American Gods 101 Nudity Review

The series premiere of American Gods on Sunday has a sex scene about halfway through involving Yetide Badaki and Joel Murray. Yetide is fully nude during the scene including some brief bush. The scene is umm interesting.

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Where is Lilly James' tist and booty at?


It comes out tomorrow not today!


Any report of nudity from Ashley Greene on Rogue tonight? Her nudity came out of no where last year so hoping for the same for this year.


Based on the last episode, I wouldn't count on any nudity from her this season.


Seems there is nudity in the first episode of Handmaid's Tale, despite the earlier report saying there was nothing in first 3 episodes.


Ich hope there will be nudity in the future episodes, too. Want to see Kristen Gutoskie topless in the end of the season.


Is it female nudity?


Yes, there is female nudity in the first episode. Elisabeth Moss shows very briefly her right nipple, and Madeline Brewer shows briefly breasts and butt.


Where is Moss nipple? I didnt see anything. Not in the bath scene, if thats what you are referring to.


I was wondering what the difference is between the red and white dots on the calendar?


Red is for confirmed nudity. I'm sure that you can do the math on the rest.


Actually they all say confirmed when you click on them. Must be something else.