be even better!


Thank you for this update. Always a great way to start the new year.

Looking forward to Sydney and really the whole Euphoria show. Hoping it lives up to expectations. Speaking of Sydney have you heard anything about a movie she did with Otmara Marrero, Clementine?

Any nudity in Spinning Out? With some of the casting news and with Kaya's latest IG posts/stories, really hoping we get some nudity in the show.

Also have you gotten any new info on Hightown? Or anything on Paradise City?


Sydney Sweeney reminds me of Kathryn Newton.


Do Zoe Kravitz or Evan Rachel Wood get naked in Viena and the Fantomes?


Do you know if Euphoria will have any nudity from the guys? Preferably Jacob Elordi


There might be a bit of nudity from Emma Rigby in this



Apparently not.

Movies that are a 4 have sexual situations, implied nudity, and language.


Damn, at first I thought that was Hunter King in the poster. If she ever does a nude scene, that'll be the happiest day of my life. Seriously. Both her and her sister, Joey, in fact.


A little while ago, one of the posters here said that they would post caps from My Days of Mercy is it doesn't come out on January 21st. Is that still going to happen? Waiting a few more months certainly isn't terrible but it sure would be nice to get a little bit this month...


This one was mentioned previously as possibly having nudity from the young cast (but not from Gillian)


Was the girl with the pink hair mentioned as getting naked? She's beautiful


Yea, she looks amazing. IMHO, she is the spitting image of Margot Robbie. Could easily be her younger sister!


Netflix has Sex Education which might have nudity from the younger cast including the female lead

Her name is Emma Mackey


a bit more of her here

hopefully a lot more of her on the 11th


Can't wait for Margaret Qualley and Kate Mara!
And I hope for:
Kaitlyn Dever (Unbelievable/Them That Follow)
Natalie Portman (Lucy In The Sky)
Shailene Woodley (Big Little Lies)
Teresa Palmer (Ride Like a Girl/The Place of No Words)
Ana de Armas (The Informer/Knives Out)
Charlotte Le Bon (Warning)
Dianna Agron (The Laureate)
Emily Meade/Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Deuce)
Lisa Tomaschewsky (Walpurgisnacht)
Noémie Merlant (Curiosa/Jumbo)
Sarah-Sofie Boussnina (The Bird Catcher)
Thea Sofie Loch Næss (X)
Sophie Turner (Heavy)
Sofia Hublitz (What Breaks the Ice)


Lisa Tomaschewsky just showed up in Berlin Station season 2.


Dianna Agron in The Laureate, do u have any info about that?


No. I'm just hoping.


A twitter account which recently tweeted at signature entertainment just posted saying My Days of Mercy UK release date got pushed to May :(. Hopefully whoever dropped the tease on xmas can help by dropping some more.


Watched a mediocre quality stream of Kim Ki Duk's "Human, Space, Time and Human" I believe it was from Taiwan where the movie has been screened publicly. It hasn't been released in Korea because the director(Kim Ki Duk) had allegations of sexual assault and coercion from past pictures.

I was hoping Japanese actress Mina Fujii would have nudity, but despite having multiple sex scenes(both consensual & non-consensual) a few are pretty much fully clothed the best nudity she musters is laying face down on a bed with a butt shot.

For the rest of the film there is topless nudity from several of the actresses playing random prostitutes. The only one I could say for sure the name is probably Ahn Ji Hye who has been in some of Kim Ki Duk's previous movies and had nudity before probably the most was in Red Vacance/Black Wedding.


In-Hye Oh's nude sex scenes from Red Vacance/Black Wedding is IMO a couple of the hottest mainstream nude sex scenes ever. Really wish she'd made a career out of making movies like that.,


Speaking of which, here's some lesser known actresses who came on my radar entirely because of hot nude sex scenes in mainstream movies.

In-Hye Oh in Red Vacance/Black Wedding
Leela Savasta in Masters of Horror
Katja Schuurman in Oesters van Nam Kee
Juliana Guill in Friday the 13th


Overwhelmingly bad news. The only good news for me is about Olivia DeJonge.


Anybody have screenshots of Where Hands Touch 2018 movie


A bit of context from her other recent movie. (:



@Regis - yass!!


Only Isabelle Grill is nude in Midsommar? I was hoping for Florence Pugh and Julia Ragnarsson.


Ugh, another half year of waiting for Kate Mara 🙁
I'm not really excited about anything else in this list.


Man i always run out of breath everytime i see Olivia Dejonge's name on this site. It would be a dream come true to see her fully in her most natural form because she is like what Emma Watson is to most guys for me. For now i hope this butt scene is substantial relatively for what it is.


Reading the descriptions of the scenes, I think this is Alexandra Daddario. Both photos are from the set of the movie. Maybe I'm wrong and is another actress, Recapped can solve the doubt.


The producer said the top one is not Alex a while back. I think she said it was an extra.


The top one disappeared. The producer said the one with her hands tied behind her back is not Alex.


did they say the person on the bed in this one was an extra/stand-in?


They didn’t say anything about the one on the bed. I do believe that’s Alex based on what happens in the book.


Not-particularly-good-but-what-the-hell-it's-Emma-Stone from the screener of The Favourite





I'm hoping for some Zendaya nudity on Euphoria. Also hoping that Lost Girls and Love Motels lives up to the hype.

And I'll never say no to some Alicia Vikander and Riley Keough nudity either.


No other nudity in lying And stealing because It is rated for nudity?


How about olivia dejonge in undertow ?It might have many nude scenes


Considering the source, I would take this information with a huge grain of salt. Crazy Days and Nights had a blind item reveal:

I don't think he has been in contact with her, but someone reminded this former tweener turned A- list singer/bad actress about all the footage that was shot of her naked doing all kinds of things which would be "leaked" if she says anything negative about a certain permanent A lister.

Selena Gomez/Woody Allen

Considering the MPAA rating in Rainy Day in New York mentions "partial nudity", I wonder if Selena did do a nude scene that was significantly toned down to get a PG-13 rating. Anyway, none of this matters since the film is still in limbo.


IIRC Crazy Days and Nights had a blind item reveal. An actress would go to The Director trailer and strip for him. He wasn't allowed to touch her but was allowed to film the sessions.
Supposedly Selena and Woody.
This blind could just be a continuation of that one. Just taking both with a huge grain of salt.


It was supposedly Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russell. The blind was posted before production on the Woody Allen film started.


I wouldn't trust the source either. The site is notorious for making up stories. Sure, Woody Allen has done some questionable (at best) things, but many actresses, much more established than Gomez, have been willing to work with him because he tends to get awards and nominations for his female characters. Besides, in the light of the more recent allegations, actors such as Timothée Chalamet, Griffin Newman and Rebecca Hall, who had worked on his latest movie, publicly announced they would give their salary to charities. They didn't cause by themselves the film to stay unreleased, and I don't think an announcement by Gomez would have been decisive, given that Gomez has zero cred when it comes to serious acting (remember "Getaway"?). Besides, Woody Allen has almost never featured any nudity in his films (there are a few shots of a topless Judy Davis in Husbands & Wives), and even for somebody totally clueless about his work, asking any actress to do some explicit stuff would have rung a bell, even for Gomez.
Allen is definitely shady, he may be the monster described by Mia Farrow, but he's not an idiot reduced to blackmailing Selena Gomez. That's the kind of stuff that Crazy Days and Nights is happy to overlook.


Looks like 2019's likely to cause some serious injuries, better start stretching..!


Thank you Recapped
Fingers crossed for final release of Lost Girls and Love Hotels. (Hope that it turns out to be the best this year)
Eagerly waiting for Margaret Qualley & Erin Moriarty.
Also waiting for Kelli Berglund, Joanna Vanderham & Elizabeth Debicki .
Hoping for Zendaya to also contribute in Euphoria
Thanks to Alicia and Riley for the kindness.
Disappointed in Ella Purnell.
What about Olivia DeJonge's Undertow ?


Showtime shows each episode coming of Shameless rating as having brief nudity. SMILF shows rating for nudity in all but like one episode.


Thought that was default rating for Shameless bcoz of butt in opening theme


Yea so basically no more nudity this season it looks like unless Showtime site isn't accurate for some reason.


They change when episodes comes near and they can go with nudity with this rating.Boobs means mild anyway for Showtime.We will see Emmy naked one last time


Stevie Lynn Jones is supposed to be in 9.8 & 9.10 of Shameless. Any chance of nudity?


No Daddario full frontal is a real downer, especially because nudity from test screenings/rough cuts is almost assuredly going to be trimmed considering the movie has struggled for over a year to find a distribution deal.


Hot naked scenes make up for it, though. Plus, she's already shown her lips.


Hot naked sex scenes make up for the lack of full frontal. Plus, she's already shown her lips.


Some of us were hoping for an extended full frontal of face, boobs and bush/lips in the same shot for more than a split second.


I wonder if any guy that's ever been lucky enough to hook up with Alexandra said to his friends the next day...."man, I nailed this super hot girl last night. She was beautiful with amazing eyes, long legs, tight ass and mouth watering tits....but what REALLY turned me on was her pubic hair.

I'm guessing not.


Some of you hope for way more than you should realistically expect and then are left disappointed that your fantasies didn’t match reality.


Is it struggling to find distribution? They wrapped mid December 2017. It's been a year since the shoot. For all we know it'll be hitting the festival circuit this year. Can't even say if they've finished post production yet.


Exactly. It’s just some incel bellyaching about the pc police or metoo or whatever. Independently financed movies have way more variable post lengths, they aren’t Marvel movies where the entire production is working towards a release date decided 3 years in advance. I know guys who set aside an entire calendar year for editing BEFORE they try the festival circuit. Also even if it is “struggling to find a distributor” it wouldn’t be because of nudity, it’d be because it doesn’t have a movie star or property that peoplewho rent from Redbox would recognize.


It's kind of ironic also because a movie like Lost Girls wouldn't require as much post time as a blockbuster like Avengers.


She's naked and gets banged. How is it possible they're struggling to get a deal? The producers must be super picky thinking this is some kind of hit and it isn't.


Is nudity the only reason movie is struggling with distribution??
And cannot they go to Netflix if that works given Alex is big name


Since when is Alex Daddario a big name? She's a successful working actress but she's hardly big...


have there been any leaked pics or video of Alexandra Daddario from this movie? I'm assuming there is since it's been so long. If so someone be a hero and show me the way!


I would love to be the editor's best workmate to see this scenes over his shoulder...


It hasn’t been sitting around as long as My Days of Mercy and that only just managed to get a leak out recently, and not one we were hoping for.


Rebecca Van Cleave (Cersei Body Double) will definitely have a nude scene in Game of Thrones


i want so many titties this year


hope Alexandra Daddario is not just tempting us with sex scenes without any nudity. The hype she has created after True Detective nude scene needs to be exceeded and the output should be excellent else her nude scene will be in the same category has Jennifer Lawrence where the hype was so much and the what came on screen was just useless.. Also any nude scene of Sophie Turner and Emilia Clarke... it would be great if they could show off their amazing boobs...


Jennifer Lawrence getting naked at all in "Red Sparrow" was a surprise to me. I don't think even recapped mentioned it.


it was a surprise but just hyped nothing else.. side boob and then 1 boob and ass.. really... had she done more the movie could have done better box office collection with the bad story... eagerly waiting for Alex and Sophie Turner (hope she does it soon)


Unless something has changed, Sophie and Maisie aren't getting nude on Game of thrones.Maisie may have a sex scene but chances of nudity is very very less next to negligible.Emilia always ready chances less but cannot rule out


want something from Sophie in GoT or any other upcoming movie year... she has amazing body...


Seeing her have sex with her boobs bouncing is definitely hype worthy. Still a little bummed there's no full frontal or lesbian action because that would have been the apex for me.


MY DAYS OF MERCY summary of information:
Distribution in Germany will be by Kinostar Filmverleih GmbH. Email to them says “No start release until April 2019”
Distribution in UK will be by Signature Entertainment. Email from lefthandshaver to them says “No release until mid-2019” without specifying about VOD
The root source of all people talking about a release date on 21 January is from this link:
It’s a Film’s rating company.

The movie is (Encore) screening at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival (MQFF) on14-25 March 2019


Has there been any word of casting for the Amazon drama Tong Wars? The casting sheet came out in late 2017/early 2018 for the 4 main roles and one of the female wars required nudity. With one of the main characters running a brothel seemed like a potential hotbed for nudity, but the casting sheet indicated filming would be between July of 2018 and January of 2019 but no cast information was ever revealed.


Zendaya in a sex scene seems unlikely let alone nudity, but heres to hoping! On my highly wanted list.


He just said she has a lot of sex scenes in the show, though.


Yes but that could mean shots in the dark, or just back of the head shots, body doubles, who knows, I'm hopeful though.


Thanks again for posting the annual "pre"-cap. Its always a great way to start the year.
Considering I had never heard of her this time last year, I can honestly say that Sydney Sweeney's upcoming nude scenes are the ones I'm looking forward to the most (yes, even more than Mara and Daddario).
I'm also looking forward to the possibility of nudity from Olivia DeJonge and Kaya Scodelario.
I also hope we get some surprise, out of nowhere nude debuts. Unexpected nudity is the best kind!


I hope Elizabeth Debicki's "best scene yet" means full frontal.


Do you know if the nude scene in the book Can You Keep a Secret is in the movie for Alex DD?


I hope the lighting and angles are pretty good for Alex's nude/sex scenes.


If it weren’t for this site, or these users, I wouldn’t even know about most of these upcoming movies or shows, let alone the nudity.

Here’s to everyone who contributes news, caps, gifs, and vids!


Is there a release date for ‘The Boys’ ?


That Sydney Sweeney montage sounds amazing. Can't wait for mid 2019!


Anything in Happy Death Day 2U?


Thanks for the massive update! Is there any confirmation on My Days of Mercy's release date? The person I emailed at Signature Entertainment said they would not release the movie until mid-2019. Will we have to wait another six months?


Why so many delays for this movie?


It seems to be harder for movies with nudity to find distribution these days. Probably the same reason Lost Girls and Love Hotels is having trouble.


Or maybe a lesbian romance movie set to the back drop of capital punishment doesn't exactly scream must watch crowd pleaser?


Lol I agree with mk, the script and humor was very cringe at times. Could have gone deeper with the capital punishment material...but hey who cares....kate mara titties!


It's gotten good reviews so far. Maybe just isn't your cup o' tea?


It’s also just not a very good movie, for what it’s worth.


Hey Recapped, anything from Georgie Henley in The Spanish Princess?


The best way to start the new year is reading your traditional 1/1st update. Thanks so much recapped to make our life a little bit more sweet.


Got my hopes up a little too high for an Alex DD lesbian scene in Lost Girls.

Hope she books a lesbian movie this year with someone around her age making her nude debut (i.e. Leven, Shelley, Nina, Halston, etc.).


A while ago you mentioned Pollyanna McIntosh in Perfect. I can't find any information on this movie, is there a release date or anything?


Thanks Recapped.
I'm a bit worried about Alexandra's movie. After two years, who knows how much the nude scenes have changed. And the wait is exhausting.
Bad news about Purnell and Fannings. 🙁


It wasn't two years ago. They finished filming December 2017.

Ideally, there's no way they can cut out all the nudity. It has to be kept in the important scenes.


I hope they won't cut any of her nude scenes, that would be bad.


Recapped - You guys are the best of the best! Wishing you a great 2019! I can not wait for "Lost Girls..." The expectation has been killing me over the last year. Any news on a potential release date?!


Please tell me, is there male nudity in Now Apocalypse?


Fingers crossed, Araki doesn't normally disappoint so hoping for Tyler Posey or Avan Jogia - we've seen the leaks anyway so there's nothing to hide!


Guess we won't get an answer, or maybe there is no male nudity.


I also want to know because the male cast is hot in this show!


Thanks as always recapped. The bit about Elle Fanning and The Great being promising gets me excited!


Wonderful news on all fronts! I love so much these new year preview post:) My fav news are about Euphoria /Warrior cast (June will be a great month!), Olivia DeJonge, Taylor Russell and Alicia Vikander/Riley Keough in Erthquake Bird. Also I wasn't that hyped for Alex DD (as I found her scene in TD the most overrated nude scene in history) but that short descriptions sounds really hot, especially those bondage scenes:) Thanks again guys!


I'm always distracted by Alex's horrible acting in that scene.

I think I'm the only one who has ever noticed that.


I get preferences as to who anyone finds hot, but how is a scene where an actress is naked from the front, from the back, in good light, with closeups, bending over, spreading legs, showing lips, overrated in any possible way!?


It's a great scene, no doubt about it - I myself watched it many many times. I found it overrated cuz so many people act like it is the best nude scene in a history while there are many better ones. It's like a Black Panther for me - is it a good movie? Yes, I enjoyed it. Does it deserve all that awards? No. But, just my opinion, peace:)


Gotta completely disagree with you about both those comments!


Maybe not the best, but it's certainly top 10 as far as mainstream nude scenes go.


Yeah, that’s some major-league contrarianism.


Judging by their SM posts, some of the Warrior cast think it's coming in April, not June. fingers crossed.


That would be uber-fantastic!


A question about Euphoria. Before you said the pilot had Sydney doing several nude scenes in the pilot. "The first is a glimpse of a sex tape. Then there are some nude photos of Sydney up on some website. And lastly, there is an actual sex scene." Have they now gone?


Thank you for this. Here's hoping we get something from Talulah Riley in the Bloodshot movie. And more from Faye Marsay.