April 4, 2019 Rumors

Hearing that Phoebe Tonkin may have been cast in a small role for season 3 of Westworld.

Also hearing that Aisling Franciosi may have been cast in the HBO mini-series I Know This Much Is True. Aisling would play the younger version of Kathryn Hahn‘s character and has a couple of interesting scenes that may have nudity.

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Today is someone’s chance to be a true internet bro and deliver


It's @jflobo's moment to shine.
We're either never hear from him again, or he's plotting an elaborate excuse as we speak.
Either way we'll all be poorer for the experience.


At least THIS lesbian drama looks to be actually released on schedule

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Plus the possibility of more action between DeWanda Wise and Ilfenesh Hadera in She's Gotta Have It Season 2 is coming next month. Hopefully Ilfenesh shows off her booty this time.


Charlotte Hope - The Spanish Princess S01E02



I can't concentrate with that ridiculous haircut.


@jflobo you really will be the legend we don't deserve if you come through tomorrow. Just curious if you are also XX who posted this in december? ->

https://gfycat.com/frenchpleasingekaltadeta . I wonder if there's another dude holding onto footage in even clearer quality lol.


Honestly, at this point I'm fully expecting jflobo's inevitable "look guys, here's why I can't post the clip" update later today. Not because I have reason to believe he isn't a stand-up guy, but because that's about where our collective luck is at the moment.


4Chan is trying to stir the pot on Euphoria regarding nude scenes, even going so far as to saying Maude Apatow has some action.



has anything posted on 4chan ever turned out to be true?


"Maude Apatow, the daughter of Leslie Mann, is also confirmed but the role doesn’t require nudity"


who to believe?


@jflobo, you are not the hero we deserve, but the one we needs right now. it's time to become our new hero. Thanks


I'll never understand why you're all so obsessed with Mara. Sure, I'd like to see her naked, but holy crap, it's like Sophie Turner had a lesbian scene with Maisie Williams in this movie. Calm down...


Are you asking why people are more excited for a real nude scene than a fictional one?


I'll never understand why..............

people say stuff like this.

We like what we like. Once we latch onto a lovely lady, anticipation builds up. It's like celebrity foreplay (without any of that icky Hinckley Jr. connotation). A naked gorgeous woman is amazing. A gorgeous woman that you want to see naked that doesn't let you see her naked... and then EVENTUALLY lets you see her naked... even more awesome. It's similar to strip teases or dressing in a playful manner.

Sure, some guys are in the "less clothing is ALWAYS better, to hell with being playful-n-stuff" camp, and I feel sorry for the women in their lives. But most men and lesbians enjoy instant gratification AS WELL AS long-term teasing (when followed up on).

And, of course, to each their own. Wanna know something *I* don't understand? The appeal of Maisie Williams. My reaction to your comment of "Sophie Turner w/ Maisie Williams" as if it's the OBVIOUS thing we should be preferring is probably similar to your reaction of people looking forward to Kata Mara's nudity after (up to) 16 years of eager anticipation. The difference is I'm not volunteering that condescending viewpoint out-of-the-view. I'm returning the favor.

I'm also going to make some judgements, based on your "Maisie Williams lesbian scene" implication, as whether or not you're old enough to have experienced 16 years of celebrity sexual anticipation.

Let us like what we like and we'll let you enjoy your Maisie Williams deepfake lesbian porn.


My pinnacle nude lesbian scene would involve Alexandra Daddario and Margot Robbie.


Any Alex lesbian scene would be a dream - Jessica Alba, Monica Bellucci, Sophie Turner, Ivana Baquero.


I don't understand it either. Maybe if it was 10 years ago...but to each their own I guess.


You don't understand why someone would want to see a gorgeous woman older than 26 naked?


What is this, a site to discuss and share celebrity nudity or something?


Gee that’s a comment worth posting >_>


I don't care about Sophie Turner or Maisie Williams lol


Gee that’s a comment worth posting


For Dwayne10 asking about Jo Vanderham involvement in future episodes of Warrior - this is how Recapped described her character when casting was announced.

“Joanna's role is similar to Jon Snow in that it starts off very small (only 2 scenes in the pilot) but becomes one of the main characters as the show continues. Nudity required apparently. In fact, one of the two scenes in the pilot is a nude scene.”

The IMDB listing is wrong.


Nothing from Joey King or AnnaSophia Robb in the rest of The Act.


Charlotte Hope is topless in episodes 1, 2, 6 of The Spanish Princess. Shows butt in episode 8.


Was hoping for something from the newcomer Nadia Parkes in this. She looks quite promising.


She's very pretty. Also had a bath scene in episode 5, but didn't show anything except for some bare back. (Funny thing - 3 out of 4 Charlotte Hope's nude scenes involved bathing)


Thanks! Charlotte have one hell of an amazing ass!


Who the hell is Jessica Silverster and why is she on all the caps?


According to google it seems like she is a journalist with New York Magazine who needs to stop using 12345 as a password.


Probably someone who was given an early copy (The Spanish Princess doesn't release for a month). They put names on them so they can see who leaked them.


Probably journalist that received that screeners?


What about Georgie Henley?


Nothing from anyone except for Charlotte. Though bear in mind, that i haven't seen episode 7, so someone else might be naked there. (But not Georgie)


Thanks for you reply. Totally expected about Georgie, though.


Any male nudity in Spanish Princess?


Bare torso from Angue Imrie in episode 2 and Ruairi O'Connor in episode 4.


So no male nudity. 😀


Charlotte Hope -The Spanish Princess S01E01



Anyone hear anything about whether Black Summer was rated MA or Tv-14 like Z nation was? Kind of hope we see something from Jaime King


Im not seeing it on there, I had checked before posting. Might be a weird thing on my end though :-/


guys anyone from Russia ? i found an actress named Sofia Sinitsyna and one thing i can say that she has some nice tits..she was in the trailer called asmodeus..any more nudity from her apart from that ? n where can get all the episode of that live tv show....thanks in advance..


AFAIK there was nothing from her in the show. But here's a small clip from another show


Dunno if this has been posted. Emily Browning and Hanni Furstenberg in American Gods.

American Gods, s2e5: Emily Browning and Hani Furstenberg



dude i love her, always willing to show, and has an amazing body. great tits.


Well Jessica Silvester is getting fired, lol.


Looking ahead to next week's Warrior and beyond

Series trailer shows a glimpse of a sex scene (at 45secs) that wasn't in the premiere

View post on imgur.com



What a body - can't get any better than that. Now all we need is to see her majestic arse to complete the set.


For years I've been longing to see Joanna do a nude scene, but now its here I have to be very honest and say its a big letdown! Her boobs are just way to saggy for me to think she looks hot when naked. They are more like the boobs of a woman in her late 50's who'd breastfed 10 kids.


Sadly but I have to agree with barney - I was dissapointed with her boobs too, don't get me wrong, she have really beautiful and pretty face and her body figure is truly amazing, but her boobs looks saggy for me 🙁 and she's only 27 years old. I liked Olivia's scene much more. That's why I always preffer ass - even if girl have a flat one, it's just a muscle, she can work on it.


She is looking extremely hot standing completely naked there. I am craving for more.


You are so wrong. Her breasts are beautiful and natural. It looks you have been watching too much porn. The girl has very good body and amazing breasts.


Basketball porno boobs do nothing for me! I ltoo love beautiful, natural boobs, be they fantastic big ones like Alex has, small ones like Kristen Stewart or even tiny ones like Emily Browning's. I just do not think Joanna has beautiful tits. Still think she has a striking, beautiful face tho!


Beautiful low hangers.


Joanna is only listed for the first episode on imdb. Is it true or imdb not updated ?
I want more Joanna especially after this beautiful scene.


She's a main cast member.


Is it just me, or is one of her titties and nipple hard to see?


It's just low resolution


Worth the wait! Hope there's more to come....


Tvma for GOT ep1 - nudity and strong sexual content.


Maisie Williams ass and breast in episode 2 of GOT !


How do you know?
And do you have pictures?


For those that are new here, Prototype is a troll. He also claimed Maisie Williams was going to have a nude scene in season 7.


Suspicion has been abord on NBC and will be on STARZ soon !


I'm not a troll !


And yet you claimed Sophie Turner showed ass in GOT6 finale.


...and claimed Jeri Ryan would get nude in Suspicion (a network TV show).


Someone awhile back said that Sophie Turner doesn't get naked in the final season, but that Maisie Williams has a nude scene. Not sure if this is true or if the guy was just being a dickhead troll. One can always hope though.


Almost certainly a troll. I've heard it's a Cersei scene, and that it's a body double. Sophie & Maisie aren't getting naked on GOT, there isn't time left in the story, and they did grow up in the show - it would be the skeeziest thing for the producers and writers to throw one of them in a bath scene now. (Not that it isn't impossible, just so so so unlikely)

NOW. There is still room enough for Emilia Clarke or Nathalie Emmanuel to have a goodbye nude scene.


Not a troll , it's true Maisie Williams Ass and breast in episode 2 of GOT !


Can we make a deal where you just stop commenting forever if it doesn’t happen?


And if anyone believes this, I've got a bridge to sell you.


We're definitely getting a nude Cersei scene (via Rebecca van Cleave not Lena) in season eight, jut not in 801. It's also quite likely we see Gwendoline Christie (Brienne) given what she's said in some interviews. She's not outright said anything about nudity but she's talked about "seeing more of Brienne than ever before" (a paraphrase but indicative of her tone) and the season showing "Brienne's femininity". She also talked about blushing when reading the script. She's not my cup of tea but some folks seem to like her, so good news to them.

There's no indication as of now of who else gets naked but I imagine some of the main cast will. But in the case of episode 801 it'll be Josephine Gillan (who's been in brothel scenes since season two) and two other actresses, Lucy Aarden and Marina Lawrence-Mahrra as well as maybe some extras, who will be in the brothel scene and almost certainly nude.


Nice. Hopefully from an actual actress and not just random extras in a brothel.


It is just prostitutes. But not exactly extras, I'm sure their names will be in the end credits anyways.


Kiernan Shipka??? @ "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" s02e08



most likely body double. Even her S1 scenes had body double.


I'm not so sure it was a double in the first season. What was the point of darkening the scene then? Also it was very similar to her body shape.


Yep they way that was shot screams out obvious body double.


A body double?


Not very clear but thanks. Hopefully someone comes along with a better resolution.

Oh Christ! Young girl, very very girl.


The MPAA says that Brian De Palma's new movie Domino has "brief nudity" in it. I hope it's of Carice van Houten who's in the movie. I've still not been able to find info confirming whether her or Hanna Alstrom get naked in The Glass Room though, despite it being out in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for a couple of weeks now.


Roman Empire season 3 is released today on Netflix. This season is about Caligula so there's more nudity, including full frontal.


Anything from the new season of Sabrina?


Kiernan in some lingerie, that's about it


There is a another butt shot - might be her, might be a double.
Have to make up your own mind about that.


What episode?


@Jflobo is the only one who can save us now.


For god’s sake who ever has the MDOM footage just upload it I can take this any more


You’re in luck. I’ve come to bargain. 😉


I’ll offer half of the contents of my safe deposit box and my firstborn child. Commence negotiations, that’s my starting bid.

Lionsgate, are you watching? That could have been yours.


@jflobo I have come to bargain


It's just laughable that My Days of Mercy actually has a distributor yet the release continues to get pushed back for no discernible reason. Quality of the movie should not be an issue considering it's not getting a big release.

Lost Girls and Love Hotels at least doesn't have a distributor.


And what's happen If lost girls and love hôtels dont find a distributor? It will share for downloading on web?


I’m not saying similar things won’t happen with that movie. I’m just talking about right now.


Yeah I don't know what Lionsgate is doing. The movie wasn't that good (didn't even have full theatre at tiff) and releasing it in summertime won't affect the financial success especially given the subject matter. They blueballing their most passionate fanbase for movie here lol.


Considering that the overwhelming number of people here aren’t going to pay for the movie and just watch the good parts when skn posts it, I don’t think Lionsgate really cares about this particular “fanbase”. It will come out when it comes out and then immediately afterwards everyone will forget it and wonder what’s next. If they somehow think that a July release will make them a couple more bucks then so be it.


That thread is a fucking hilarious biazrro-universe version of this site. A bunch of lesbians complaining about the constant delays, the lack of information coming from Lionsgate and a general lack of trust in whatever new "release date" has been trotted out.

'cept while our fringe people bitch about "me too", stopping Lionsgate from releasing the film their peeps blame "homophobia."


The lesbian market seems like the group most likely to spend money to see the film so that’s not surprising. My guess is that Lionsgate is trying to find a date that they feel would get it the most attention. Could be when Kate or Ellen are out promoting something or when there will be some kind of gay pride event or they could just be throwing darts at a calendar.


Any info on Jessie Buckley in Wild Rose? There's a sex scene early on in the film.


Hulu/Paramount are shopping Elle Fanning’s “The Great” at MipTV in Cannes. Hopefully some info leaks out if there is any nudity in that one.


There are reports coming out of CinemaCon about a scene where Mackenzie Davis falls naked from the sky and beats up a few cops. Not sure if anything is shown in the footage. Should we expect to see anything from Davis in this film?


This sentence sounds promising.

"The way the nudity was presented was the first indication that TERMINATOR: DARK FATE is going be rated R."



Referring to the new Terminator? I’m guessing it will be just ass at most (if even that) just based on past Terminator movies/shows and female time travelers (and Mackenzie just showing her ass in movies like Blade Runner 2049).


Didn’t Linda Carter have a full on nude scene in T1?


Linda Hamilton, is actress shows her breasts briefly. NOT Linda Carter, formerly Wonderwoman. Also spelled Lynda Carter. Just for accurate clarification purposes...


A few boob glimpses in a sexy scene isn’t “full nudity”


I'd be a-ok with "just ass". Ain't no "just" about it for me. Ass fans of the world unite! 😉


I’m fine with ass as well (especially Mackenzie’s), I’m just trying to manage expectations for people here seeing tweets about a “fully nude” Mackenzie Davis about the footage and then coming to find nothing much is actually shown and then freaking out about #MeToo conspiracies, when it’s par for the course since T3.


This is logic I approve of. And, yes, post-T3 blockbuster movies have basically almost eliminated even any hint of skin - see Gensisys - so it *might* just be modest angles. Fingers crossed, though!


To be clear, I wasn't expecting all-that-much, nudity-wise. Ass was par the course for what I figured would be shown — if that. I just didn't know if we should expect to see, at the very least, Davis' bum or if it will all be strategically shot so that we don't ultimately end up seeing anything at all, like in the last Terminator movie with Emilia Clarke.


For how many delays this movie's had so far, they should change its name to My days of waiting.


My Days of Mercy... *yawn*

I just wanna see Sydney Sweeney's beautiful big titties.

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another 🌞day with tank ❤️

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Here here!


She's very hot in the movie Dead Ant.


She's been in a lot of stuff, but I know her from that 90s nostalgia show that was on Netflix.


Stop, I can only get so hard.


Any latest news about the Witcher filming? Last we heard was about Szelim caves being a possible location. Any idea who are the cast members filming there?


Reddit is probably a better place to ask about specific filming stuff, rather than casting or script info.


Is there a possibility that all of the #MeToo movement stuff contributing to the delay in the release of "My Days of Mercy"? The reviews, whether good or bad, all mentioned intense sex scenes and nudity, and I do have to wonder if any of that nudity/sex capping anticipating is weighing on the minds of those in charge of releases. Any thoughts?

Also, on IMDB, the film is listed as being 1 hrs 48 min long, on google, it's listed as 1 hrs 43 min long. So are there going to be five cut minutes from the film? Will that be two sex scenes? All of the nudity? One has to wonder. The same thing happened with "Billy Boy" starring Melissa Benoist. It was released in 2017 to the film festivals, starred Benoist and her real life husband, and reviews claimed the two had very graphic sex scenes. Then they split, the film eventually makes it way to Amazon Prime, and there isn't a single sex scene between the two in the film. One has to wonder whether or not these are coincidences or not.


Women bravely coming forward about assault and harassment is not why you didn’t get to see Kate Mara’s titties today. Give it a rest.


That isn't the only thing the MeToo movement is about or used for.
There has been serious discussion about it being a form of MeToo when directors ask actresses to do nude scenes that some might find gratuitous even tho that is extremely subjective. And basically feminist are trying to make any sex scene that is genuinely sexually appealing to men be seen as a form of misogyny.


Actresses and "the feminists" taking stronger stances against exploitation, and you're mad that means you might not be catered to sexually. You might want to reevaluate some things, you weasel.


To be clear directors pushing actresses who are uncomfortable with nudity period is wrong and so is not mentioning nudity being needed until the day of shooting giving the actress zero time to prep or emotional consideration. That is all douchey behavior that I can understand such being called out. But modern feminist are trying to demonize directors & the viewer for wanting sexy scenes period.


There is no such thing as "exploitation" in this situation. Movies exist to please the audience, nudity pleases a portion of the audience. It's normal & natural. The key problem is they are trying to find & call out maliciousness where there is none.
If actresses want to have a no nudity clause in their contract from the get go that's absolutely all good & understandable. My problem is the ones who flip on a dime about nudity for feminist power points or because they don't want men to actually enjoy the scene which borders on misandry.

"and you're mad that means you might not be catered to sexually"
I pay equal price for the product be it a movie, magazine or comic as everyone else so yes straight male opinions do matter at least equally with everyone else.
What if men suddenly started to try and ban female romance novels because the female readership sexually enjoying it was "exploitation"?


Nope. It’s an indie movie that got tepid (at best) reviews. That’s why the movie keeps getting pushed out and isn’t a priority for release. That’s all - no conspiracy theories required.


I have a headache. I blame #MeToo


Nothing will be cut.
The time difference has already been explained.
People should take off their tinfoil hats.


I don't think so, if it was MeToo based it would be from Kate Mara/Ellen Page but I haven't heard anything about any sort of Frida situation with it.


We need an update on The Witcher. You were on point at the beginning with your leaks but then you just stopped. There's supposed to be a foursome in the bathrub involving a character named Borch (in the books at least), have you heard anything about that?


Any news on The Witcher? Will we see anything from Therica Wilson-Read or Anna Shaffer?


Do we know if Maude Apatow has anything in Euphoria?


I do believe Recapped said her role didn't require nudity.


Anything in quicksand?


Some T&A.


MDOM July 5? incredible! Anyone who has the lq version ,movie or photos, post it! Please.


Wait wait don’t tell me it got delayed just don’t I can’t handle this fuck


Any news about the movie divine love? The film has explicit sex scenes.
Could anyone detail the scenes? Does Dira paes make an explicit scene?


‘Penny Dreadful’ Spinoff Adds ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Alum Kerry Bishé


Hope to get more info on this soon


absolutely love Kerry Bishe, was pleasantly surprised when she did the nude photoshoot.


I'm hoping there's some good news soon about Kathryn Newton in "The Society."



July 5 is new date smh.


May 17th is still UK’s release date, and it’s a different distributor. We’ll get ‘em eventually.


Lionsgate I have come to bargain


Reset the clock!


Are we sure we can even trust this Danielle Solzman person? I mean, are they a reliable source and actually have proof that the release date has been bumped (again)?


I used to follow them on Twitter, whilst they can be a bit annoying a person I can assure that they are a reliable film reporter.


@Jflobo you gotta give us something man. I know some people were jerks here but have mercy on the rest of us!


It's not coming out on July 5th. I'll just say that now. It's been delayed so many damn times, there's no reason to believe this new date either.


Seriously though, how few shits does Lionsgate give about MODM that they'll run all the way up until the day of release without officially announcing it's been delayed? We needed a random film critic and a someone emailing their PR person to find out.


On July 3rd news of another delay will ready us.


Booooo! *throws tomato*


Oh **** 3 more months of whining


Lol i dont want to see this movie now... bad buzz :~


Now I'm getting over wid MDoM, I can't wait till July.. that's fucking irritating...


Spygate, bounty gate, and now lionsgate.....Lets hope the UK release in May still sticks. @Jflobo it's all on you now to help lol.


Lol this take deflategate to whole other level and meaning.


Just 92 days until My Days of Mercy comes out!


Isn't that just kick-you-in-the-boner,spit-on-your-horniness fantastic?!


This section is gonna hit 100 comments with either good news or bad news


Let's just hope that Mdom doesn't get hit by the Goliath Gate.


“GoliathGate” lol, good one.


Well boyos, we’ll know in a few hours whether our watch will continue on MDoM or not. And I just want to say ... you guys are a bunch of whiners. 😉

Titties will come and go. And we’ll cum.


I still don't get people's obsession with Phoebe Tonkin (so far as nudity goes) but coool...


I still don’t get why people come to a nudity-news site and complain about what other people are excited about. Who cares?


Who's complaining? I literally said it was cool for them, just noting many like her and I unfortunately don't see it? Dudes, chill out.


Maybe not complaining but your comment was still both dumb and worthless.

1. There's no obsession. She's a pretty girl and we like tits.
2. No one cares about your personal preferences.
3. You added nothing to any discussion or news.

Have a nice weekend.


I think it’s because she’s hot and has great tits.


I mean, obvious that's what the people I was referring to obsess about her for, but what I don't get is I don't think she's that hot or has especially great tits. Just bland to me, regular.


I’m with you and Bob. Some women I like, some I don’t care for. Like MDOM, I could care less. Shows like Vida, altered carbon, and Diablo guardian is what I’m waiting for.


Add Emily Kinney to that list for me. Will never understand that one.


Most of the people that like her are probably Walking Dead fans, and were attracted to her before seeing her tits. Sometimes it's just about seeing someone naked that you didn't before. And some people love flat chested girls.


Cool, guys.