American Gods 105 Nudity Review

Emily Browning has several nude scenes on Sunday’s upcoming American Gods. In the first scene, Emily shows her breasts underwater as she’s in the bath. Emily then gets out and we get a better view of her breasts. A little later, Emily is in the bath again and she shows her ass and breasts briefly as she steps out. And near the end of the episode, Emily shows her breasts again. Keep in mind that Emily has the Y-shaped baseball stitching makeup across her chest in all of these scenes.

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Nudity news on House of cards season 5 ?


I can't wait for more Alison Brie!!! ????


Cannes, piece of "Djam" movie review.

"Gatlif strikes a few jarring notes, particularly in his voyeuristic approach to his nubile young female stars. Scenes of full frontal nudity, implausible stirrings of lesbian lust and even a pubic shaving episode feel more like the director's private fantasies than dramatically necessary character detail. Naked soft-porn role-play by two Manic Pixie Dream Girls? The male gaze in full effect"


Just noticed that most of mrskin's Cannes reviews are just the same reviews as posted here but re-worded.
Super douchey of them to not give credit but I guess that's what they do.


No surprise - they do that all the time: last year they posted my find of Lela Loren nude photos and this year my news about possible nudity from Shantel Van Santen.


Hopefully Shantel will deliver.


Now I am basically 100% sure it's going to be Carrie Coon in the series finale, when she takes her robe off!


Whenever Justin Theroux crosses over to the other side he always wakes up butt naked so hopefully same thing when it's Carrie's turn


Agreed. If the people running the machine wouldn't even let her take a IUD through with her I highly doubt that robe is going along for the ride.


That's what I was thinking as well. Hope it's true - her past nude scenes were all pretty dark, while the robe scene was nice and bright.

I know people were hoping for Qualley, but she's barely been in this season.


Any info on Top of Lake China Girl?


Is there any female nudity in next 3 episodes of American Gods or no?


Emily Browning is wearing a flesh coloured bodysuit in todays American Gods. Shows nothing


Who said that it's a bodysuit? Looks like her real breasts to me!


Yeah, it's real.


You can see it's a rubber suit because when she gets out of the bath it wrinkles up under her arm.


She has prosthetic stitches on her chest, she isn't wearing a body suit, you moron.


adèle exarchopoulos (blue is the warmest color) nude from orpheline


That's from the trailer if i'm not mistaken.


you don't. still sexy enough while waiting til full movie release


Imagine if the Baywatch movie had Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach making out topless. It could've been done as a fantasy sequence,


If this movie were a typical "raunchy teen comedy" from the 1990s or 2000s, it would've happened.


what about Berlin Syndrome and orpheline ???


Teresa's clips from Berlin Syndrome are already online since yesterday.


See the previous post on this site ????????


Nothing from Eva Green in 'Based on a True Story'


Does she at least makeing out with Emmanuelle Seigner?


I agree. Does she makeout with Emmanuelle?


So much negativity here...


Some good news :
- Nicole Kidman briefly shows her bush and breasts in The Killing of a Sacred Deer.
- Elisabeth Moss goes full frontal during a sex scene in movie The Square
- Marion Cotillard is nude in Les Fantomes de Ismael
- Stacy Martin is nude in a few scenes in movie Redoubtable


Thanks for news and for the rest of the year I hope to see stana katic with a lot of nudity, Abstentia should have a lot of hot scene (nude?)!!!!


Hey recapped or anyone else, anyone have anything on Emma Rigby at all? I heard rumours she may get nude in Actors anonymous.


She did an interview not so long ago when she was promoting American Violence (in which she has a sex scene but no nudity), and said she was open to it in the future. That sorta implies she hadn't done any on screen nudity yet.


Anybody know who is this girl?

She's listed in Twin Peak's section on Baatyfornudity.


Where is baatyfornudity? Is it another blog like this?


It's similar to this page, but instead of being based in Wordreference, is based in Google Sites. Moreover, there, they make reference to recapped for majority of the news.


Jessica Szohr.


Thanks! She's fucking hot. I couldn't recognise her with blonde hair.

So... according to IMDb, she is in Episode 2, but I've been noticed about any interesting scene of her. Just a bait?


She was in one of the final scenes of ep 2, at the bar with Madchen Amick's character as one of her friends. Seemed like she worked at the diner with Amick. James (the biker guy) was looking at her. Perhaps she'll be his love interest? Certainly seems more substantial than some of the other roles (Sara Paxton).


Alexis Bledel in Handmaid's Tale?


Jane Levy showed her butt on Instagram story, maybe she'll show something on Twin Peaks as well.


There's a question if that's actually Jane. Anabelle LeMieux is the writer/director of the movie that the Instagram Stories photos came from, and Anabelle has the exact same hair and skin tone as Jane does in photos from the shoot.


Meh... no sex scene, no party. We've seen her everything of her yet. It's time to see her fucking, althought it be fiction.


I can see people in here conforms with seeing a nipple.


I've always liked Emily. Right in her prime she went all kinds of full frontal. Well-lit too. If only other young actresses would follow her lead.


Will we be getting an update on the Leftovers series finale after this Sunday's episode?


This guy on here said, he heard the entire cast gets naked. That sounds ridiculous even for Leftovers.
But I am curious, is that true, recapped? It's probaby Carrie Coon, though.


The preview for next week's episode tonight had a few shots that suggested Carrie Coon as well. Just a guess on my part, though.


She was literally about to take her robe off in the preview, so yeah... it's going to be Carrie. 😉


Praying for some Qualley. But then she's barely been in the season so I don't there'll be any such luck. Guess we just have to wait for that nun-movie.


I know you probably won't answer. But please recapped, just let me know, will there be any male nudity in upcoming episodes of American Gods? Seriously, I read about fucking equal nudity everywhere and there is NO such thing in this show. So please, give me a ray of hope. 😀


This shit? Again? Give it a rest. Stop turning every post into a referendum on male nudity in Hollywood.


? i recall they've shown dick in sexts, dick in the djinn sex scenes, and male ass in numerous episodes, including an ass that belonged to the controversial Dane Cooke. 4 episodes left, i'm sure that there'll be plenty more. & in the episodes we got, we've gotten more than any other show has shown


Sorry but you are happy with merkins and fake nipples on women? Just asking? Seeing that every dick in the show has been fake so far. And they barely showed any nudity from the guys during their sex scene, all side shit. And Dane's scene was extremely, extremely dark! So yeah, they have shown only women perfectly naked!!!


yeah i guess youre right


Are you bi or something? This site is about female nudity, not male.


This website is free to everyone. Me too I don't like to see these gay comments, and I dislike them everytime in almost each post because...I dislike them. But it's personal pov, xander or anyone else is like you and me, just human in front of a website in the computer. Why the hell should he be forbidden from this site ? because we don't have same interests ? not fair. this site is about nudity. majority of us like female nudity and that's why all the posts are mainly about female. Peace.


My issue is with the term "equal" nudity. Female nudity has gone down in the recent years both in terms of quantity and quality because of many reasons and feminism is one of the biggest among them. If they want male nudity then by all means try to look but the others are already frustrated and you shouldn't rub it in others's faces


Recapped is a unique source for this sort of information. There's no reason not to let people with different interests ask questions.


What is wrong with you people? Recapped is a community for like minded people. Maybe the problem is not with us and is with you


Someone asking in the comments whether there's any male nudity literally doesn't affect your life, or viewing of this site, at all. The only thing that affects your life is your decision to call them out on, rather than just leaving that discussion to people who are, very reasonably, interested in male nudity instead of/as well as female nudity.


Who are "you people"?


Nice! Thanks for news Recapped:)