April 13, 2019 Rumors

There is a pretty crazy rumor going around that the role of Renfri in The Witcher television series is being recast. Possibly to get a bigger name for stunt casting. If this is true, we will have to wait to see more of Millie Brady.

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Any Gloria Bell scenes out... ??? !!! ???
Julianne Moore deserves another Oscar for all her sex scenes and nudity in her AMAZING career... !!!


HBO's TVMA for this upcoming GOT ep: brief nudity.


Maybe Cersei body double nude scene?
Or maybe something from Gwendoline or NCW


Daenerys hasn't had a bath for years, so for gods sake give the dirty bitch a good wash down!!!!!


Their season-opening nudity extravaganza was whores. I can't help but have some doubts.


Tormund's butt.


Underrated comment


Mireille Enos and Kelli Williams just leaked for anyone interested.


What's that?


I believe The Last Kingdom S4 began shooting on Monday. Perhaps Millie Brady's schedule for The Witcher changed and caused a conflict with her other show?


The scenario suggested by Rec is more likely. Netflix have seen the early footage, know the show is garbage and Henry Cavill is not going to get anyone watching, so they are looking for some high profile tits to boost their initial numbers on release.


I can't see a high profile name (equal to Cavill? Bigger?) agreeing to guest star in one ep where they'd have to show their tits (especially if the show is supposedly garbage). I imagine if they got such a name cast, they'd have to say goodbye to the nudity. Or perhaps they just want a bigger name than Brady and not necessarily a star or someone massively well known? It's all a bit confusing. It was reported before that Brady was in the first ep. They've been shooting since November but only now (in the last week) have they gotten around to shooting the first ep? Or at least Brady's scenes for it? I know it's a Netflix show and they don't have to film the eps in chronological order, but I would have thought they'd still shoot the first ep at the start of production. It'll be interesting to see who they recast with.


The redditors said she was filming for the show in the Canary Islands 6 weeks ago.


She is a rare beauty and would love to see a lot more of her but if she has largely dodged nudity in French cinema multiple times I wouldn't be too hopeful of that happening.

Hopefully be proved wrong though ...


“largely dodged nudity in French cinema multiple times”

She’s topless in this, she was topless in “La dame dans l'auto avec des lunettes et un fusil”.

She wasn’t nude in “Cezanne & Moi” - does that count as dodging?

This is disregarding the English language nudity in “The White Queen” and “Modern Life Is Rubbish” - but yeah, total dodger!


Damn, was really hoping for more. Thank you for posting.


There’s still her other French project, coning soon to ARTE - and almost certainly Netflix, though I don’t think that part has been officially confirmed yet.


iirc Netflix deal was confirmed during Berlinale.
But is there a release date? I looked it up couple weeks ago and couldn't find anything.


The berlinale programme info listed Netflix as a broadcaster:


Federation Entertainment bought up the rights for non-German territories (and at that time only listed Arte as a broadcaster):


but several websites and interviews have it down as a Netflix show:


so it's confirmed, but not yet by Netflix themselves (that I've seen) and the release date is still just sometime before summer.


Thanks dude. I've been waiting for this scene for a long time. Wish there were more to it, but whatever. She's cute.


Gina Carano in Haywire is on the telly right now. A pretty well recieved movie debut, but sadly, her movie career never took off they way some predicted it would. Shame, because she's hot and has a sex appeal that's a bit different from any other actress out there.


I wish she had more talent than just being insanely beautiful.


She has sweet ass kicking talent. Not a great actor, but good enough to get the job done between fights.


That or at least show some skin.


More talent? She was never going to be the next Meryl Streep that's for sure! But then again, she never needed to be! She should/could have been the female Stallone, Arnie or even a Jason Statham type action star.


She is a main side character in the upcoming Mandalorian Star Wars TV series.


I wish she had more roles


Hustlers release date: September 19, possible Lili Reinhart nude debut:


She’s playing a stripper, correct? Even her ass in a thong would be a spectacular thing.


While the chances of it being a nude scene are basically zero, I do think they were setting up a potential Arya love scene last night. Her scene with Gendry was pretty flirty. There's not much time left but I think we could get a little something before they head off to battle. Sansa on the other hand has literally no potential love interest, so anybody hoping for anything from her are gonna be disappointed.


Definitely not a nude scene as I said, but I still think a love scene could happen. We did see Sansa get raped after all, and while there was some backlash to that, it showed they're not completely against showing Turner or Williams in a sexual light. Jamie-Lynn Sigler did have a few sex scenes in The Sopranos and though she never showed anything, I don't think any of the main cast ever did. King Robert said the Starks and Baratheons would join their houses, and I think Arya and Gendry will be the ones who do it.


I don't think there's ever been any example of an actress who started on a specific show while she was a teenager then turned 18 and went nude in later seasons of that same show. It might be some contractual thing but sopranos, shameless, californication none of these shows did it.

But there's even less likelihood of the GoT producers doing it with an actress having a love scene with an actor who was acting with her while she was at that young age. I just don't see it happening.


There's at least one example of an actress growing up on a show and going nude that I can think of. The UK version of Shameless had a topless sex scene from the Debbie character (played by Rebecca Ryan) that mimicked the kitchen sex scene that her sister had in the pilot. Right down to the fingers getting trapped in the drawer I believe.
I didn't watch the show much so I don't know if there was any more, but she was like 12 when that show started.


I think Morgan Saylor did it in homeland


Morgan Saylor has been nude but never on Homeland. She was also only on the show for 2.5 years, a bit different from the 7 or whatever Thrones has run.


the Homeland "nudity" was nothing but a nipple slip


she has been nude in homeland too. Quick flash, but still nude.


On Red Joan, sounds positive;
"There’s also a bafflingly unnecessary shot of nudity from Sophie Cookson that feels like some sort of desperate attempt to make a few more bucks at the box office (not that the movie is going to make much, but still). Rarely do I ever harp on these things, but there are three moments of physical intimacy in the film with two of them being implied sexual intercourse that cuts to the next day before anyone can undress. Meanwhile, one of them cuts to a gratuitous 2-3 seconds shot of Sophie Cookson nude before cutting once again to the next day. Maybe the filmmakers shot an entire sex scene that they felt was not needed but also didn’t want to go to waste, but if that’s the case why not just show the whole thing? A 101-minute movie would only be extended by another minute. Also, it’s not a prudish thing at all; it’s just awkwardly edited to the point of worth questioning the intentions behind it."

Also Once Upon A Time in London is out on VOD this Friday too, and there's advance screenings from tonight in the UK. Unconfirmed but there's a rumour Holly Earl has her nude debut in this one.



I’m more doubtful about the Holly Earl chances than I used to be. There are a few more likely candidates for any nudity.


Any Gloria Bell scenes out?


there must be some scenes out because the movie is in cinemas since March 8... !!!


I think the VOD release date is May 21


Are you sure?


Has anyone seen “Red Joan” with Sophie Cookson? The BBFC ratings say there is a brief topless sex scene - they rated it 12A but the MPAA gave it an R.


It's not out until the 19th in the UK, I asked around when it showed at TIFF but only thing people said was that there was only a little nudity. Hopefully it's from Sophie after 'Killer Joe' last year


There’s been a few advance/press screenings recently, plus I believe it was at a film fest in SF.


How likely will there be a final nude scene from Emilia Clarke in GoT?


Frankly, I can't believe Arya and Sansa actually thought incest was a good idea and they threw in that gratuitous sex scene. I guess the show is comparing their more innocent sex with Jamie and Cersie's but it seemed really out of character.


It’s getting old...please stop


So is seeing people ask if they're getting naked. Life's hard,dude.


I know it would never happen but with all the joking about shipping Arya/Sansa (even coming from the actresses themselves) I can't help thinking that 15 years ago this would have been a possible direction Martin would have taken the characters in. I just think even if he wanted to he'd never get away with it now.


As expected, just random whores in GoT


Come on, show some respect! Those ladies survived the whole series!


They may be the craftiest women in all of Westeros. They survived and didn't have to strap on a sword, starve, fight zombies and live in pig shit. BALLERS.


any nudity from Sophie Turner in GoT.. she should be doing nude scenes now...


The best chance to see Sophie naked this year is in a movie called "Heavy".


I heard full frontal from her tonight.


Now, as much as i'd love to see her do a nude scene, i have to ask why she should be doing them? She's an actress, not a stripper.


You make that sound like it's a bad thing. Stripping is all part of the craft of acting and many that have done nude scenes has never had their careers affected negatively by it.


Tonight! She show biiig american titties!


? She's English...


Body double?


How many times this has been answered? Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams aren't going nude on Game Of Thrones


you're wrong ! Maisie williams show her boobs and ass !


Yup, disguised as Walder Frey


I seen them mit mine own eye, and I were not drunk!


Can you give a single convincing reason why we should believe you? Even one? Because there's no way you'd know that unless you had worked on the show or had firsthand knowledge of the scene. While I think it's unlikely Sophie or Maisie will have a nude scene, I'm not going to dismiss that possibility because it's ultimately their decision and if they think there's a good reason to get naked, they might just do that. But to just say it's going to happen over and over without backing it up is offering false hope to erections everywhere. And that, sir, is unfair.


Let it go, you are making a fool of yourself.


TFF is starting in 10 Days. Hope for some goods.
Sarah Gadon (American Woman)
Emma Ishta (Crown Vic)
Marie Burchard (Roads)
Teresa Palmer (The Place of No Words)
Grace Van Patten (Good Posture)
Otmara Marrero (Clementine)
Sydney Sweeney (Clementine)
Zoey Deutch (Buffaloed)
Lou de Laâge (White As Snow)
Jessie Buckley (Wild Rose)
Margot Robbie (Dreamland)


don't forget Haley Bennett in Swallow


I read TIFF instead of TFF and thought that isn’t until September. Lol


Wild Rose

from Canadian ratings:

“Brief portrayal of sexual activity – no nudity, some detail.
Brief buttock nudity in a non-sexual context”

From British ratings:

“A woman is seen straddling and vigorously riding a man.”


Any chance of nudity from Troian Bellisario from movie Clara?


Jessica Chastain in Eve?

Antje Traue in Das Ende der Wahrheit / Blame Game? Comes out in Germany May 9th.



Can we expect nudity from Traue?


She has done 2 nude scenes before so it's possible.


But the angles are off in these scnes I was hoping we would get a clearer longer nude scene from her with better lighting.


She might not be willing to do full on nudity. She might only do it with dark lighting and angles.


I hope for the same also. I was just sharing them to confirm that she is indeed willing to do nudity.


when is the Allison Williams lesbian movie coming out?


Does it have nudity?


"Early on in The Perfection, Allison Williams and Logan Browning are performing on their cellos together. This scene is intercut with scenes of Allison and Logan dancing, kissing, and having sex. Both Allison and Logan are nude during this sex scene but you don’t see any nipples, just lots of close calls. Allison also shows her butt. Allison and Logan are then talking in bed naked afterward but their arms are covering their breasts. Logan then gets up and walks away and you see her ass. The next scene, some time has passed and again Logan walks out of bed topless but you only see sideboob and her butt in a thong."


Sounds like a whole lot of effort to avoid exposing a nipple. Maybe even to the point of being a distraction. Silly.


What is the name of this movie?


The Perfection


May 24 on Netflix.


I bet this show will have nudity in the pilot from extras, and the rest of the season will be totally sex-less.


Maybe not sexless but if theres a second season there's guaranteed to be a sophomore year drop off in nudity. Almost every show does that.


celebtop is closing their forum registration in case anyone hasn't signed up yet.


I didnt even know ctop was still active. Didn't it go belly up a few months ago which is when people started saying their should be a forum here? Wondering what happened.


It was offline for a week or something last year but other than that, it's been alive and well for nearly a decade.


Is Scott still webmaster? I legit heard he had a breakdown or something.


Thanks , been wanting an account, it was closed last time i tried 😀


Is the CNDB forum and reviews section dead? Or have they just made it much harder to navigate?


It’s been left to rot for years by Mr. Skin. Very hard to navigate and they turned off search. Still some good stuff on there you can’t find anywhere else in the forum but you’re better off doing a domain restricted search through Google to find what you need there than trying to click through.


I don't know if she's a bigger name than Millie Brady, but they should try for Dakota Blue Richards.


Some parts of Dakota are definitely bigger...


That’s why I suggested her.


It's eitghteen letters long. Definitely bigger.


Well played.


Glow season 3 when? and what can we expect from Alison Brie? and speaking of Bries anything from Brie Larson in the foreseeable future? and while on that topic when can we expect Gal Gadot to make her nude debut?


I doubt Gal ever goes nude.


I actually know when Gal may do it.


Exactly four years.


Brie Larson has just one new movie called Just Mercy. I don't think she has any nude scene in that movie -but who knows-.
But Gal Gadot has many projects. She will play in Death on the Nile (hasn't any nude scene), Red Notice (an action movie) and Untitled Hedy Lamarr Project. If she still in the Lamarr project we maybe see her nude because Lamarr is the first actress who showed her nude body in a movie.


Anything else?


I saw her on location. Got some footage of a scene she shot too! I mean my friend does. Love me.


Damn… Imagine thinking I wasn't actually trying and instead was looking for this kind of cringy attention… Jesus christ, what kind of goal would that be.


lol, so much saltyness in here.


Really? What was the scene about? Who else was in it? Please


I’m being sarcastic I don’t have anything. I want to clear the air so I don’t come off as some jerk who makes promises for weeks and doesn’t deliver


Was that at the Canaries?


I can relate to your username


Yes, it's not childish at all.


This probably false or some kind of misunderstanding. Millie has been on Canary Islands shooting scenes for the show. Can't have been recast.


Happens all the time. Look up Game of Thrones pilot. Maybe it just wasn't working out.


It's a role that appears in one episode, so it's not that big of a deal


I meant by that that all her scenes were shot so it's kinda weird to recast


She's been on set and on location, so I don't think that's possible. Anything else on the Witcher? I remember a bathtub scene in the books


As others have said there's plenty of examples of actors who have been recast in a project after they've already started filming. I think Eric Stoltz in BTTF is one of the most famous examples.

And just for the sake of not building up hope I wouldn't expect anything in the witcher books to be much of an indication of what nudity may or may not be in the show.


It happens all the time. Being on set doesn’t exempt you from being fired.