Animals Review

Early on in Animals, Amy Molloy strips off her dress. We get good views of Amy’s breasts and butt as she then climbs onto the bar and frolics around. Amy’s fake looking bush then catches on fire and we see a closeup as she and Holliday Grainger pat it down to put it out.

A little later, Alia Shawkat rolls around in bed briefly in a very sheer nightgown and we can make out her breasts and nipples pretty clearly. At 95 minutes, Alia is naked in the bath but you only see sideboob.

There is no nudity from Holliday Grainger despite having several sexy scenes including a couple of masturbation and sex scenes, getting eaten out, and waking up tied to a bed with her legs spread in panties. You can maybe see part of Holliday’s butt during one of the sex scenes.

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so i'm guessing for Emmy Rossum or others on Shameless for second half of this season?


According to Showtime tv-ma ep 10-12 have brief nudity (might be just that butt in opening credits, but also, just as ep 9 showed, might be some female nudity in episode) and ep 13 have nudity.


Would it be unrealistic to hope for something from Shivani Ghai in Strike Back ? She was close to some proper nudity in Dominion...


Her scene in Dominion was a work of a as she's post 40 in her age I think she'll not doing any nudity...and from recent trend from cinemax, I would not expect any nudity as nude scenes are easily avoided (like last episode) if at all another nude scene in the rest of the season, I'll be happy...


Anything in the break(la treve) in season 2?


A censored full frontal private pic of Kaya Scodelario recently leaked.


Úrsula Corberó, Lucía Delgado, María Molins and PAtricia López Arnaiz in "El árbol de la sangre" ("Tree of Blood") by Julio Medem

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Anything in Untogether with Alice Eve? In theaters today.


Nothing from Alice - Jemima Kirke is nude in it


If anyone in the London area wants to see Vita & Virginia a few months ahead of the general release, it will be screening at BFI Flare next month.


Regarding DonnybrooK:
2/15 is the theatrical release. 2/22 is the VOD release.


Rafaela Mandelli - Intimidade Entre Estranhos (2018)


Anyone know when Never Look Away gets released?


Its soooo frustrating. Ive seen it and the nudity is amazing, but the wait for the bluray is long. we might have to wait until april till its released on bluray in germany.

I know there is a dvdscr out there and its also playing in the usa quite a bit so someone can maybe help? grab a few screen?


Heard the film failed critically, maybe they’re scaling down its release?


its actually the opposite? It is 188 minutes long and has had good-great reviews and has been nominated for a FLF and cinematography oscar. theyre expanding it statewise and internationaly as it gains momentum and recognition.

btw, its not on par with The Lives Of Others, but what is?


I’m relieved if that’s the case
The lives of others is indeed a hard one to top


The trailer of L.A. fitness is out! In a short moment, you can see jessica alba in a very little sexy dress push a Guy on a bed. Perhaps we could have a sex scene !!!


Well technically its a couch and not a bed..and are you sure that's Alba in that shot ?!? One can barely see the face there


Sorry I want To say "L.A.'s Finest".
In the trailer there is also a shower scene with Gabrielle Union.


Intimacy of Stangers is now out on VOD. Towards the end Rafaela Mandelli has a hot scene where she makes out with another chick, followed by a staircase sex scene with a young man in which she shows boobs, butt, and possibly a flash of bush. Worth a look.


Just googled her and she's SMOKIN' HOT!!!!!


I'm making you the new president of her fan club. Your first job is to go find a clip of that scene and post it.


Any word on Karen Hassan in Cellar Door yet?


From the recent promo for Strike back, it seems pallavi sharda has a sex scene (don't know if she's nude in it or not) but worth checking out as she's an Indian born in Australia...finger crossed guys... I'll be happy with butt nudity also..but show us something cinemax...


It is a sex scene foresure.. she has written on Twitter as well.. not sure when will we get to see a video of it...


just saw the episode.. it is just kissing scene and the guy taking her top off and she wearing a bra.. and nothing else...


Sorry guys firefox is not logging me in after the new update lol 😀 Amazon btw had an problem and was available at 07:00 oclock german time (lol).

For the epsidoe its the scene from the trailer oh god this is not good nuditywise i hope they will be any nudity in the other episodes.

btw. still no rating on the cinemax schedule (which is really strange)


Wasn't expecting any nudity from her. Right now Radhika apte is the only reasonably known face from India, one can expect nudity from. She has a strong theatre background and is passionate about the art form, maybe the reason why she does not back out from nudity when necessary.


Well that was disappointingly brief..even for a sex scene, it was kinda lame. I can imagine how Strike Back fans must be feeling right now. I understand Cinemax wanting to go premium, but they really don't have to cut down the nudity in order to do that


Judging by this description of the scene, there is most likely no nudity as suspected by us. Now if someone would post the scene here, that would be great


Plz upload this promo anybody coz I can't find it anywhere in youtube


No nudity in E03 according to Cinemax schedule no information about E04-06 but the plots are already out and it looks bad nuditywise (one of the guys gets tortured) also there is no rating on E04 on the cinemax page (which is not good normally they put on the next two episodes) could be related to the torture stuff the show is TV-MA BUT we all know the USA rating system.

The Amazon Rip of the new episode should be here at 04:25 german time (we are one hour in the future if you go with UK time) which is 22:25 in the states (Yes they direct download it from Amazon so its there before the show is even finished because amazon goes after global time which is not the us time).

Last week it was here at 04:19 so i will be posting if some nudity happens also i think the "blond" woman in the trailer is not the indish woman looks more like its Yasemin Allen's character.

Also the other indish woman Varada Sethu (who was born in UK) could be have a nudity scene because she is captured in the trailer (which could also be not capture) (the official trailer not the episode trailer) so yeah could e interesting seems like Varada Sethu isn't shy because her Twitter page looks really interesting and i think she could maybe do nudity.


Thanks bro in advance if the episode does contain something n U post in India it's Saturday morning 9.30 when the episode will b finishing it's air time in US..


Sure i will post it.


Ok so based on her and the dude's twitter, the scene seems to be coming in this Friday's episode which has no nudity if VisitorQ's info is to be believed. Just a non-nude sex scene then


In the season trailer there is a brief glimpse of a sex scene where a girl wearing bra can be seen from the back..I think that scene we're talking about...if that scene is in next episode episode n no nudity(according to visitorQ) den we Will not getting anything from her.. I'll be much happier if that scene does contain some ass nudity...


Yes..according to IMDB, she's in for only 2 episodes. Went through the synopsis and the scene could either be in the upcoming episode or the 1 after that..most likely the latter..both are set on India


she is killed in this episode only....


When will this episode air?


Normally it airs on Friday at 10 pm in US timing..but not sure if this scene is available in next episode or in the upcoming episodes...


Tomorrow episode have no nudity. No info about next week(s) yet.


yup i know..saw the content rating in the other i'm sure this scene is available in upcoming episodes but don't know which one...


As per IMDb, Pallavi Sharda isn't scheduled for many episodes.I think I read 2,let's see


Anymore news on "to the stars"


MrSkin has it in the no nudity category.


Any news yet on the show “Too Old to Die Young”


All I heard is that it's going have 10 episodes that are near or over 90 minutes long.


Where's the Blu Ray caps of A private war? Didn't it come out feb 5th?




Worth making an account there? I just assumed everything that was posted there eventually got re-upped somewhere else, but best I’ve seen from that is meh-ass dvd screencaps...


It's pretty much the opposite. You can get UHD and HD clips for all kinds of stuff, new and old. A few of the posters only post on that forum too, so theoretically you will only find their stuff there.


Free = always worth it 🙂
Seriously though, some of the best and most active cappers are over there.


I'm wondering why Holliday is recently a never nude. She's been in a lot of stuff where could've gotten naked. I can understand her not wanting to always be naked but honestly she should be. She's getting hotter and hotter.

I have no idea who Amy Molloy is but I never care about how famous a woman is. I just care about her getting naked. This scene sounds ridiculous and gratuitous and I love ridiculous gratuitous nudity. Clearly fake bush if it catches FIRE.

thanks as always recapped


Did we ever get official word on Tell It to the Bees? I know Holliday Grainger was rumored to have nude sex scenes.


Only Anna Paquin is nude in those scenes it seems.


The last nude scene she did was for Tulip Fever (shot back in 2014) -- I'm guessing she's now got a high enough profile that she can say no to nude scenes.