April 11, 2019 Rumors

With all the recent news about delays, here’s some good news if it turns out to be true. There is a rumor that the series premiere episode of Euphoria will be available to stream a month earlier than the scheduled date of June 16 on HBO NOW and HBO GO. This will only be the first episode and will only be available for a limited time — likely the third weekend of May. A reminder that this episode contains the nude debuts of Sydney Sweeney and Alexa Demie.

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Has anybody seen the french submarine movie Le Chant le Loup(the call of the wolf?)?

I have a strong suspicion that we shall be seeing even more nudity by Paula Beer very soon.


Charlie from vidcap.net had said that she showed her nipple. Anyway, it will be on Netflix for some countries.


Any news on Danish film 'Queen of hearts' with Trine dyrholm? It was released in Denmark last month and supposedly has explicit sex scenes.


I'm 100% sure Dyrholm is naked in it, but don't take the "explicit" comments seriously. When critics use that word to describe sex scenes these days, it simply simply means "long", "many" or "with movement".


I only care if Zendaya will be nude and get banged. The short is worthless if it doesn't happen many times.


Any chance for Veronica Mars (reboot on Hulu)?
Im looking for Kristen Bell long long time ago


They said the show will be more mature, but Kristen Bell does have a past of dodging nudity, so it's hard to say.

If there is any it might not be Bell


I can’t help but shake the feeling that there really won’t be anything because it’s Veronica Mars despite allegedly going mature. *If* there is any, I hope Kirby Howell-Baptiste gets a taste for future reasons.


Didn't she say in an interview that she wish she would've gotten naked years ago?



She’s had opportunity before in the movie Lifeguard but that’s as close as we’re getting (at least for now)


don't think she did.


Seriously doubt it.


First of all, I'm sorry that I was not able to update you on monday, but I had a very busy week.
I will get this out of the way right now: I will not be posting any clip related to My Days of Mercy. The footage was filmed by one of the friends that made the journey to Madrid with me and he does not feel safe with leaking it, it's his choice and I always said I would seek approval first. I'm sorry, but that's final.
The first clip I posted was in a discussion about how low quality can be worse than waiting, it was in the middle of a 100 comment thread, while replying to a guy, I never expected anyone but him to see it, but somehow blew up into 7/10 posts being about it. Then it was all over a few subreddit "the 144p cam guy must do this, must do that" and my friend came across the second clip I showed you guys and asked me to not leak anymore of it, even before I was able to ask him if it was ok. This happened friday morning, I wasn't even aware if the movie had been released as it was supposed to.

I just wanted to make a reply nontheless, not to calm the angry mob voices, but for those who were always nice and just wanted to sincerely see it, I'm sorry I am not able to help you.
Just a little side note to some of you, do not demand or insult people who have not behaved poorly towards you, that does not make them go the extra mile for you, just makes you look like one of those deep South USA 50 years olds that scream about wanting to see the manager at Target. Saying I didn't have anything doesn't really make sense if I had already shown two bits of the clip and people confirmed it was the scene you wanted. Saying I did this for "power"... Jesus. Like I said, I didn't expect people to notice it in the comments, but even if you guys did, what-freaking-power? What would I accomplish with that power? I can't go to the groceries and say "oh, no, I'll be paying in jerk off power", so what kind of power would I be having with this? Come on… I know you are frustrated with all this MDOM, but being this level of silly ain't doing anything for it, you should be angry at Lionsgate, not me. I was honestly just trying to help, since Recapped has given me some good scenes, just trying to give back to the community.
Unfortunately, I am not able to do it, I think a gif dropped in a random host would leave no trace, but the owner does not agree with me and I will respect that.
I hope those who were just being cool the whole time can understand my position.
Hope May 17th pans out, have a good weekend guys.


You deserve nothing; this place is meant for sharing, you don't say to have it if you don't want to share it, otherwise you're just a trickster.
Actually you even shared a cropped video, hiding the interesting parts, therefore you're worse than that.


In fact, would your friend be willing to upload the clips to here or somewhere that would allow others to have the footage then erasing the footage from the place you upload the footage so that it's not traceable to you or your friend?


People were being dicks unnecessarily, sure. That's on them.

But the real epic dick move was posting a censored clip in response to a person griefing you in the thread, then telling the entire forum it was that person's fault that we weren't getting the full video.

So, while I appreciate you owning up, you can put that moralizing back in its box right now.


You were much better off just staying silent on this, dude.

Complain about the community getting angry all you want, but you proved you had the clips multiple times to people asking for them here and are now the one writing an essay when people find it an unfair tease or attention needy behaviour. Maybe they're wrong, maybe you are being reasonable to your circumstances, but you're not helping yourself out here.


Just get lost.


The "power" comment was mine, and I admit it was a dumb thing to write.
No problems, man, I respect everything you write here. Have a great weekend 🙂


Nice back tracking. Leave and don’t come back. Your word is garbage. We can’t trust anything you say from here on out.


Anyone who needs to prove they have a leak but then not share it is fishing for attention. Why does your friend care if other people see it? Send him here so we don't have to deal with you trying to string us along.


If the movie doesn’t come out by the end of 2019, I’ll release the clips I took on a Motorola RAZR V3.


@Dude Honestly I just wish that someone would release what they have in a way that the people who download would be responsible for the footage. I get the 'Just wait' thing but at this point, we've been fucked around by companies and people on here that I just want to watch the scenes in some way or another. Those that want to wait can just not watch the clips.


For what it's worth dude I'm of the same opinion I was a month ago when we though the movie was gonna be released in a week or 2 and I'm glad you're not spreading the video. At this point we've waited so long we may as well wait for the HD videos to come out proper.

If the movie was still 6 months away I'd maybe want to see a potato quality camrip of the nude scenes but fingers crossed that's not the case


Thanks for the reply jflobo and for trying. I can understand you want to respect your friends wishes by not posting any footage. Do you think a screenshot of Kate topless would get the go ahead from him? Its easy to post anonymous pics. Otherwise I really hope May 17 pans out for everyone's sake, but its hard to stay positive after april 5 lol.


We share things here, you should stop coming.


Fair play, I guess. Thanks for trying anyway.




Thank u, next.


Other reports on the Terminator Dark Fate footage (mild spoilers) From a Tweet: "TERMINATOR footage features a fully nude Mackenzie Davis time-travel landing in Mexico City and beating the shit out of a couple of cops." &an article (same Author), " The cops step out, asking the obvious questions one might ask upon discovering a disoriented and extremely nude woman under a bridge." Possibly journo hyperbole, but implies nudity won't just be framed out like in Genisys. & a great Mackenzie Davis ass shot would make me exceedingly fucking happy 😀


If I get to see Mackenzie Davis nude, I'll be a happy man


According to this report, "The way the nudity was presented was the first indication that TERMINATOR: DARK FATE is going be rated R." We might get a little more than just ass. Though there have been no clear reports indicating what exactly we will get.



This is great news


All aboard the hype train.


And, of course, I would be totally happy with just ass, to be clear.


Sydney's debut is about the only scene I'm looking forward to this year. I couldn't possibly care less about terrible indie films with nonexistent release dates.


Well that sucks for you. You should broaden your horizons. Especially on the tv side.


Any news about the movie "Going Places" I heard it is completed


There's a bit of side boob from Catherine Corcoran in Long Lost and some good bikini scenes, but no actual nudity I saw.

Great news about Euphoria, Sydney looks beautiful in the trailer. I hope having a younger female director gave her confidence to go all out on the nude front. I just don't feel Zendaya will show anything, so full frontal nude selfies would make up for that.


anything in "Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island?"; looks promising


out of focus nudity from maria pedraza


Unfortunately, from what I can tell, the nudity in Diablo Guardian S02 seems way dialed down. I just skimmed through it and didn’t see anything even close to S01. Sorry, guys.


Yeah there was Paulina topless in tub briefly at beginning of episode 4 I believe, and then another episode featured topless sex scene from side view and at a distance (maybe episode 4 or 5). Don't think I caught anything else that good. At least she gave us that all time great season 1.


Still one of the 2 or 3 hottest women out there. Now waiting to see what Euphoria and Vida bring.


Damn. Thanks for the update.


@jflobo man... I wish we would at least hear from you.


He's a charlatan, he won't be back.


Makes me wonder why he bothered to film the footage with a potato or why he didn't make sure that he was able to capture it in good quality even if he always wanted to keep it too himself. Guess we'll just have to wait for my good ol' country to deliver the goods on May 17th.


It was his "friend's" potato footage, not his. Most likely he never had permission to post it.


I wonder if Sydney Sweeney's sex scene is part of the selfie montage or separate?


Anything with Rosabell Laurenti Sellers other than GOT?


She's in a sci-fi show from Germany picked up to air on Sky, but no idea about nudity.


And in SyFy in America. So hopefully the version airing in Europe includes titties, because it would be a shame if she only bared those beauties the once.


And while her famous scene was very generous with multiple camera angles of her rack, it was still all dimly lit behind bars. Such a pair deserves to be seen in bright clear lighting.


Excellent news I won't be watching the show but if we get Sydney's selfie montage early and they don't fuck it up in editing I'll be happy.


Thanks for the update, great to hear some positive news. I might be anticipating the Sidney Sweeney nude scene more than the Alexandra Daddario in Lost Girls and Kate Mara in MDOM. Don’t get me wrong, they are all smokin hot, just really looking forward to seeing Sydney nude. I didn’t even know who she was till I looked her up when I first heard about Euphoria.


The fact that it's actually moved along at a reasonable schedule and has an upcoming release date helps with the anticipation.


Thanks for the news Recapped! Will be awesome if it does indeed happen along with May 17 MDoM date.