American Gods 104 Nudity Review

Emily Browning has a very, very brief nude scene on Sunday’s American Gods. Emily only shows an out of focus nipple once or twice while she is having work done on her. But don’t worry, you’ll see more of Emily on next week’s episode. Stay tuned for the review.

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Regarding the new Twin Peaks, David Lynch is usually good at convincing actresses to get naked in his movies. I hope this time he worked his magic on Jane Levy and Jessica Szohr, would really like to see them make their nude debut.


Lucy Hale in Dude?


Anything more info leaking out on Red Sparrow? If the film is even partially faithful to the book it has the potential to be the sexiest film featuring A-listers since Basic Instinct


Indeed. The industry rags keep hyping all the sex that was teased at the two cinema cons a few weeks back. But they don't mention nudity. Just that it's hard R and JL was taking a risk by doing this role but felt comfortable due to working with the Hunger Games 2-4 director again. The signs look promising.


Anything in twin peaks?


Madeline Zima shows ass and some sideboob in the first episode.


You've seen it already?


Yes, I've seen it. The first two episodes were accidentally uploaded this morning on Sky Italy's on demand service before the official premiere. Didn't have the chance to take a screencap though.


Screen cap or clip ?


Recapped, when will you be able to give us some info on Gypsy?


For those interested in GLOW, I've just seen the first episode and the Alison Brie reports are true.

There are two topless scenes in the first episode and they're both pretty brief. The first is in a locker room, Alison removed her blouse and then puts something else on, and there are a few seconds of well-lit topless action (but mainly from the side). The second scene is, in my opinion, better: it's a sex scene, she's on top and again her breasts are visible mainly from the side, but you also get a shot of her leaning over from the front.

Neither of these scenes have close-ups of her nipples, but they are very much visible from the sides. I'll have a flick through the other episodes and see what else there is.


Seeing as you're on a role, can you please share any details about Gypsy?


Screenshots of her locker room scene


Shoutout to all the people who thought Recapped was pulling an April Fools joke.


I hope to god this means her leaked sets will lose "value" and are more likely to appear online sooner than later, because those censored pics were amaaaaaaazing


So nothing at all from Ms. Gilpin? That's a real shame because she's got one of the best sets in the business? I guess I'll have to hope she gets them out in American Gods then.


Thanks a lot for the info. Not going to ask you to post any screenshots/caps since you could get into trouble.

Do have a couple of questions.

1. You have seen the whole season or were these like a handful of the first episodes that screeners often get before a series starts?

2. Was there anything from Betty Gilpin?


1) I haven't watched much, but have flicked through all the episodes.
2) No nudity that I noticed in quick scan.


Thanks. The sex scene sounds cool.


Many thanks for the report! Did you spot any nudity from Ellen Wong? Or any other actress you're able to identify (aside from Alison and Kate, of course)?


I'm going to believe this.


I totally don't blame you for not posting due to watermark, but is there a way to photoshop over it? I'm sure someone can do something like that

Still it's good to know it's really happening! Finally!


Have removed the screencaps cos I work for NF and know how capable they are of finding out! But the show is out soon and there are so many screeners out now that people are bound to leak HQ very soon.


Thanks for posting anyway!


Wanna be an absolute saint? Show intentionally low-res pics of the sex scene. I beg of you.


I'm interested in Kate Nash's shot. What kind of clip we are talking about? Sex clip or an accidental uncover maybe...?


The whole show is about female wrestlers bonding, learning to work together...etc so there are plenty of locker room scenes with scantily clad people. The Kate Nash topless scene is her in a hotel with a teammate and she's just changing from a tiny tank top to pyjamas (I guess) and the teammate, who is maybe a lesbian, is ogling her and they chat briefly about how perky her tits are. I would guess there's only 5 or 6 seconds of Kate's tips, but it's a very good shot.


You have already shared so much with us and I don't want to look greedy, but would you provide also a little view of Kate Nash for another huge fan?


Thanks so much for this review and for the other one. I forgot thank you in the last messege and then I couldn't edit it.
It's a pity the context of the scene, but a breasts shot of a beautiful woman, like Kate Nash, is always welcome.

PS: I am the only one who can't edit the messages?


Thanks for info! So just to be clear, no butt nudity from Alison?


That leaked image above seems to show a very small hint of butt in the second frame.


Nope, seems not (lots of butt in spandex though).


There is nothing from Alison in the other episodes.


Are you joking or is there actually more?


My pants tighten...


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEASE post screenshots! Or videos! Or everything you possibly can PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!


How long is the sex scene? Is with music or with the ambient sound (serious sex scene)?


dude post a screenshot...


Will the sex scene between Emily and Ricky Whittle be in episode 5? Are both naked or just Emily?


Who I'd really like to see get naked on this show is Gillian Anderson, but that's probably not going to happen sadly.


New leak of Abigail spencer is out....


So who turned out to be naked in Song to Song? Just some extras?


lol you should mark the day you decide to talk about GLOW on the sidebar calendar so we can all rest easy.


any female butt nudity in 12 monkeys season 3 ?


Naomi Watts nudity on Gypsy?


hey recapped,what about Erika Kaar in American Gods ?