About Cherry Nudity Review

About CherryUPDATE (8/9): Free HD videos here http://www.recapped.com/ashley-hinshaw-and-diane-farr-in-about-cherry

Ashley Hinshaw, whom you may remember from the film Chronicle, plays the title character in About Cherry. The extended edition of Chronicle actually features footage of Ashley topless holding her breasts. There is also a deleted scene of Ashley holding her breasts again in a different room. Both clips can be found on Mr. Skin.

Ashley Hinshaw’s first nude scene is when Cherry poses for nude photos. Although there should be a lot of nudity during this scene, we only get a few brief glimpses of Ashley’s breasts from the side as she is lying on a couch.

The next nude scene is Cherry’s first porn shoot — a solo scene. Ashley is dressed as a school girl and we see her topless from the front for a few seconds as she stands in front of a desk, teasing the camera. We then see a little more of Ashley’s breasts as she is lying on the desk touching herself. This scene was in the uncut trailer and is only slightly longer here.

Last is Cherry’s first boy-girl shoot. This scene is pretty long and intercut with another scene. We see more of Ashley’s breasts from the side and sort of overhead too. We also see the side of Ashley’s ass as she is getting banged missionary style. Later, we only see a bit of Ashley’s areola as she showers after the shoot.

In the original script, Cherry comes out of the shower and drops her towel as she is talking with someone but this scene is not in the movie. There are also other scenes in the script with nudity that have been removed or edited so there is no longer any nudity. The first is when Cherry gets out of bed with her first boyfriend and he recommends she take photos. Another modified scene is when Cherry strips and admires herself in front of a mirror at home. And lastly when someone looks at photos of Cherry and another girl playing with each other.

As a bonus surprise, Diane Farr might also have a nude scene. Diane lowers her pants and props herself up against the left wall as she forces Heather Graham to go down on her. The scene is dark and shot pretty far away so its possible Diane was wearing a merkin or thong of some sort. Diane then throws Heather to the floor and starts fingerbanging her. There is lots of jiggling action from Heather and we can see the top of Diane’s ass, and it does indeed look like she’s bottomless.

At the end of the film, there is another porn shoot with another newcomer but we can’t recall the name of the actress or whether she got naked or not.

About Cherry is available on demand on August 9 and also comes to theaters on September 21. We saw this several months ago at SFIFF (when it was named Cherry) so some details may be off.

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Not Nice Not Bad !


good very nice


Why the hell would you cast Heather Graham in a movie like this and not have her get nude? If I had rented this movie only to discover this, I wouldve been pissed. Thanks for the info.


This movie is then a big joke. A movie about porn industry with little nudity.


Excellent site, my friend. I'm curious how you get your hands on the script. Was it provided at the screening? Or is there a site for it? The original draft by Lorelei was much more explicit.