American Gods 105 Nudity Review

Emily Browning has several nude scenes on Sunday’s upcoming American Gods. In the first scene, Emily shows her breasts underwater as she’s in the bath. Emily then gets out and we get a better view of her breasts. A little later, Emily is in the bath again and she shows her ass and breasts briefly as she steps out. And near the end of the episode, Emily shows her breasts again. Keep in mind that Emily has the Y-shaped baseball stitching makeup across her chest in all of these scenes.

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Nudity news on House of cards season 5 ?


I can't wait for more Alison Brie!!! ????


Cannes, piece of "Djam" movie review.

"Gatlif strikes a few jarring notes, particularly in his voyeuristic approach to his nubile young female stars. Scenes of full frontal nudity, implausible stirrings of lesbian lust and even a pubic shaving episode feel more like the director's private fantasies than dramatically necessary character detail. Naked soft-porn role-play by two Manic Pixie Dream Girls? The male gaze in full effect"


Just noticed that most of mrskin's Cannes reviews are just the same reviews as posted here but re-worded.
Super douchey of them to not give credit but I guess that's what they do.


No surprise - they do that all the time: last year they posted my find of Lela Loren nude photos and this year my news about possible nudity from Shantel Van Santen.


Hopefully Shantel will deliver.


Now I am basically 100% sure it's going to be Carrie Coon in the series finale, when she takes her robe off!


Whenever Justin Theroux crosses over to the other side he always wakes up butt naked so hopefully same thing when it's Carrie's turn


Agreed. If the people running the machine wouldn't even let her take a IUD through with her I highly doubt that robe is going along for the ride.


That's what I was thinking as well. Hope it's true - her past nude scenes were all pretty dark, while the robe scene was nice and bright.

I know people were hoping for Qualley, but she's barely been in this season.


Any info on Top of Lake China Girl?


Is there any female nudity in next 3 episodes of American Gods or no?


Emily Browning is wearing a flesh coloured bodysuit in todays American Gods. Shows nothing


Who said that it's a bodysuit? Looks like her real breasts to me!


Yeah, it's real.


You can see it's a rubber suit because when she gets out of the bath it wrinkles up under her arm.


She has prosthetic stitches on her chest, she isn't wearing a body suit, you moron.


adèle exarchopoulos (blue is the warmest color) nude from orpheline


That's from the trailer if i'm not mistaken.


you don't. still sexy enough while waiting til full movie release