August 1, 2018 Rumors


The new Halloween sequel/reboot/remake/reimagining/whatever has nudity according to the MPAA rating. Will likely be some unknowns or extras but I can hope for Virginia Gardner or Judy Greer.

It might be Rhian Rees since she supposedly has a shower scene in Halloween.

What about Natalie Portman’s upcoming flims? I’ve heard “Vox Lux” is Lars von Trier-esque and “Pale Blue Dot” has a crazy love triangle.

Pretty sure there is no nudity in Vox Lux. At least, not from Natalie Portman.

In new trailer for Purge tv series, there is glimpse of a threesome, and maybe you know if one of these girls is Lili Simmons? Cuz hot threesome with Lili… wow, that would be something spectacular!

Yes, it should be a flashback with Lili Simmons and Hannah Emily Anderson. Might be in the first episode of The Purge but they don’t show nipples on USA Network.

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Once again asking about Above Suspicion.


Is there likely any nudity from Zoey Deutch or Lucy Boynton in Ryan Murphy's The Politician?


Why do people ask about shows on basic cable? Like, it’s literally illegal for them to show nudity. Don’t waste your time.


The FCC doesn't control cable television. None of it. Not over-the-top subscription services like HBO. Not basic cable channels like FX. None of it.

Technically, they can do or show anything they want (to a certain extent, though considering they show porn on PPV, I'm not sure where exactly that line might sit). But basic cable still has advertisers, which makes them vulnerable to conservatives that historically clutch their pearls and scream "WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!?!" and threaten to boycott if they see boobs on tv. So basic cable tends to stay much closer to what broadcast stations air rather than their premium service cousins.


You are confusing basic cable with network television.


It is not illegal, it's just their choice - for example Paramount Network decided to do it. And they can show butts, and lots of people likes butts more than boobs. Just saying.


It's not illegal, it's just networks don't think they'll get advertisers so they don't show anything.


Paramount Network is basic cable, and yet no one has arrested the creators of Yellowstone. Perhaps its because you are talking complete nonsense.


but paramount network is new.


Paramount isn’t new. It’s been rebranded several times but it’s actually one of the oldest basic cable channels.


It is still a mainstream basic cable channel. Paramount TV was formally Spike TV.


My impression is that the version on TV is censored and the online version is more explicit.

They get fined, not arrested, and those that aren’t regulated are still dependent on advertisers. I don’t think it’s complete nonsense to say that USA and Lifetime (lol) aren’t going to show nudity.


USA Network has F words in its shows now so uncensored breasts is not unthinkable. Paramount Network aired Kelly Reilly's tits uncensored on the channel a few weeks ago and FX was airing the "Straight Outta Compton" movie uncensored including nudity months ago. Censorship standards are changing as the media landscape changes.

Also, bare ass is nudity and some even prefer seeing a nice ass more than tits.


There's no legal fine for showing nudity or swearing on basic cable. It's a service you have to opt in to. The ONLY reasons they don't do nudity or hard language is because "family-brand" sponsors might pull out and hurt their cash flow, or grandmas might cancel their cable.


Since you're doing Q&As again, anything from Shay Mitchell or Elizabeth Lail in You? Yeah, it's on Lifetime so doubtful.


“Also, we mentioned Josephine Langford was cast in the Less Than Zero Hulu series a while back. Apparently this role is getting recast for whatever reason. We’ll keep you updated.”

Any more info on this? I believe that Lily Donoghue has been cast in that role.


helo of stars?


There was a clip of a strip club scene on the upcoming preview for "Yellowstone". Could be another instance of bare breasts on basic cable.


What about THE AMAZING Kelly Reilly... ??? !!! ???


Too bad it's not Virginia Gardner who has a shower scene in Halloween - man, she's so hot.
Like, Rhian Rees who?!


I'm guessing Rhian Rees is playing a mature character - it's rare to see mature female characters getting naked in a horror movie - especially slashers.


Nudity or not, "Vox Lux" sounds pretty nuts from reading script reviews.


Some gratuitous female nudity in a modern Hollywood horror film? That is refreshing to see.


Alrighty then. Have you read the script for Can You Keep a Secret and whether her nude scene from the book is in it?


Thank you for answering my question and confirming it's Lili:) Even with just implied nudity (but still hoping for a butt shot) I can't freaking wait for it! Thanks again!


She's hot and all, but what the fuck is happening in this clip lol


20 years too late


Can we be sure they're her nipples in the mirror and not some sort of digital trickery? She has pasties when she falls to the ground.


The quality isn't clear enough to be certain, but in the above clip it certainly does seem like they might have CGI'd nipples over her pasties. Not sure if it's the quality of the clip or the mirror, but her nipples look oddly blurry when the rest of her doesn't.


Doesn’t look like any vfx. Think that me be a stunt double on the ground there.


Certain it's a stunt double on the ground.


FINALLY... !!!


now i remember her...she's a badass in PRISON BREAK....good to see her titties finally.....


Yeah, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe - what a babe she was in Halloween: H20 - way cuter than Michelle Williams.


She looked ridiculously hot in "Halloween: H20" and "She's All That."

This is a very nice surprise.


Wow... I never expected this. She was always a good looking woman, but I havent seen her in anything in ages.
Thanks for posting


Nice. I always thought she was hot in Halloween H20.


Pleasant surprise. Thought she might go down as a never nude


Wait... is that Jodi Lyn O'Keefe nude debut? Holy crap


Very nice body Mora... !!!