Anchor and Hope Nudity Review

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! We’re going to post a bunch of reviews we’ve been sitting on over the next couple of days. Most of these movies feature nudity from people you’ve never heard of. Or if they are somewhat famous, they don’t get naked. It may still be of interest to you anyway if only to rule out any nudity.

Anchor and Hope aka Tierra firme features some familiar names like former Game of Thrones stars Natalia Tena and Oona Chaplin playing lesbian lovers but the only nudity is from Charlotte Atkinson. About 95 minutes into the movie, Charlotte is shown sitting naked in bed. Charlotte’s right leg is blocking any bush from showing but you get a great view of her breasts.

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Does Oona Chaplin and Natalia Tena have any sex/kiss scenes?


Caps from Axolotl Overkill?The movie is on itunes(i can't use itunes movies in my country).


What happened on smilf?


Butt during sex and brief right nipple while changing from Frankie Shaw.


I'm really sad not to see Sophie and Maisie in a nude scene , and now for the final, it's too late ! I think we will wait a long time before to see them nude !


I'm not a huge GoT fan (only part way through season 2), but is there any female on the show who hasn’t gotten naked at some point (aside from Sophie and Maisie)? I did manage to watch Tena's nude scene, but I’ve yet to get to Chaplin's.


Chaplin doesn't show a ton really, just a little booty. The only other female I was hoping to do nudity who hasn't is Hannah Murray.


hannah murray doesnt get nude on the show but shows briest breasts in the movie Detroit.


and ass in bridgend


Lena Headey and Gwendoline Christie(Brienne)


Gwendoline Christie has a nude photo shoot , but its ... well lets just say really something to write home about ...


brienne shows ass


That was a body double.


I was a mega fan of the show around that time and I remember it be confirmed a body double but I don't remember where. Maybe it was on the DVD episode commentary. The shape of the body and ass makes it quite obvious.




Aside from lots of stripper extras at the beginning of the episode, another week with no nudity on Shameless (there is barely some ass in a sex scene).


Came in to post this. I was happy to get a Levy Tran sex scene, better than nothing. Hopefully it leads to more in the future.


Yeah, I mean, her little ass shake in Fast and the Furious was hotter than what we got tonight, tbh.

I want some more of that chick from the diner, whoever she is.


I can deal with little or no nudity if the scene is sexy enough, which it was. Narratively speaking, I'm not 100% sure that her character will keep hooking up with Lip but I'm hopeful.


still there is no nudity from lead characters...waiting for that lesbian scene and a sex scene from today's character named CYNTHIA who met frank at the school...God,this season also SHAMELESS got nice ladies on-board..Hope SHOWTIME won't dissapoint....


According to IMDB, Bre Blair (Cynthia) is only listed for that one episode. Hopefully the listing is wrong because she was hot.


I was going to bring her up as well. Again, narratively speaking, not only does it make sense for her to show up again but some sort of sex scene (not neccessarily nude) seems likely.


Will this include a script nudity review of I Am Not a Bird?


getting almost as tiresome as Dave now


Thanks Recapped! Can't wait for all these reviews:)