April 8, 2019 Rumors

Friday’s episode of Warrior opens with a Dianne Doan sex scene. Dianne shows her breasts and butt in the scene. We then get another shot of Dianne’s butt as she’s getting dressed.

So that’s all three main actresses getting naked in the first two episodes. Unfortunately, the rumor is those are the only nude scenes from them this season. On the bright side, season 2 is in production and should air next year.

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Short teaser for Euphoria


I'm amazed that nobody mentioned the weirdness with Joanna Vanderham nude scene in Warrior. Looks rather obvious she has those thin flesh colored briefs on.




Everyone was looking at tits, it's not porn you won't see a pussy spread get over it...


Get over what? He didn't complain about not seeing pussy. He pointed out that he believes she had on flesh colored underwear which if true would be of interest to many. I don't see it though.


Actually there was nice looking pussy on this episode, from that one asian actress. I was surprised.


You need to take off your tin foil cap.


I don't see what you are referring to at all.


I want to see naked Lily collins


“Halo of Stars” might come out sometime this century, but not sure anyway about the supposed nudity - don’t know if anyone has actually seen it.

“Emily in Paris” coming to Paramount next year, probably a long shot for anything in that one.


The 2017 preview post said "Lily Collins might only have a couple of see through scenes in To The Bone but she may have some nude scenes in The Clown." Unfortunately, imdb doesn't have her attached to anything called "The Clown" and nothing that really even looks like it might be the same project under a different name.



Er, "Halo of Stars" IS "The Clown" under a different name.

In 2016, Lucero directed his first feature, Halo of Stars, based on his long poem, The Clown. The film is set for release in 2019 and stars Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen, Holliday Grainger, Keti Mchedlishvili, Lukas Haas, Harry Treadaway, János Derzsi, Nikola Djuricko, Nutsa Kukhianidze and Lily Collins.


Do we know anything about Alison Brie in the next season of Glow?


An interview gave us every indication that it's a yes, but not 100% confirmed. At the very least we know there will be more sex/nudity this season.


im sure recapped with let us know when they have info on it.


Shay Mitchell is replacing Lex Scott Davis in "Dollface", the Kat Dennings project on Hulu that has been mentioned here previously.


So even less chance of nudity


Any word yet on Karen Hassan in Cellar Door? Seems so far the film has just had a limited theatrical release in Ireland.


We know that there's something in it, but we don't know what. I'm interested because Karen Hassan is super hot, but there doesn't seem to be anything coming out about it any time soon, so I'm just waiting for the release at this point.


Tales of the City is hitting Netflix on June 7th. Any word on potential nudity?


Signature Ent. confirmed MDOM release date on 17 May. Let's wait for it and forget about that trickster cam-guy, who clearly fooled everyone.


It's always a month away, I'm beginning to think that movie is a fucking mirage


No, this one's real.

Lost Girls - that's the trick one.
It doesn't exist, it's just a conspiracy to keep us all distracted waiting for more Alex tits.


It's in the Black Hole with Shergar and Lord Lucan.


Decent topless scene from Italian actress Nina Fotaras in the Name of the Rose miniseries.


any view on nudity in GoT... Will Emilia clarke sign off the show by doing nudity...?


She's given us some of the most stunning nude scenes in TV history, so I won't complain if she doesn't.
But of course, it would be great if she gave us one final classic scene.


Anyone remember when was the last time Emilia Clarke topless in Game Of Thrones?


Season 7 episode 7.


Not really.


Season 6 episode 4. It's really not so outlandish an idea that she might do it again.


Long, long ago.


The Mountain fucks the Nun


Don't count on it.


I hate when shows do that bait and switch shit now I’m not gonna watch this show based on principle


Dormammu's "principles" are fascinating.


Not sure it's a bait and switch. It's called "Warrior," not "The naked Titties Show."


It will have naked titties though, just different ones. Variety is good!


Exactly, and that's great...we've seen the leads nude already, bring on the new boobs!


So don't watch. I'll keep watching. Good show so far.


In the last update you mentioned I Know This Much Is True and possible nudity for Aisling, do you have any info on possible nudity for Imogen Poots or Archie Panjabi?

Now that Hightown has begun filming is there any more info of nudity for Monica Raymund or any more casting info? Also any info regarding the casting for the reboot of The L Word?


All TV-MA for the rest of Warrior episodes:
ep 2 - nudity and strong sexual content (Friday, April 12)
ep 5 - nudity (Friday, May 3)
ep 6 - nudity (Friday, May 10)
ep 7 - nudity and strong sexual content (Friday, May 17)

nothing in eps 3-4 and 8-10


Anything in Back Fork with AJ Cook?


Any chance of nudity on Lucifer, now that it's a Netflix show?


I wanna see a nude sex scene from Lauren German. Too much to ask I know..but still a man can hope and dream


I'd reckon some butts, not much else - doubt they'd push the envelope to much in fear of turning away their existing fanbase who like a more safe-family show.


Aimee Garcia last year confirmed herself that she will show her butt in one episode. Fingers crossed Inbar Lavi will join her (she plays Eve from Eden after all) but no confirmation on this.


But Eve developped aversion to nudity after eating the apple, so...


jflobo said it would have give it us yesterday, so he's probably working on it.
Otherwise it would be pointless since we're all here to share and the release date has been pushed back; therefore he will keep his word.


So today?


He was supposed to do it but he tricked us.


More likely his friend that shot the footage was less agreeable to releasing it than jflobo let on. He posted the snippet, expecting that April 4th release date would let him off the hook from being expected to share the whole scene. Then when he no longer has that excuse, he "goes to check with his friend" and promptly vanishes. Guessing he was given a response of "no, and that's final" and decided it was better to quietly sneak out the back door.


Maybe if the majority of you sounded a bit less desperate and pathetic he would have posted them.. Instead we have something that resembles a 4chan thread with people who can barely string 2 words together trying reverse psychology


People need to just exhale, let this scene go, and stop being jerked around by forces we can't control. Assume the movie is never gonna be released and jflobo isn't gonna post his friend's clips. Move on with our day and who knows? Maybe at some point we'll get pleasantly surprised.


Most of the ppl complaining about him not having anything or lying weren't even around when he posted original gif. He always meant well by saying we would enjoy the scenes best in glorious hd for the first time and so he didn't post. Then unfortunately a lot of ppl got on his back for delaying/not posting. Sure it would be awesome to finally see scenes after this long wait, but we aren't entitled to anything. Unfortunately lionsgate shit the bed, if you still mean to post @jflobo there are still a lot of us that would really appreciate it just to make the wait more bearable.


Yeah I never had any doubts, I've got nothing left but desperate optimism at this point...


Exactly. That's what I was trying to say a few pages ago but someone else attempted reverse psychology in response to my question and it pissed JFlobo off so people dragged me into being an asshole as well. @jflobo, you would be an absolute legend if you drop all the footage you have and your friend's OK with it.


He's a liar....


See, I don't think he's a liar, but I do think he likes the perceived power it gives him over us. His rant in a previous post was very "I have something you want, I'm unique, respect meeeeee".


Lol! Doesnt matter, Keep the 144p video for you, we will waiting the 1080 for the next Month. It's better to wait juste a little and to have immediately the best quality, without spoiler with shitty quality


next month? i thought they moved it to june!


Other contry


My Days Of Mercy - The May 17 date is at least confirmed by Signature Entertainment


What's with that image?


Just like the last two release dates were confirmed a month or two before?


Different country, different distributor. CTFO.


There are sites that are able to post these scenes in HD if they premiere in different countries. Analeigh Tipton's scene in Compulsion appeared online when it premiered internationally.


Wasn't the april whatever date confirmed up to a week before it wasn't?


On 16th May, they announce a new delay.


Anything from Kelly Reilly in Yellowstone season 2?


Oh look another day of whining about jflobo...cause that’s worked so well thus far...


Any news concerning possible future nudity in "American Gods"? Devery Jacobs is a real beauty of a woman.


I have faith in @jflobo! Help us @jflobo you’re are only hope!


Whelp, Monday is already over across the pond. And we're short on promised check-in from jflobo. Looks like we've been had. Again.

See ya'll in mid May.


Cant wait to watch MDoM in 144p.


Oh dead god. Please tell me we are not going to have to suffer another 3 months of hearing this same My Days of Mercy nonsense 24/7 - the same people going over the same crap.

Might be an idea for the site owner to make a separate thread for that one release as future discussions are simply being taken over by this one subject.


Let's have instead a conversation on I Am Not a Bird/Lost Girls and Love Hotels!


@jflobo if you don't give us the goods today, then the curse of 100 horny men will follow you. Never to get a hard on. Do you really wanna do this to your Big Ben? Have mercy on us bro! Mercy!


lol cant wait for his next excuse telling us how he cant. There is a big chance he doesn't have anything at all


I mean he has already established proof with 2 gifs. I have seen the movie and can confirm that is right before Kate strips for first time (Ellen is already topless not wearing bra). It would be awesome if @jflobo comes through with the LQ goods to hold us until the actual HD release.


What was the other gif?


It was them dancing https://i.gyazo.com/9c6f415bc5f7c55ec8c17b0a8347907b.gif . They start to make out and strip. Ellen takes off shirt with no bra, Kate takes off clothes before removing bra (his other gif). You get some good looks at her boobs before the scene will then shift to them on bed having sex.


we will see tomorrow then


I hope he posts them so I can complain about the quality.


*Googles* Well, Dianne Doan is damn hot, so that's nice. Can't believe they're actually doing the whole first-episode nudity bait-and-switch. Too bad. Still, we got some good stuff!

Allison Brie has teased more nudity than eve in Glow S03. Do you know if there's anything to that - specifically, her - or is it just a typical tease to try and create buzz?

Sabina Gadecki is in The Affair S05. Any nudity there?

There's probably no point in asking, but is there any news on "Lost Girls and Love Hotels"? Anything at all?


Fantastic news about DD! Now I can't even more wait for this Friday episode. Shame, if true, these are only nude scenes from main ladies this season (in one of the trailers there is glimpse of a sex scene with I believe Joanna, so I guess it will be implied one?), but I hope there will be some nudity from some other, supporting actresses?


So, we getting anything good today?


Lord, have Mercy.


Expect disappointment.


What are the chances they are editing it down to pg 13?