April 22, 2019 Rumors

Amazon’s Wheel of Time is starting to cast. They’re looking for someone in their early 20s to play Eliza and someone slightly older to play Nadie. Both roles may require scenes of a sexual nature and partial nudity.

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Anyone know anything about “life like” it releases next month and has Addison Timlin.


Easy season 3 hits Netflix May 10.


Anything in Bonded from Netflix ?


thanks , saved me from getting my recommendations f'ed up 😀


Is there any info nudity as part of the casting for Joss Whedon's HBO show The Never? Laura Donnelly has been cast as the lead and she has been nude in previous roles. The show is supposed to have a few main female roles to be cast.


It's Joss Whedon and I'd say no. Nerds don't do nudity.


"Nerds don't do nudity" - which is why the über-nerd Quentin Tarantino never will give us nudity - he's too shy and embarrassed for that!


Go watch Jackie Brown. Or any movie he wrote that he didn’t direct.


Who is Eliza? Who is Nadie? lmao.

Regardless, I don't see much nudity in this show. Reading the book felt more like "and then the scene fades to black".
Maybe some implied nudity and few ass shots here and there.

Amazon might change it of course, all I'm saying is don't get too hopeful.


I thought there were no extra Alex scenes in the director's cut for "Bereavement" - but there are actually a couple more: A braless tank top conversation with Michael Biehn - plus one final conversation with the boyfriend before her big third act horrorfest.


To clarify: The extra braless tank top was a deleted scene on the Blu-ray - and the other scene was in the actual director's cut.


is the braless tank scene anything other then whats posted everywhere of alex's pokies?


What else would it be?


he made it seem like its some new scene. (no i wasnt expecting nudity or anything) but if its the same one thats been around for a while its not really new news.


Thanks for letting us know


I see the schedule updated.
Fingers crossed for Nell Tiger Free.


It’s probably Jena Malone instead.


Each episode is 90 mins and based on some photos of Nell from TOTDY Instagram. I think there's a good chance that she is playing femme fatale character and should get nude, given NWR's past films.


It could be both, that would be nice. I just think it’s more likely the nudity veteran rather than a first-timer playing a schoolgirl.


Episode 2 of "Gentleman Jack" on HBO - "Adult Content, Adult Language, Nudity"


What/If looks like it might have Jane Levy nude scenes


the trailer didn't seem to suggest that at all....


on her insta story she posted a screencap of her stradling some guy


Fully clothed. She won't be naked in this.


What intel do you base it on? It would be awesome if so.
I really really like her.
Ever since Evil Dead and Don't Breathe.
We got her leaked nude photos and a short vid
a while back, but I'd rather see her naked in a movie and/or TV - better lighting!


It's too bad she was recast in Shameless. That role had a ton of nudity after she left.


‘Strange Angel’: Laine Neil Upped To Series Regular For Season 2 Of CBS All Access Series


Is anything known on Canary? Looking like they're planning on shopping it around at Cannes, trailer is black and white so not sure if the whole movie is but trailer seems to tease some stuff with Olivia Taylor Dudley


Great news! Signature Entertainment just listed a certain movie slated for release on May 17th on their website:

"Pick of the Litter (A Dog-tumentary)!"




Expect some doggy style action!


I think probably 80 to 90% of recurring female chars have nudity in Wheel of Time books. Doubt it shows up that much in a tv series. Game of Thrones got a lot of attention for nudity, but the books had Catelyn Stark nude, Sansa Stark nude, Cersei had a lesbian lover for a book, Dany had lesbian encounters with a handmaid.

Something interesting is that the showrunner commented that romances would be changed from the Wheel of Time books and said he prefers a polyamorous relationship to a polygamous one.

So one of the characters with multiple wives in the books could change to where each wife is only intimate with the male character become where the wives are also intimate with each other


All that hot braid tugging action.


Not to mention all the spanking...


I'm assuming "Eliza" is "Egwene" or "Elayne" and "Nadie" is "Nynaeve"? Neither of those are the names of any characters that I remember, and certainly not main ones.

Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve join the Aes Sedai, a sort of magical sorority with a lot of nudity in their rituals. That's one possibility. All of them also have love interests later on in the story, so that's another possibility.

There are a lot of other female characters whom they will definitely sex-up in later seasons, heroes and villains alike. Watch out for "Berelain" and "Graendal" especially.


After reading about these name changes to main characters I'm now really looking forward to the adventures of Ron Al'Thor and Maureen Aes Sedai.


Probably just code names for casting like they did for The Witcher


Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner would be perfect for the roles of Eliza and Nadie! Do it, Amazon!



Natalie alyn lind's show has been cancelled, so she could do with the work.


If only.