20th Century Women Nudity Review

20th Century Women has its world premiere at the NYFF on Saturday.

About 40 minutes into the film, Elle Fanning is shown in her bra briefly. Then at 97 minutes, there is a longer scene of Elle sitting in bed in her underwear. The top part of Elle’s bra is lacy but it didn’t seem very see through.

At 74 minutes, two women are topless briefly during a montage. It’s possible the two women are Nathalie Love and Tanya Young.

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Then what was that scene in the trailer of the blonde from behind with no top or bra on and was taking off her pants?


Has there been any more news on Imogen Poots in "Frank and Lola?" Like release date, any caps or vids? Dying to see that!


News about white girl ?


Any news on Bryce Dallas Howard in Black Mirror?


Any word on what is seen in Paint It Black? full frontal? Full bush? The people need to know!


No surprise. Neither Fanning sister is going to get naked.


Dakota looked pretty naked in that Viena and the Fantomes trailer...


She isn't getting naked. This is getting as ridiculous as Emma Watson wherein every new movie they star in, people are convinced that, yes, this will be the one they get naked in and they end up disappointed every time.


Dakota has two topless scenes in Viena and the Fantomes & Evan Rachel Wood has one. I thought people knew this. Few people tweeted it after some test viewings last year. They also said the film was terrible. Might explain why it seems to be shelved.


She was underage during the filming.


Thank you for the update, recapped. Always appreciated.

Any word on anything from Alice Eve?

And is Alison Brie's role in GLOW supposed to have nudity judging from the pilot script or casting notice?