As If to Say Review

Another day, another obscure short film written and directed by its star. This time it’s As If to Say by Kerry Bishé.

About half way through the short, Kerry removes her dress as she stands on a porch and shows us her butt. Kerry then brings the dress up to cover her breasts and we get some side boob from both the left and right side. Sadly, the short ends soon after that as it’s only three minutes long.

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Given its track record, Power has been a slight disappoint this season. Really hoping for the nudity to pick up especially now that new couples seem to be forming e.g. Ghost/Angela, Tasha/Terry. Fingers crossed for tonight!


"Power" has fallen victim to Declining Nudity Syndrome most premium channel shows end up getting as the plots get so dense they leave little room for random sex scenes.


My understanding of "declining nudity syndrome" was that shows use nudity to initially capture audiences. As popularity increases, they now have their fanbase and actresses are less willing/demand more money, leading to a decrease. You have a good point too, but I wouldn't say that Power's plotlines are very dense..


Which is nonsense. We who care so much about nudity are not the majority.


Outside shot for Sejal Shah and/or Danielle Thorpe tonight.


If you're covering shorts now, did Cate Blanchett show anything in Red?


Damn! I've been waiting to see Kerry's ass for a long time! Would love to know where these shorts can be seen.


Can we watch the short anywhere?


It played a couple film festivals nearly two years ago, so I'd think its run on that circuit would be winding down soon if it hasn't already. I hope the fact that Recapped's posting the scoop now can be taken as a sign that the short is making the rounds in some other capacity and gearing up for an online release. Kerry's a longtime personal favorite, so it will be a major letdown if this one never surfaces.


Lulu Antariksa in What Still Remains? I comes out next week.


Not exactly nudity related, but apparently the producers of Birds of Prey (the spinoff of Suicide Squad) have announced their casting choices. Apart from Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, they're looking at Alexandra Daddario as Huntress and either Blake Lively or Jodie Cormer as Black Canary. Doubtful that all those names will be cast, but just the thought of the trifecta of Robbie, Daddario and Lively running around in tight little leather outfits is enough to keep me going for awhile.
I really hope this comes to pass!


Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Alexandra Daddario in a tight comicbook outfit?... I'd hate to be the people who have to clean up the cinema screens after the film has finished. 😀


It’s also being written by Christina Hodson, who wrote Naomi Watts a nude scene in the PG-13 film Shut In


Margot Robbie said the movie would be rated R.

I wouldn't count on nudity, but still.

Can we just have a movie where Alex and Margot play lesbian lovers? Maybe they should hold off on casting Alex until Poison Ivy.


Also don’t forget the DCEU isn’t fully object to doing nudity. In the BvS we saw a debatable nipslip from Amy Adams and in the Ultimate Edition we saw Buttfleck


Amy in the bath was the debatable nipslip?


Yeah. I personally think it’s just an Areola slip


I don’t think I’d want to see a movie where those two play lesbian lovers. It would be the last thing I ever saw.

But at least I’d die happy


I wish Kerry Bishe would treat us all and show her nips.


Pro tip: Kerry Bishé is married to photographer Chris Lowell


outstanding, this just made my day!!


God-fucking-dammit! This is amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Whoa! I got a huge crush on her after watching Halt and Catch Fire (excellent show!) Where the heck can we watch these shorts!?


Halt and Catch Fire became one of the great shows of all time after a so-so first season. Too bad almost nobody watched it.


that's excellent summary. What a show! I am happy that in spite of low ratings the show got to exit on its own terms