A Bigger Splash Nudity Review

A little over an hour into A Bigger Splash, there is a distant shot of Dakota Johnson standing on some rocks full frontal naked. Dakota then proceeds to lie down and we get some more views of her breasts as the camera zooms in. Later on, Dakota is topless briefly while sitting in bed. Dakota also wears lots of see-through tops throughout the film.

Tilda Swinton is also naked quite a bit in this film but does not show full frontal nudity.

And for those who are interested, Ralph Fiennes shows his ass and penis a lot. Matthias Schoenaerts does too but not as much.

A Bigger Splash is currently playing at the Venice Film Festival.

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Jessica de Gouw in cut snake?


Remember when this site used to get updated weekly? Jesus. It's been 33 days. Can anyone suggest a better site that is updated more frequently?


New thread noooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!


I will be another person who will ask. Anything about Ashley Williams in Bad Hurt?

Please, any info?

The Universe's secret lover

Ellen Page nude in Into the Forest? I heard a few yes' but has anyone for sure seen it and confirm it?


I want to know too


Still no news on Jewel Staite?


Day 373636637373 where are the news ?


I just realised you're travelling back in time.


Hi, any updates on jennifer connolly or isabel lucas? Thank


Someone one IMDB described Jennifer Connelly's nude scene in shelter. Trimmed bush, wide landing strip.


very nice. i look forward to it. thanks for reply.


Actually it was very brief flashes in the leftovers 🙁


Was MK accurate in his report of The Leftovers? Won't get a chance to watch it until later on this week.


Some kind of caveman nudity at the start and about half way through we get the girls running naked in the woods. Full frontals are all very brief if anything can be seen. Some clear look at bouncing boobies tho.


Ummm thought there were supposed to be full frontals in the Leftovers cold open. There was no cold open, just went from last season recap to the theme


Any news on the upcoming Red Oaks season?


Nothing from Alex Socha. The blondes provide the female nudity


Uhm do you mean Gage Golightly with this?! Cause that would be really nice to say the least...

Alex Socha has been topless in a stage play (clips exist)


Any word on Alison Pill in Zoom? Also, supposedly has a lesbian scene between Claudia Ohana and Marian Ximenes Should have premiered at TIFF.


Damn this post has a lot of comments, maybe its time to make a new one, haha.


I am still desperate for details about Jewel Staite in How to Plan an Orgy. It's just terrible that we can't get any confirmation or details about what, if anything, she shows, even after several screenings.


Leftovers tonight!! Hope they aren't stingy with the full frontals!


Yvonne strahovski nude manhattan nocturne ?


Demi lovato had recently done a nude photoshoot for vanity fair!!


Where she refuses to show boobs.




Anything on homeland?


Regression is out. Is Emma naked or what?


Yes i don't remember which minute exactly but it's around 40-45min you have will have the chance to see her side boobs for 2 or 3 seconds while she was getting raped though it was fast but u could see her side boobs clearly

Rusty Shackleford

That's not how MK sounds


You got me 😉 but I had to act him since he has disappeared from a month

Rusty Shackleford

MK doesn't sound anything like that, nice try though.


There are rumors you see her butt too. Are they true?


Sarah lancaster nude ?


Any nudity in dominion season 2 finale(i.e episode 13) ??


@xander Have you ever seen a reconstructed nipple? Do you have any idea what one might look like? I'm not sure I even want to know. 🙂


Day 373636626364652626 no news


mrskin says Oona Chaplin gets 'em out in aloft... he's right its a bit quick and dark but they're there


I saw Carol last night

Only one sex scene where Rooney Mara is topless. Nothing from Cate Blanchett or other actors.


So there's been zero news about Elle fanning in "about ray" and I believe it already premiered earlier this month so I'm presuming that it's a no to nudity?


No nudity from Elle, no.


According to some still unconfirmed rumours she is totally nude in the film, both front and back are shown for several seconds and it's ok lit. Not sure if it's a merkin or a real bush, but apparently the thing covers her lower lips.

Still kinda cool. Never expected her to go full monty. Maybe a bit of nipple in an almost completely dark scene at best.


For real though who and what are you talking about??


Who and what film are you talking about sir?


Such a lust for nudity.


If by Bingo you mean no nudity, then yes.


Maura has bush. Flashes a nipple too. Seen in first 3sec of sex. Best viewed with a bump-up in gamma, slomo but not so slow as to be effectively freeze frame, & repeatedly watching the same 5sec. You catch more detail after several replays.


Maura Tierney clearly wears patches on her breasts in that sex scene!


Pasties not patches. 😀


Emma Watson has full frontal nudity in Beauty and the Beast.


That is a Disney musical movie aimed at children. There isn't going to be any nudity in it.


non sexual nudity is allowed


It's just a butthurt troll posting under my name. He's upset because I said there is no nudity from Ms Watson.


Great news, hope she showed something in regression too


No, she's not. That movie has already had a worldwide release. She does have more nudity in Circle.


Meh....no news, hot to plan an orgy in a small town got nothing ?


Olivia Wilde new movie has a scene of strong sexuality.


Day 83837737373y36 no new news


Jewel staite nude ?


There seems to be absolutely no buzz from the festival screenings which could be bad news, but we'll have to wait for full release to the public to know for sure I think.


For anyone who cares:

- Alessandra Mastronardi goes topless in Life.

- And the Dutch film Schneider vs. Bax features a topless Maria Kraakman and one great full frontal nude scene from the gorgeous Eva van de Wijdeven.


All these literally whos.... No one cares.


That's why I said: 'For anyone who cares', as it's not like it's brimming with high profile nudity these days, so I tried to lighten the mood a bit by highlighting some women who do get nude instead of obsessing over the Emma Watsons of this world who clearly don't.


Thanks for the info anyway, dude. Better than the obnoxious kids and wannabee trolls in here.


Agreed. Accurate/genuine info or news, whether they're A list or not, is always appreciated.


So it's already pretty much been established that there's no nudity in tomorrow's Masters of Sex. Any chance of a sex scene? Or can we declare it the most sexless season already?


On the Showtime page for the upcoming episode, it does not cite nudity or sexual content. So in all likelihood, there is not going to be anything new coming from there.


Maura Tierney - The Affair S02E01...

Bingo ... 😉


So the BBFC has rated Regression 15 for 'sex' amongst other things. Foreign reviews refer to Emma Watson's role/performance as 'seductive' and 'adult'. Could the nudity rumours be true?


who does the booty and boobies come from in the riding scene?


A few posters on IMDB say it's Watson's character at first, then changes into her grandma (it's apparently a dream sequence)


Give it up. There is no nudity from her in the movie. This has been confirmed multiple times.


If you check the message boards on IMDb, a 'Mr.Bug' claims he saw the movie at the Zurich film fest and that there is no nudity. If you click his profile, you'll see he has nuremous IMDb awards as a contributor for over ten years... he appears legit.


Hmm... i got the impression he meant both Emma and no nudity in general. Well it comes out first in Germany on Thursday!


Well, the BBFC says there is female nudity in the film, but I'm sure the IMDB poster means no Watson nudity


Cheers dude for the genuine info. The detailed BBFC report released today supports what the imdb guy says.


I too would like to see these multiple sources. Unless you're referring to the posters here that just like to say 'nope' and 'no chance' to every question?


You do know this has already premiered don't you? There is no nudity from her. Keep dreaming....


More information should be available on bbfc website tomorrow. (29th)


Dianna Agron's Bare..In theatres October 30th, 2015.


Sasha alexander shameless season 6 ?


Finally... noone's been able to comment for days. You guys need to check your email server, it never sent out the registration emails.


Whats the matter...

Noone is saying Anything...

SO Quiet...........


Any word on Banshee?


There won't be any nudity in 'how to plan an orgy in a small town' by any credited actresses.



Is that speculation or fact?


How to plan an orgy premiered! Anyone know anything about nudity?


This is the reason I check this site every few hours. Come on, someone must have seen this movie...


Can't tell if troll... sure would be nice if recapped had registration. Or at the very least a hash system ala 4chan so we know who we're talking to.


And autoban for anyone who states speculation as fact. Ex: "Emily Kinney will not be nude."


Hah 8x outta 10 it's safe to say who won't. ie Emma Stone types


English mathafuka do you speak it .


Wonder if you might tell us if there is anything in it, but could also understand if you don't... Too much whining and complaining latlely...


i'm curious too. gotta know if jewel staite gets naked


If there is something of Katharine Isabelle it would be a body double, she doesn't do nudity


Don't be so sure, her Twitter says otherwise


Is Diane Guerrero getting nude anytime soon?


On this site, no news is bad news. What a bad year, only Emily Kinney got a stand out nude scene. Good for a debutant.


Lena Headey in Zipper was a standout as well. Nude Scene of the Year imo.


I'm guessing there's no nudity on Masters of Sex this week?


Yep, no nudity this week and sadly no nudity in next finale episode.


How do you know about the finale already, Visitor Q?



Showtime Advisories

Adult Language, Adult Content, Mild Violence


Oh okay. So I assume in previous episodes where nudity had been featured, Showtime had not neglected to insert the label in beforehand. Is that right?


There was next to no chance before now. I would say that her becoming a spokesperson/social advocate for her cause has pretty much closed the door on any nudity prospects for Ms. Watson for the duration. I'd move on to the next hopeful if I were you.


What about Lily Collins or Emma Stone soon?


What About Kamasutra 3D


Emma Watson Regression news?


There is a brief nip flash from Birgitte Hjort Sorensen(GOT fame) in the movie Marie Kroyer


The clip is out. Darkest and briefest of scenes, but it is her for sure.


Any link for that clip ?



(relax just joking fellas lol)


Hooray - Freida Pinto has unleashed her L'Oreal sponsored breasts


thanks for the gif


How do I search it ?


Got naked in Blunt Force Trauma


Have U seen The Movie..

or Just Saying THat FRom the Trailer ??


just streamed the movie; about an hour in theres a sex scene were she's on her back and and shows one breast for about 1 sec. it's quite dimly lit though


Greta Gerwig seems to be naked in Maggies Plan. Any description of the scene?


According to mrskin it says BD..i had so much hope for seeing dat nice ass...hope we'll get in near future


Did shivani Ghai

really showsed her ass.. or she used a BD. in Dominion ??


emma watson nudity ?


Yeah, this is the day we should have verification of any Emma nudity in Regression.


If she gets her tits out I'll plat sawdust


Just saw Knock Knock, Ana de Armas and Lorenza Izzo are naked in the movie, first both take a shower and seduce Keanu´s character after that the engage in a threesome with brief body shots falling around, the morning after Keanu wakes up and the girls are acting crazy and refuse to leave the house, he gets a call from his wife and goes outside to answer, the girls open their robes and briefly flash their boobs against the glass


What about lesbian scenes?


Anything new on Jessica de Gouw in Cut Snake? I think it was supposed to premiere in september


9-24 release date you have to wait 1 more week hopefully we can get some good news about it


Any news from regression ? Waiting for your answer mk


Any updates on melissa raunch in the bronze?


actually sony pictures classics bought the distribution rights so we may see it soon after all


according to an interview she says that her character is going to be very sexual but of course it could be a body double


I know she uses a body double in the nude scene mentioned for some acrobatics but I guess that will include the nudity too.


Apart from the fact that the release date was pushed back indefinitely due to the company going bankrupt, no.


Aren't you bored yet from Nicole Kidman nudity she is getting old and boring


Was that a rhetorical question?


Does Nicole Kidman show anything in 'Family Fang' which premiered on 14 sep in TIFF? Details please.


Any news regarding Indian flick PARCHED ?

Now it's showing in TIFF


she has gone nude in Parched as well.


i think that's another movie by Anurag Kashyap,in this movie


But der is a lot rumor about this movie saying the leaked clip iz from PARCHED..


Is that the film in which Radhika shows her bush?


Most probably that's the movie PARCHED


Yes, and the scene was leaked a while ago.


Any nudity from Gillian Jacobs or Brie Larson coming up?


Okay, guys, I'm not gonna answer every single one of these questions, so no, Natalie Portman doesn't get naked, nor does Imogen Poots, Freida Pinto, Cate Blanchett or Teresa Palmer, but the latter plays a stripper and wears a lot of very revealing outfits. They all have a lot of very intimate sequences with Bale that often nearly seem to go for nudity/sex, but never once really do.

Isabel Lucas and Mena Lovin do go fully naked, but it's shot in that typically impressionistic way Malick favors, which means there's a lot of very revealing shots only held for a second or two. When it hits Blu we'll probably get a better view of their bodies. There's also one blonde actress/model I couldn't identify, who gets topless.


Those who are looking forward to nudity from Freida Pinto, check out Blunt Force Trauma. 1 helluva scene where you get to see her tits briefly.


How the hell did you see Knight of Cups already?


I saw it in a festival.


It's out in theaters already in some European countries.


Can confirm this. Also note that that nudity from Lucas is very short like 10-20 seconds.


Have just seen Knight of Cups. There's a scene where Christian Bale runs around his hotel room with two models, one of them topless the entire time. Another sequence has another model standing fully nude on a balcony, you don't get a frontal shot, but she's clearly shaven.

And then there's probably the best sequence, featuring a fully naked Isabel Lucas swimming in a pool. You get a couple of good shots of her ass and some fleeting shots of her boobs. And I believe there's also a frontal shot in there, but it's all a bit obscured by the water, so I think you'll have to wait for the Blu-ray to get a better look at the goods. Not bad, though.


Anything from Imogen Poots please? In the trailer she seems to be wearing a see-thru top.


Was hoping for some Poots-action too, but alas, not even see-through and the trailer is edited in such a way that it looks like she's taking her top off at one point, but that's an entirely different character.

Lots of skimpy outfits on Teresa Palmer, though. And after skimming through the cast on IMDb, I'm fairly certain the fully nude model on the balcony is played by Mena Lovin.


What about Natalie Portman?


Damn misleading trailers haha. Thanks for the reply!


Just saw new trailers for Katherine Isabelle in How to Plan an Orgy and Lucy Griffiths in Uncanny, trying to be optimistic.


sorry to say it but katharine isabelle is against nudity


Not according to her Twitter, son.


Who cares about her anyways? Dakota is so much better and interesting




Ashley Williams in Bad Hurt?


Any word on Emma Watson in Regression?


Anything from Being Charlie movie? Screening at TIFF


any nudity in the girl in photographs?

specially claudia lee?


1.The Visit

-An elderly woman is shown bare from the back with no detail in one scene.

-After crawling around quickly, an elderly woman turns around to reveal that her dress is ripped and part of her buttock is exposed. Played for laughs.

2.Sleeping With Other People

-A couple sex scenes, though no nudity

3.Goodnight Mommy

-There is no sex and the nudity is non-sexual.

-A woman takes off her shirt and is seen looking at herself topless in the mirror for several seconds.

-A woman strips completely nude outdoors. Her buttocks and breasts are seen.

Not Reviewed

1.The Perfect Guy

2.90 Minutes in Heaven

3.Coming Home

4.Wolf Totem

5.Time Out of Mind


Rated for nudity

1.Captain Fantastic - Rated R for language and brief graphic

nudity. (USA)


A father living in the forests of the Pacific Northwest with his six young kids tries to assimilate back into society.

Starring: Kathryn Hahn, Missi Pyle, Erin Moriarty, Annalise Basso, Shree Crooks, Samantha Isler, Elena Stecca, Elizabeth M. Kallman

2.EL CLAN (AKA The Clan) - Rated R for violence, language and a scene of sexuality/nudity. (Argentina/Spain film)


The true story of the Puccio Clan, a family who kidnapped and killed people in the 80s.

Starring: Antonia Bengoechea, Stefanía Koessl, Giselle Motta, Lili Popovich

From IMDB Parent's Guide: - there is quite an intense sex scene in a car that involves breasts being seen and a lot of thrusting, moaning and different sexual positions.

3.Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer - Rated PG-13 for

language and some suggestive images/nudity. (USA film)



Starring: Devon Aoki, Eva Chen, Miley Cyrus, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Lady Gaga, Nicky Hilton, Paris Hilton, Rita Ora, Kelly Osbourne, Katy Perry

4.Julia - Rated R for a brutal rape, strong bloody violence,

graphic nudity, language and some drug use. (USA film)


A neo-noir revenge thriller centering on Julia Shames, who after suffering a brutal trauma, falls prey to an unorthodox form of therapy to restore herself.

Nudity Per Mr Skin: Ashley C. Williams, breasts and butt. Tahyna Tozzi, ?

Per IMDB Parent's guide:

- A woman is standing naked in front of a mirror, her abdomen and breasts are visible.

- A woman is shown lying on a table, her breasts are visible.

- The woman's buttocks and breasts are visible during the rape scene.

- Two characters have sex, the woman's breasts and buttocks are visible.

- Full female frontal nudity

5.YOUTH - Rated R for graphic nudity, some sexuality, and

language. (Euro film)


Fred and Mick, two old friends, are on vacation in an elegant hotel at the foot of the Alps. Fred, a composer and conductor, is now retired. Mick, a film director, is still working. They look with curiosity and tenderness on their children's confused lives, Mick's enthusiastic young writers, and the other hotel guests.

Nudity per Mr Skin: Gabriela Belisario, breasts, Madalina Diana Ghenea, full frontal and rear, Paloma Faith, sexy, Jane Fonda, sexy, Luna Mijovic, sexy, Rachel Weisz, sexy

Rated for suggestive content, sexual content, sensuality

1.Genius - Rated PG-13 for some thematic elements and

suggestive content. (USA film)


A chronicle of Max Perkins's time as the book editor at Scribner, where he oversaw works by Thomas Wolfe, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and others.

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Laura Linney, Vanessa Kirby, Jane Perry

2.Mustang - Rated PG-13 for mature thematic material,

sexual content and a rude gesture. (Turkey film)


Early summer. In a village in northern Turkey, Lale and her four sisters are walking home from school, playing innocently with some boys. The immorality of their play sets off a scandal that has unexpected consequences.

Starring: Günes Sensoy, Doga Zeynep Doguslu, Elit Iscan, Tugba Sunguroglu, Ilayda Akdogan, Nihal G. Koldas, Bahar Kerimoglu, Suzanne Marrot, Serife Kara, Aynur Komecoglu, Rukiye Sariahmet

3.Spectre - Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action and

violence, some disturbing images, sensuality and language. (USA/UK film)


A cryptic message from Bond's past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.

Starring: Naomie Harris, Léa Seydoux, Monica Bellucci, Stephanie Sigman, Neve Gachev

Also rated this week

1.Awaken - Rated R for violence.

But, per Mr Skin: Natalie Burn in underwear.

2.Eating Happiness - Rated R for some disturbing images of

animal cruelty. (Documentary)

3.Experimenter - Rated PG-13 for thematic material and brief

strong language.

4.The Laws of the Universe - Rated PG for thematic

elements, action and brief language.

5.Mi America - Rated R for language throughout and some


6.Santa's Little Helper - Rated PG for a comic fight scene

and some suggestive humor.

7.Truth - Rated R for language and a brief nude photo.

8.Wiener Dog Internationals - G


More TIFF nudity news!


Sienna Miller shows her left breast several times during a sex scene with Tom Hiddleston near the beginning of the movie. Night scene. Not super well lit.

A bunch of random extras show their breasts and butts during an orgy towards the end of the film.

Louder Than Bombs

Rachel Brosnahan is topless sitting on the edge of a bed after a sex scene with Jesse Eisenberg. Not a long scene, but you get a good look at her breasts straight on and from the side before she covers herself with a blanket. Very well lit. They are the best pair in the biz. Magnificent!


Ooooohhh..i love rachie bros. <3 I hope this is legit. 🙂


Anything on melissa raunch in the bronze? I heard she uses a body double, but any of the nude scene her?


Any news on Nicole Kidman starrer 'Family Fang'? Her character is toplezz in the book- does that happen in the movie too?


I hope Nikki K shows us her booty!


240 replies in a week?

Good lord, what's going on in here?


Hey Mr recapped,post all the nudity review of movies playing at TIFF 2015 till date


Anyone think Bindi Irwin will suffer a wardrobe malfunction on dancing with the stars?

Here's hoping....


It would certainly be ironic since Bindi has spoken out against girls her age dressing provocatively.

Plus she has big boobs lol.


You guy serious?

you dont think this program is aired with a 5-10 second delay to avoid such 'scandal'. Not going to happen on a family friendly show... One can only dream.


Nip slips have happened on the show in the past


Hell, Miley Cyrus manged to flash an entire breast at the VMAs and the censors couldn't stop it. So who knows?


Can we get a brief run down of any of the Emma showing skin scenes (if indeed there are any) , any bra an panties , or strip scene before skinny dipping , maybe some leg / upskirt shots when she dancing about in the shirt ?

thanks guys


Any news on a dvd or vod release for freya mavor movie?


Thanks MK. Is she atleast in bra/panties ? Does show a lot of skin, would be great if you can describe what we see. Thanks..


I know it's a long shot, but what's the verdict for Colonia?


I initially thought that there was a slight chance as the movie seemed to be somewhat of an artsy indie. Those are usually a better bet for nudity. However, it seems to be a kind of schlocky horror of sorts. If that proves true, then I'd have to think its not the sort of vehicle she'd use for showcasing a nude scene.


Sorry to say that Colonia is a total bust for Emma Watson nudity.

She gets nude in that skinny dipping scene that recapped posted, but all the nudity is off screen and implied. Even a shot of her diving into the water (which I'm assuming was a body double) is framed is such a way that her butt is obscured by a tree branch.


For years, she's been telling she would get naked for a film. She had a lot of opportunities but she's never stripped nude. So many disappointments. The fact is she is a total feminist now and works for UN. She should stop acting.


Love the stalkerish way you pervs are obsessed with that Harry Potter girl. "Is she in bra and panty?!?"


I'm glad she will continue acting and that this will piss you off !


no, she should stop acting, because, she is very overrated and will only have Harry Potter as a success.

Tits or GTFO.


She should stop acting because of your childish behavior for not doing a nude scene ? Stop the crap !


"The fact is she is a total feminist..." Huh? And that precludes nudity how? I've got news for you gents, most of the girls you're pining after on this board would consider themselves feminists... and plenty more who you've already seen in the buff would too. You might even know one in *gasp* REAL LIFE! The concepts of nudity and feminism are not opposed. Have you heard of Free the Nipple?

If you mean "total feminist" in the sense that she's a big meanie by not giving you your way - that is, showing you her tits - then yes, she's a total feminist. Quit acting like such an entitled baby.


Well, shit. There went my last hope for potential upcoming scenes.

Man, this is brutal. I can't recall the last time there was this big of a celeb nudity drought... Thanks for the news just the same, MK.


Dude you can't express disappointment on this board. This is a website dedicated to the most noblest of pursuits!!


Thanks Mk, is Emma atleast in bra/panties? Do we see a lot of skin/cleavage/upskirt ? Would be great if you can describe the scenes we see. Thanks. Posting again as it seems my comment didn't go under your post.


No surprise. I've been saying for months that there was zero chance.


In a THR review theres a mention of "Frolicking under the sheets" but figure if anything was shown, reviews or twitter would have said. Unless Emma in my head than in actuality of likes of Kristen Stewart or ScarJo who's nude scenes were highly publicized immediately.


The best thing about the Emily Kinney stuff is that its quite obvious she has no problem doing nudity. The bad thing is with how it turned out at the end of the episode, i dont think we are getting any more from her in these last 2 episodes. The Knick is probably are best shot at more nudity from her this year. I want a real look at that ass, not this hidden behind Masters reflection or incredibly quick side glances.. it looks so tight and toned!


If you pause/slow down the scene, you get a great shot of her ass. Oh God, that thing is incredibly perky. If you type in "Emily Kinney Masters of Sex" at reddit, click on one of the more recently made threads and you'll get to do as I said. It's worth it.


i downloaded it last night and slowed it down on my own... the only problem is she is definetely wearing a modesty patch as you can see it when she is on the desk. Also, there seems to be a string going from the patch to around her hips, so she might in fact be wearing a really small g-string. So in a sense it would be more of a thong scene then naked ass... but its hard to say. Either way its still a great shot of her tight little ass.


Everyone on that show wears a modesty patch. Not a single male or female full frontal in 3 seasons.


MK no i didn't see it


so did Emily Kinney show her ass again on the new Masters of Sex?


Into the Forest is supposed to have premiered at TIFF this Saturday. Still no news.


Ellen page <3 finger crossed please be nude


If she's nude, prepare to be disappointed. She has the body of a little boy.


I don't care even if she have 100 old man body


Its important to remember Mr Skin is filled with incapable dicks who want to monetize what you can find for free in various other places all over the web. And it wouldnt be the same time. However it wont be really clear and good nudity cause they cant be that obnoxious.

also... anyone could pose as MK here of course that's a fact. The judge is still out on this one but Toronto hasnt improved our odds.


Thanks for your reply once again. Let's keep fingers crossed that the cut you watched will make it to theatres and on DVD/Blu-ray. I'm really curious what her boobs look like. Does she has nice ones and which other actresses' you could compare them to?


Because Mr. Skin only sends scouts to TIFF. He's made mistakes in the past.

I saw the movie and I saw Ellen Page topless in it.


Why would he post any false information? I also checked some other reviews for the movie and there is only one which hinted that ERW is nude while being bathed by Ellen's character. Don't get me wrong, I would be happy if the above mentioned report is true, but I am rather skeptical since there's no other confirmation yet.


Mr. Skin is wrong.

TIFF 2015 News: Into the Forest

Ellen Page makes her nude debut in Into the Forest. About 40 minutes in she briefly shows her breasts during a sex scene with Max Minghella. Quick shot but a good look.

She briefly shows her right breast later in the film before what was reportedly a lesbian love scene between her and Evan Rachel Wood in an earlier version of the film screened for test audiences. This has apparently been cut from the latest version according to my sources.

Wood also shows her right breast briefly in one scene and both breasts in another scene in the final minutes of the film. Both non-sexual scenes.


This is what MrSkin posted recently:

"Those hoping for some Ellen Page nudity in the new sci-fi drama Into the Forest are going to be disappointed, but thankfully co-star Evan Rachel Wood makes up for it by baring her breasts at the 1 hour 28 minute mark! It's tough to think this nude scene will top her fantastic full nude scene from Mildred Pierce (below), but we think you'll enjoy it all the same!".

There is, however, a "breasts" tag for both actresses on the movie's page. Can someone who got to see it at the festival say how the final cut actually looks like?


Did you not see my comment in recapped's last post?


Any Ray Donovan news for tonight? Female or male?


"Female ?"

I hope Katie Holmes will bare it all someday. She hasn't shown anything since her wonderful topless scene 10 or 15 years ago. I'm disappointed.

"or male?"

Who cares???


Yvonne strahovski nude ?


No news on this front.


fanning in about ray...


I still find it very possible that she will at least be topless in the movie. I dunno.

If you wanna see her nipples and this doesn't pan out, there are some see-through paparazzi pics on the net.


I seriously doubt it...


"In a post-Caitlin Jenner landscape, “About Ray’s” delicate portioning of physical details — a tuft of unexpected underarm hair here, an oblique discussion of male genitalia there — can definitely err on the side of caution. But this is the rare trans-themed comedy that most viewers could safely take their grandparents to, and there is something to be said for that."


Haven't heard anything yet..... on the negative or positive side


Maybe not in the movie, but at the premiere you get a little side boob.

On a side note, she is going to have to watch out for skin cancer


Do you have any idea if Judy Greer will get naked in her upcoming stint on Masters of Sex? From what I understand she gets into an affair with Masters as the main part of her story arc; seems like a good chance for nudity there


Sure hope so. She is so hot.


No nudity in episode 11.


Doubtful. She is playing Dan Logan's (Josh Charles) wife who get invited to dinner with Masters, Johnson and her hubby. She is an alcoholic and a complete mess and it won't end well for any of them.


Isabelle Furman is 18 now right?

Disappointed we didn't see anything from her.


She turned 18 during filming and her character is a minor. Just like Sophie and Maisie on GOT, I never felt there was a real chance.


If the shoe runners weren't worried about controversy then they might have gone with it.

I think they're just playing it safe with subject matter.


The show should be the most explicit thing on tv, but it's actually incredibly tame. Especially compared to shows like Power and Outlander.



I'm not expecting STARS or Cinemax (early Banshee) levels of gratuitous nudity but well what the fuck was with the way that gorilla scene was filmed?

Or every time there's a sex scene where the women is wearing clothes? Shit even when Sarah Silverman showed her breasts the actress she was with was wearing clothes.


Much better shots of her ass this time. Scene was a little dark though and disappointing in that Masters cuts it short. This show doesn't even seem to be about sex anymore. Terrible soap opera twist at the end. Even Lizzy Caplan is avoiding nudity now with a clothed sex scene this episode. Nothing form Isabelle either. There was, however, a hot scene where Emily stroked Masters' hand like a dick practicing her technique.


Is that sex scene with Lizzy Caplan any good?


Not really. Just Masters fingering her while they both wear bathrobes.


That actually sounds hot. You don't see fingering too often in movies/television.


Another nude scene from Emily Kinney on episode 10 of MOS. Stream is up on the Playstation Vue Showtime app. Only her ass this time as Masters almost fucks her. Then he stops and has a drunken breakdown. Then there is a twist at the end with her character that probably means no more nudity the rest of the season.


Is this online anywhere yet? When do you think it will be posted in the usual places? Thanks!


Probably late tonight. The only reason I saw it is the episodes are streaming a day early on Playstation Vue.


is she the only one who gets nude in that episode?


Her other audition for a madam is spelled correctly. The guy even mentions Rachel Korine's character Junia. It's a real audition. Doesn't mean the scene will make the show. Season 1 was pretty sparse for nudity.


And the Daisy scene is with Cornelia's(Juliet Rylance) brother and his new movie camera. The brother is using that camera during a surgery scene in the new trailer.


Only other nudity is by an unknown actress in a surrogate session with Lester. She shows her breasts.


So Masters is fully clothed while Emily is butt naked?


Masters is fully clothed. They kiss and he pulls down her skirt and panties. He then pushes her away before they have sex. Scene could have been amazing but he turns into a sobbing idiot about Virginia.


i can honestly say that i'm not disappointed that she doesn't show her tits again, but i'm glad she shows her ass again


this christina clare is a no one... its not even an audition by anyone associated with the knick.... they don't even spell the knick correctly (nick) in that video.


I hope she will do full frontal nudity in The Knick.


The audition scene for her character on The Knick is a striptease so more nudity is possible. But highly doubtful on full frontal. Female full frontal seems to have completely vanished from premium cable.


this is the second time you or someone has posted that her audition scene for The Knick was a striptease... uhm, where do you get that information from? Give us a link cause i cant find anything on it... id like to believe it but that just sounds absurd considering her character is named Nurse Daisy Ryan... so why theyd have her do a striptease as an audtion is beyond me.. but please be true.


Christina Clare


Check Vimeo for an actress named Christina Claire auditioning as Nurse Daisy for The Knick. Emily plays Daisy. I don't know if this scene will make the show.


Elizabeth Gillies in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll?


All season is already out and no nudity, besides it's FX show so only butt nudity could be there.


Technically FX could show anything they wanted. The FCC doesn't have jurisdiction over cable, so they can say/show whatever they want. Where the rub comes in is with the advertisers, who don't want any part of uptight moms with nothing better to do than yell and scream and threaten to boycott any show that dares show a boob, or any company that advertises during such a show.


I don't think so, but that music video scene is pretty amazing!


Nope. The one episode remaining in this season has already leaked online, without any nudity. And the ratings have been disappointing, so it's unlikely to be renewed. Too bad -- the show's funny and Gillies is terrific in that role. Hot as hell and sings her ass off.


Anyone have a more detailed description of Sarah Silverman in I Smile Back?


I read a movie review where they said Sarah does a line of cocaine and then judges her naked body in the mirror. Not sure if that means full frontal, but that's all I've read so far.


Lol actually came her to ask that after seeing the trailer on imdb


Sincerely hope season 2 of French series "Les Revenents" (The Returned) will feature some long awaited nudity from 20-year old French hottie Yara Pillartz.

The first season featured her tv sister Jenna Thaim topless quite a bit.

Here's hoping less Simon dick, more Camille (Yara's character) boobs this season lol


Anything from Pauline Burlet in episodes 3-6 of "Resistance"?


Anything from Pauline Burlet on French show "Resistance"?Two episodes in, all the nudity is from extras playing whores 🙁

The fact that they faded out right before Pauline's character was about to have sex worries me too.


Correction: Yara Pilartz

Sorry for my misspelling, she's hot regardless :p


Twitter-reactions of Our Brand Is Crisis mention that Sandra Bullock's character flashes her butt in the film. Would like to have some confirmation whether it's really her or a double? Guessing it's the latter, but hoping for the former.


100% chance it is a body double


clooney says it his ass!


'When the election heats up, Bullock's character moons the rival campaign from a bus window. Asked by an audience member if she acted out the scene herself, Bullock claimed Clooney was her "butt double."

While still no real confirmation on whether it's her butt or not, it's probably a butt double.


also heard of a supossed mooning scene. Thought of a body double though.


Is there any chance that Lucy Lawless will be naked in Ash vs Evil Dead?I mean, it;s Starz!


is MK trolling? because he mentioned PT Barnum who is known for hoaxes


Nah, it seems like he's only deflecting any further questions. Sounds legit for the most part.


so MK is just making up shit? FFS!


The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 1 Nudity Report:

Sandy Garza and Brittany Angley are both topless in the cold opening.

Jasmin Savoy Brown, Violett Beane, and Katy Harris are all full frontal while running together nude in the woods. Scene is shot in broad daylight.

Episode 3

Out of left field, Liv Tyler has a scene wearing see-through underwear, which she pulls down to briefly reveal a nicely trimmed bush.

Nothing from Margaret Qualley or Carrie Coon yet.


Can you tell what the pubic hair situation is on Brown, Beane, and Harris? Bush? Shaven? Thanks!


Are you familiar with a guy named PT Barnum?


"There's a sucker born every minute" -PT Barnum


A most pleasant surprise after season 1. Who saw THIS coming? I wonder what prompted the change.

I sure hope the girls arent wearing merkins... Violett and Katy are both seriously hot. Pity its the other girl showing the most...


I was thinking more along the lines of "Always leave them wanting more."


Thanks as always for the scoop, MK. Violett Beane is gorgeous. Is all the nudity in that scene frontal or do we see the girls from behind as well?


You see all of their butts very briefly as well.


Any reports on male nudity? I'd appreciate it


Yes, me too. Any male nudity? From the trailer, it seems Chris Zylka is naked.


But while I am interested in both, male and female, I do appreciate the heads-up. Especially about beautiful Liv.


That's the only male nudity in all of the 3 episodes?


You see Chris Zylka's Dick briefly in episode 3.


How good is the nudity when they're running through the woods? Is it like brief flashes, or is clear? And how long is the scene?


Brief flashes of everything as they're running through the forest. It's broad daylight so it's very well lit. You see Jasmin Savoy Brown the most out of the three.


Wait... Liv Tyler? Damn, did not see that coming.


Thank You so much MK! Wonderful news of a day for me. If I may ask, do Carrie Coon have any sex/underwear scene?


Seems likely according to the latest trailer, although I'm not sure what episode this is in or if she even gets nude.


Any nudity news regarding movies premiere at toronto international film festival?


What about this week's Masters of Sex?


IMDB Parent's guide on Last Friday's New Releases

1.The Transporter Refueled

-Man shown in bed sleeping with two women. The main character kisses a woman, removing shirt (sex is implied IN THIS VERY BRIEF SCENE WITH NO NUDITY). More kissing; women shown dancing and lounging in some skimpy outfits.

-2 women are shown kissing each other.

2.A Walk in the Woods

-A scene where Katz and Bill get to a highway and a young couple picks them up in a Chevelle or Chevy sports car. The female puts her head down and you hear a zipper and their noises. Its very evident what's going on. Katz and Bill are in the back seat.

-Some sexual references and a discussion(s) of women's bodies.

3.Un gallo con muchos huevos (animated)

-Multiple references to a character receiving a massage with a "happy ending".

Not reviewed

1.Before We Go


Films rated for nudity

1.Extraction - Rated R for violence, language throughout and brief sexual content/nudity. (Canada film)


A former CIA operative is kidnapped by a group of terrorist. When his son learns there is no plan for his father to be saved, he launches his own rescue operation.

Starring: Gina Carano, Nikki BreAnne Wells,Summer Altice, Lydia Hull, Sierra Love

Rated for sexual content

1.Krisha - Rated R for language, substance abuse and some sexual content. (USA film)


When Krisha returns for a holiday gathering, the only things standing in her way are family, dogs, and turkey.

Per Mr Skin: Olivia Grace Applegate 'sexy', Krisha Fairchild in underwear.

Also rated this week

1.The Accountant - Rated R for strong violence and language throughout.

2.In My Father's House - Rated R for some language.


Do people really believe Selena Gomez is gonna be nude in Neighbours 2 ?? lolol


See-through shirt/bikini is more likely. That's about as good as topless.


Do you really believe selena gonez is gonna wear a see through top to boob in a two bob comedy? Wish I was living in your world...


It's a sequel to a popular universal comedy.


I don't get why it seems so impossible to some people. Not getting my hopes up., though. I just think of it as a great bonus.

There will be at least some sexy scenes with selena in the movie. There's the on set pics of her in a bikini and a tight dress. Plus, the prospect of her playing a character with a nasty attitude. Totally enough for me.


Plus, her music video from a few months ago was pretty racy.


People aim to high but their bullets go down


I know it's a long-shot now (with only 2 episodes left) but still waiting for Isabelle Fuhrman to properly get naked on Masters of Sex. Maybe next season is a definite?


3 episodes left.


Yeah but we're under the assumption there's no nudity in this week's episode so....


Actually, there is nudity in this week's episode. It's the last 2 that are still unknown.


She's playing Virginia Johnson's teenage daughter. (the subplot about Virginia drinking virgin's blood to stop from aging was apparently cut). Even though her story deals with sexuality, it's not quite as likely that they'd have a nude scene while she's playing a minor as it would be if she was playing, say, an adult sex surrogate. Of course given the way time passes in this show she'll be playing an adult soon enough.


Maybe it will be Isabelle? I hope!


When will you have info on Emma Watson in Colonia?


No chance I am sorry to say.


You'll have to wait until at least Sunday when it premieres.


Any thing on Emma Rigby at all?



Does Emma Watson show anything in Colonia or The Circle?


Colonia debuts Sunday, Recapped hinted at possibility of something so may be lingerie or maybe see through... not getting my hopes up


What about regression


They haven't even started filming The Circle so how on earth are we meant to know that?


Having read The Circle, there's about 4 sex scenes featuring her character, but they're all quite brief and I believe apart from one, she's never nude/properly undressed. In terms of everything else, there's no reason why this wouldn't be PG-13, so I could see them cutting the sex stuff or toning it down for that rating.


Any nudity news on Jennifer Lawrence in any of her upcoming movies: Passengers, It's What I Do, The Rosie Project or Joy?


lol I think Jennifer Lawrence knows she's done enough nudity for a lifetime at this point lol.


LOL everyone who said "Trust me, there's no way Emily Kenney's doing a nude scene", step forward. And no, saying "she's flat though so why would anyone want to see that" will change the fact that you were full of shit and spouting off about things you know nothing about.


Says the person posting anonymously.

leave a message at the tone

Everybody is posting anonymously


the overnight 2015 - Judith Godreche shows bush - super quick + dark scene.


Sleeping with Other People - " What Headland's film is notable for is its total lack of nudity "


Any news on how to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town, it's premiering at the Atlantic Flim Festival on September 19, on Katharine Isabelle's Twitter she said she was nude in the whole third act, which is awesome, she's incredibly beautiful. And does a anybody have news on Sleeping with Other People it comes out on 9/11 for some reason.


Still no confirmation on nudity or lack thereof in How to Plan an Orgy? So far all I've found is baseless speculation. I would just like to know for sure what to look forward to.


Premieres in a festival today, Sep 30th and then Oct 3rd. Surely there is at least one person that'll watch it and report back.



Thanks for the update!


Here's hoping we get an accurate confirmation of nudity in How to Plan an Orgy today. I won't hold my breath but if Jewel is even in a thong I'll be very excited!


Not doubting it given the title but some actresses have been known to exaggerate nude scenes to help promote films.


And Katherine's Isabelles tweet there was not to just promote the film, but to encourage people to donate money to the film the be made


What, we can't have movie premieres on 9/11 for the rest of eternity now? Truly the terrorists have won.


Go to reddit if you're going to act like a pretentious douche, we treat each other with respect over here, fucking cunt


Selena Gomez in Neighbors 2?


She just posted a "nude" picture of herself on her instagram. I wonder if she is trying to tell us something... :p


Ray Donovan - s3e7 - Christy Williams - shows 1 boob and ass - scene is a bit dark .


Was there anything in Ray Donovan?


Kristina Klebe goes topless in the indie horror musical "Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival"


Been a Klebe fan since her classic scene in Halloween, so this is welcome news. Do you know if there's any other nudity in Alleluia? I keep hoping Lyndon Smith will show some skin.


Lyndon Smith has a brief lesbian kiss, but no nudity (Though I did happen to find a few covered topless modeling pictures of her from years ago

View post on imgur.com

http://imgur.com/a/nXT8J). And Kristina's nude scene is waaaaaaaay worse than her scene in Halloween. She's wearing body paint and you only see her nipples for like a second (also the context of the scene is very unsexy).


Any news on Dakota blue ricards from the film The Quiet Hour released online today , its a 15 cert and in the trailer there is the begining of a sex scene but clothed


Nope. Absolutely nothing from her.


I'd say you can rule it out for Masters of Sex, given that the show hasn't had a single frontal scene thus far. The Knick is slightly more likely, but given how little we know about her role in that right now, it's pure speculation at this point.


They should make an exception for Emily. :p


Emily is playing nurse Daisy Ryan on The Knick. The audition scene for this character is a striptease for a dude with a new movie camera. There is another actress on Vimeo playing out this scene. I'd say chances are good for more nudity. Especially after this weekend. She also will have her natural blonde hair.


Also, she is in episode 3 of The Knick: Season 2 which already has nudity listed. Airs October 30.


u mean full frontal,

frontal can mean just tits


(Sorry, this was meant to be posted in response to the comment above)


Emily Kinney has great nipples and a lovely ass. Nice surprise to see her topless.

Do you think she would do some full frontal nude scenes in MoS, in the Knick or in another show? That would be sumptuous.


I don't think Showtime series shows bush/full frontal anymore for some reason. It's like there was some sort of regime change recently that made them draw the line at tits.


It happens quite sparsely - I believe the most recent instance was on an episode of Ray Donovan last year.


Why is it so surprising that an actress cast as a sex surrogate in which most of the major actresses have done nudity did the same? If a role calls for nudity on the show they cast actors who will do nudity... it's consistent.


Guys get this weird mix of cautious excitement and fatalistic pessimism over actresses they like who haven't done nudity before. Especially if the actress is connected to some popular sci-fi/fantasy franchise (Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, etc.) I guess The Walking Dead is one of those shows for people, so they figure Emily Kinney has a bigger career than she actually does. Or they fear she'll stay covered up because the universe is somehow unfair to fanboys.

Masters of Sex is a prestigious show that has consistently delivered nudity from actresses who are every bit as established as Emily. I'm very pleased that she came through, but I agree that it's not a huge shock.


Yeah, her association with The Walking Dead must be warping people's perception. She wasn't exactly rocking the world acting wise on that show. And on MOS, you know a "sex surrogate" roll has about a 99% chance to require nudity. There's was never any reason to think the producers of the show would change that for an actress of EK's caliber.


emily kinney error 404 no boobs found


Emily just made my day..!!!!


For those debating the Emily Kinney thing - yes, the nude scene is real (it's episode 9) and no, it does not appear to be CGI.


Emily Kinney getting naked tonight leads me to hope that she will have more nude scenes in following episodes since Masters decided to not fire her. It also leads me to hope that she will have a nude scene or two in the upcoming season of The Knick since she is signed on for this season.


I have watched episode 8 no nudity from her ?


You haven't been trolled, it's in episode 9. It begins at the 44 minute mark.


Thanks alot i thaught it's episode 8


I got trolled no nudity from her


it's episode 9


imagine the ass shot we would have gotten if they didnt have Masters god damn reflection in the glass blocking out most of it...


Kinney did an interview a few weeks back saying that she was, so I don't know why some of you are so surprised. But it was obviously CGI though. It was so obvious, it was insulting. Pretty soon, actors aren't even going to be acting at all, they're just going to be CGI.


Given how bad the CGI was on that gorilla a couple of episodes back, I highly doubt it.


Just clean the shit of your eyes.


fuck off, you're most likely the same douche that claimed she would never get naked, now you're trying to claim it was CGI when it absolutely wasn't... go away no one is falling for your bullshit


Don't yell at me, I was answering to Anon.


this is the type of trolling comment that absolutely needs to be deleted by whoever runs this board...


I don't get it either, sites like this require a high degree of credibility, and part of this site is user-contributed news, so you'd think whoever runs the show would delete obviously deliberate disinformation.


CGI are sure ? 🙁 whyyyy


It was a joke. Every time someone gets naked, 30 people on this site scream CGI.


so where is the asshole now that guaranteed EK would never be getting naked... ?? Great scene, the surprise of it made it even hotter. Small little tits but that doesnt bother me, nice ass on her. Hope this opens the flood gates for her


Indeed ! Some people should just learn to shut up. Now everyone knows how stupid he can be.


lol, yeah that guy is dumb

i mean i never thought she would get naked but i wasn't quick to say "she definitely will not get naked"


Just watched Masters Of Sex. Emily Kinney Nude!!!!!!. Tits and tush shown. Tiny tits but very sexy.


Which episode and which minute


they're actually not lying haha. surprised as anyone


Episode 8 ? and which minute


Yeah, nice try of you.


Well Kinney's wanna be boyfriend/brother's heart must be broken.


true. Just saw it. Nice ass on Kinney


As far as I'm concerned...scene of the year.


LOL.....you need to raise you standards. She has no titties.


Nope. This year has been absolutely horrible for celeb nudity. This is probably the most notable scene thus far for the year.


Couple of Lizzy Caplan nude scenes tonight and great view of Emily Kinney boobs and butt


Yeeeeep. Although she's definitely built like a little boy lol. Does nothing for me but I hope everyone who was waiting for her nude scene are happy.


Nope. It's true. Showtime Anytime already has the stream up - it's around the 40-45 minute mark.


may be true

but until i see it, i dont believe it

i'm not getting my hopes up


ok i believe you now 😀 OMG!! i'm so happy! :'D


Guess I should of added a wager when I created the post confirming it lol


Thanks for all news.

Any nudity from Alicia Vikander in The Danish Girl?


Any word on Dakota Fanning in Viena and the Fantomes? The trailer indicates nudity.

The film has supposedly been finished for a while, but I can't find anything on when/where it will be released.


That's the only Dakota I care about


Any thing from ashley benson , jessica stroup


When will we get great news


TIFF 2015 Review: The Witch

The gorgeous Anya Taylor-Joy shows her ass and hair-covered breasts as she walks nude through the forest towards the end of the film. Dimly lit. Rear shots could very well be a body double.


Don't you just hate it when an actress gets all kinds of naked, but it's one that you just don't care about?


"Girls" would be amazing if Lena Dunham and Allison Williams swap the amount of nudity they do.


Happens to me alot!


Anything on Emily Kinney, Mr Recapped?



Yep you can see her itibitty titties


I guess no cries in corner


She did... but my man boobs are bigger.


Sarah Paxton nude in Sundown?


What are the pubes like on Dakota Johnson? Bush? Shaved? CGI like in 50 Shades?


Any Emma Watson news from the Regression premiere?


Guess all quiet on the sunday night tv front this week, thanks for Dakota info though!