American Gods 107 Nudity Review

On the next American Gods, Emily Browning shows her breasts briefly during a sex scene. Emily is playing a different character in this episode so there is makeup mystery. However, the scene is somewhat dark and there isn’t a real clear view of Emily’s face in the shot so there’s always the possibility it isn’t really Emily.

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Any news on when Demonios Tus Ojos/Sister of Mine is coming out?


Any nudity in the next episode of Handmaid's Tale?


See the nudity calendar on this website. No mention of any nudity.


Irrationally holding out hope for Diane Guerrero in OITNB Season 5.


I was excited when I saw the comments blow up. News? Leaks? Nope, just more Xander drama.


Anything from Bella Thorne or Halston Sage in you get me comes out on netflix june 23rd


Any male nudity in that scene or episode of American Gods, recapped?


Why does this get down-voted? I asked recapped and no one else. If he tells me to stop asking, I will!!!
But he offered to answer me if he knows, so I feel like I can just ask a simple question.
I share female nudity news or even caps. What's the problem, really? Who am I hurting with my question?


I see +5...


It's because you're RUINING the sanctity and integrity of celebrity nudity news. How am I supposed to jack off female celebrities now knowing that you jack off to male ones? Great, first you guys ruined marriage now you're ruining masturbation. IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT?


WTF is wrong with you man!?


np man, but you thought "sanctity and integrity of celebrity nudity news" was serious? I couldn't have made it any more ridiculous.


Well, sorry man, I really thought you were serious. Sadly, a lot of people still think exactly what you joked about. 😉


You're also RUINING the joke by not getting obvious sarcasm. Dude, c'mon.


Stupid people. You are hurting stupid people. Just ignore them.


Starz sucks now like HBO when it comes to female nudity, only brief breasts, no full frontal. But they show more and more male nudity. SJW won I think.


Dude, you really gotta stop! I get that you seem to be used to that every actress needs to get full frontal naked in every movie/tv show, but that is not reality!
And you should also stop with your male nudity bullshit. I like both, male and female nudity. I have a blog dedicated to nudity. And let me tell you, all that male nudity that you say happens everywhere, it's crap! It's NOT true! Cause I check every movie/tv show! And I see tits and more in almost all of 'em! You should just be thankful that you get nudity!
Plus every male nude scene in American Gods was fake. And all the rear nudity was only filmed from the side.


Hey xander, what's your blog?
Some people want to discuss cultural trends, politics and social injustice. I'm just here for the nudity. 🙂


Oh dear Xander - not this again. I have challenged you on several occasions to answer some very simple questions, and on each occasion you have chosen not to do so.

Nevertheless I shall ask again, hoping this time you might provide some honest answers.

Why do you insist on comparing tits with penises, when this clearly a biologically unsound comparison? Why do you not compare female toplessness with male toplessness?

And can you name these numerous tv shows which feature female frontal nudity? Remember merkins, and cgi don't count - you yourself have complained many times about cgi nudity on this blog, so no hypocrisy please.

And just to prove that male frontal nudity is NOT rare I shall provide, (a by no means comprehensive) list of programmes I have watched which has featured male frontal nudity:

Black Sails, The Night Of, Orange Is The New Black, The Affair, Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones, Outlander, Westworld, Spartacus, Banshee, True Blood, Oz, The Wire, Girls, Magic City, House of Lies, Weeds, Good Girls Revolt, I Love Dick, Da Vincis Demons, Billions, High Maintenance, Power, The Leftovers, Sense8, Flesh & Blood, Crashing, Ray Donovan, Togetherness, Vinyl, Fortitude, Glue, War & Peace, Outlander ...

I really could go and on to prove my point. Things are even worse here in the UK, where the majority of programs ONLY feature male nudity, with no female nudity at all! Programmes like

Hunderby, Catastophe, Flowers, Inbetweeners, Pulling, Gap Year, Siblings, How Not To Live Your Life, Plebs, Tripped, Campus, Tofu, Cucumber ... just to reiterate all these programmes contained male nudity - with many frontal scenes - and not a single scene of female nudity between them! NOT ONE!

Things are equally bad on the big screen - just take the recent Baywatch film, which featured 0 scenes of female nudity.

I've probably wasted my time, typing all of that out, and I don't expect you to engage with any of the points I've made other than to tell me i'm 'wrong' or deluded, but I look forward to your response anyway.


"Why do you not compare female toplessness with male toplessness?"
Oh, come on! Yeah, women like chests as much as men like tits.
That's ridiculous, and you know it.


Seriously I would advise you to talk to some women now and again. It might surprise you to find out that women, like men, are sexual beings, who are interested in looking at images of semi naked men.

Don't believe me? Ask yourself why Marvel crowbars topless shots of leading men into all of their films. Look at the response of women on social media to Aidan Turner's topless scenes in Poldark. I could go on and on and provide loads more examples.


While it's not the same there's no doubt that, to use SJW lingo, the "female gaze" is EXTREMELY prevalent in chick shows where men take off their t-shirts any chance the writers can get. CW is kind of notorious for it. So it's might not be the chest it's the whole package: chest, arms, abs.

Funny how men don't whine incessantly about this crap yet feminists are determined to ruin our fun with their one-sided puritanism.


You need a hobby.




Yorgos Lanthimos' new film The Favorite according to Rachel Weisz is "funnier, sex-driven All About Eve". I know it's still barely into post production but is there any news on the stars in that film like Rachel or Emma Stone.


News on Christina Hendricks or anyone else in the upcoming series Tin Star?


Hahaha now I get this #mysteryweek hashtag. But thanks for info:)
Oh and btw, any rumors / news about new season of Ray Donovan?


Katherine Hughes in “Kingdom” s03e02


Anything from Sophie Cookson in Gypsy?


There will probably be an update the week the show airs, if you haven't caught onto the pattern yet.