All About Nina Nudity Review

Early on in All About Nina, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is shown topless in bed. A blanket is covering Mary’s breasts but you can see a bit of nip peeking through the top. Mary then sits up and shows her breasts briefly. Then there’s a montage where Mary is working on her routine while wearing only boy shorts. Most of the time Mary is shown from the front with her breasts out of frame or from behind when she’s facing away from the camera. However, you do get a couple of glimpses of Mary’s breasts from the side as she paces around.

About half way through the movie, Mary shows her butt very briefly as she turns around. Then we get a couple of partial views of Mary’s ass as she is bent over a sofa, gets eaten out and then has sex. Mary is then shown in bed and we some left sideboob. Possibly more but the scene is pretty dark and the guy’s shoulder is in the way.

Around an hour in, Mary wears a slightly see through white tank top.

And near the end of the movie, Mary maybe shows part of her ass as she is riding a guy.

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Hey Recapped is it impossible to fix these numbers to theirs respective comments? I use ctrl + f to follow comments by date but when there are too many replies it becomes a mess. Having fixed numbered comments would allow us to ctrl + f the highest numbers so we could follow the latest replies.


It's kinda cool that there's a movie with epic nudity coming out tomorrow that we don't have any concrete details about. Going in blind should be fun!


For some reason my comment in the other thread didn't go through (and didn't say anything about it being moderated, it just disappeared). But out on iTunes now and it's anything but epic. Don't get me wrong, I'll take it but it will definitely be less than you expected.


Remind me, what film is this?


Duck Butter with Alia Shawkat and Laia Costa.


3rd season of Versailles is available now. Lots of nudity...


That show has had some good nudity. Im glad it hasn't pandered to British media complaints. Mostly likely the French influence on the show because despite being in English it is made by a French channel.


The answer is probably a no on this. I already mentioned how it’s possible the script for the Motley Crue movie could be changed so Leven Rambin has some nudity. In the meantime, was anything mentioned on Tatterdemalion?


This could have been so much better...


Hopefully this isn't all we get of her this season.


Is there a release date for Above Suspicion ?


I hope it doesn't end up in limbo for as long as Voice From the Stone did. I waited years on that nude scene. You'd think they'd be able to find a U.S. distributor but so far there's been no announcement to that effect that I've seen.


I am out of loop but do have any nude scene in Above Suspicion from Emilia?


Thanks,Any such news Related to Emilia Clarke hypes me up.
Though I guess this distribution thing is complicated and movies get stuck for long time.
Recapped did a review for Three Christs ft Charlotte Hope but I guess that movies to is stuck too


Yep and then in the end the scenes were edited. They were good scenes, but the potential was limitless.


I'm not sure those scenes were scaled back actually. We saw everything that was described, the guy was just wrong about her being naked in the masturbation scene. IIRC the guy who described them was someone who'd seen them at Cannes and then was describing them from memory several months later having not seen it since. So I think he might've just remembered wrong. Though of course more of her would've been lovely. Those were the only parts of that movie I watched after all. 😀


I've been patiently waiting for any info regarding Above Suspicion. It is supposed to come out around August (according to the Director Philip Noyce) but its odd to me that we haven't heard anything about it at all.


Recapped, there is a film showing at Tribeca right now called Virgins directed by Keren Been Rafael. Can you tell us if Joy Rieger, the lead actress, gets nude in it? Thanks!


Sophie Rundle has been cast in the period set lesbian tv show GENTLEMAN JACK - she will star opposite Suranne Jones as her love interest.

BBC & HBO are onboard so it will be interesting to see if we finally get to see some more of Rundle's delectable frame in this one.


The Party's Just Beginning reviews are coming in and there's criticism that the movie doesn't delve enough into its subject matter or go as dark as it should. Hopefully I Am Not a Bird doesn't make that mistake.


In which film festival will I Am Not A Bird be premiered? Do you know it?


Nothing announced yet. It finished filming in December. Probably have to wait for Toronto or Telluride or one of the other fall festivals.


That means we won't see anything, at the earliest, till late 2019 or 2020 beggining 🙁


It won’t take that long. The really good films get released relatively quickly, like Lady Bird which was out within 3 months of the Telluride premiere. More niche stuff, like Disobedience, Colette or Miseducation of Cameron Post take a bit longer - 7 or 8 months in those cases. The real worry should be that Netflix buy the rights - they can take absolutely ages to release stuff.


Wait, are you excited for I Am Not A Bird? I can't tell.


your constant overhyping of I am not a bird goes on everyones nerves


What do you expect from someone of my username? 😉


Of course, we expect you are a Angie Dickinson fan... Or maybe Anne Dudek



Any news about "How to Talk to Girls at Parties"?
It is Rated R for Nudity and Sexual Contenr, and pretty awesome Elle Fanning is in it as main character! Any nude scenes with her?
"Rated R for language throughout, sexual content, some drug use and nudity."(?)


filmed when Elle was 17


Is it me or has the nudity from tv shows this year (save for a show or two) been really lacking compared to previous years? I remember a time when there were hardly weeks in a year without a nude scene from some tv show. Not so much this year.


Kinda doesn't make sense there is a sudden big drop in nudity and it just happened to be timed with metoo. I think some movies and TV shows may have had scenes recut. Some at least. Male movie/TV producers are in hyper-paranoia mode. This means we might expect quite a downturn in the coming years. For the bigger movies and shows, that's basically what they want. A bit less female skin, a bit more male skin. We will see the effects. No clue who the smaller indie stuff will change but it no doubt will a little, as well. What's sad is, there are A LOT of MEN.. who are indoctrinated into the "female sex and nudity is not a good thing" mentality. It's called "bandwagoning effect" in human logic. 🙂


No kidding! It's so hard to notice 😀 Year started surprisingly well with Altered Carbon but now it's very bad... We must wait, there is always hope.


Does anyone have pics/videos of Daphne Patakia in Djam(2017)?Thank you.


I do not think it's available on bluray/VOD.


So what’s the deal with Duck Butter? Isn’t it supposed to be on Netflix?


According to interview with director it will be on iTunes in May and Netflix in the summer.


It will be released on May 1, according to Amazon.


No, not yet.




What's the point of a comment like this? So Recapped should ask you before posting any news? What an ego.


to make fun of people like you...


Stupid people think that's what fun is. There are a lot of us who would like to see MeW nude debut. (Bare nipples at least.) It's not just a few outliers. In your own interest, if you'd like to see someone else's nude debut, remember: While other people are getting to see what they want, that's helping to create an atmosphere where anyone you like who hasn't done it yet may decide to join the party too. Beauty is in your own eye, but there's plenty of different types of beautiful people to satisfy us all.


Thought I was the only one


Finally some good news again. Can't wait to see Mary's topless debut, but it will probably be a while before the movie comes out.


Not a big MEW fan but this is still good news. Hopefully more good new from recapped at the festival.


"My dad would kill me if I posed naked.He wouldn't speak to me again and I really love my dad, so that's always something that makes me a little nervous."
~ Emma Stone
(Back in an interview in 2011)

Someone please kill her DAD!!


It would be nice to see her get naked, but I don't think she'll do it.


Be positive man!!
She is everyones dream.
Everyone who said she would never do nudity eventually did it.
So lets hope for the best.


Well, that was 2011, she was 23, a kid. All things change. Actresses mature and change their attitudes as they age like we all do. Jennifer Lawrence and MEW said similar things early in their careers, I'm quite certain.


Jessica Alba's dad also cockblocked us.


Is he still alive??
Because Jessica Alba is yet to do nudity.


In Jessica’s case it was her whole family she was worried about. I just don’t know if that much killing is worth it now. 10 years ago I’d say sure, go for it.


I thought Jessica Alba had body issues stemming from an eating disorder? That made sense to me...that she was afraid to have her body be judged due to the potential for a relapse


That about right!!


It's so funny when they use their parents as an excuse. Think about how that actually makes them look... my daddy said no. lol. Kirsten Dunst also had a very similar quote, using her mother, before she made Crazy Beautiful.


Any info about “summertime” with lindsey Morgan ??


Alia Shawkat in Duck Butter?


Are there any other non-nude actresses you feel will eventually get there?

I really think Emma Roberts will.


Think and hope are not synonyms


I hope so.
What about Odeya Rush??
She is very hot but i don't know why no one here talks about her.


Any info on duck butter? Came out today.


Sounds good. The Nina I'm all about is Nina Dobrev - any projects that might bring her long awaited nude debut? She's on film, whilst promoting Flatliners, saying that nudity is the principal barrier that she feels ready to break as an actress.


That means she is ready to do nudity.
Then why don't these fucking directors are contacting her.
I hope we get a great nude debut from her.


I remember when I saw Scott Pilgrim, such an awesome movie, I was like.. some day this crazy-adorable chick will get naked, and I look forward to that... and here we are. Thank you, MEW. Haha. Her Fargo scene was sweet, but it's clearly going to pale in comparison to these deets. Great post. Thanks.


It's so close to Cannes. Hope it will be good this year.


BTW Gaspar Noe new film is called "Climax". Premiere in Cannes.


IMDB says it's called Psyche


Yes Ramona Winters show us your titties!


You mean Ramona Flowers. 🙂


You mean Ramona Quimby


Diamond Joe Quimby?


There was a time when we have to wait for 1 week or two for the update, review whatever you call it, but now six consecutive posts in a row, Hats off to the recapped team or organisation for the hard work they are putting here to make us feel good.
Love a.


I think, though, he posts more when he is attending festivals. He gives the scoops after each screening while he's there. I think, anyway. Might be wrong. Just the impression I've been given in the past.


Remember the dark days when it was months between updates?


Is it really that exciting when most the posts are delivering disappointing nudity news? I know, not recapped's fault. Disappointing updates are better than no updates I guess.


Yeah, some of the posts lately have been nothing but bad news, plus it sucks hearing about nudity years in advance of any sort of general release (it takes way, waaayyy too long for movies to come out these days), but still, I'd rather know than not know.


I burn in wishes to see that riding sex scene. It's a shame we have to wait at least for one and half year more for that.


This is obviously excellent news, but let's not forget she's already had nude photos leaked.


She already showed butt on Fargo, too.


And what a butt it was. Oh lordy that woman has amazing subtle curves.


Damn. When these clips come out I’m going to need to take a personal day.


Thanks for the good news but as MEW made her nude debut in Fargo,does this mean the naked debut mentioned in the last post is still to be revealed?Please be Sarah Bolger,please be Sarah Bolger.Is it Sarah Bolger Recapped?Please be Sarah Bolger.


Jurnee Smollett-Bell has been cast as the lead in HBO’s “Lovecraft Country”, which was mentioned in the TV show post as having nudity potential.


What is the movie?


That's Olivia Cooke in Katie Says Goodbye.


This is, without question, the best nudity news I've ever heard. She's always been a favorite of mine, but other than the great butt shot of her in Fargo, I'd given up hope of ever seeing a proper nude scene from her. Even if the scenes are brief, I'll take it.
There are many, many actresses I love seeing (or would love to see) nude, but she has been my #1 since I saw her for the first time.


While I *FULLY* agree on the amazingness of the news and the gloriousness that is MEW... I, for whatever it's worth, wouldn't put it #1 all-time. Definitely, inarguably, in the very top tier.


Yeah, she's one of my faves.


Huh... Mew actually went and did it. Who knew. Let's hope that brief look isn't too brief.




Nice, multiple decent-quality nude scenes, including a sex scene. Her ass in Fargo was fine.


Oh My GOD! Yes! This is amazing! Thank you so much for this news/review!